Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 or Université Lyon 1 (UCBL) - public higher education institution in France. UCBL was established in 1971. The main building is in Villeurbanne.

University ranking. Indubitably, studying at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 is a dream of many students as it is in the top 20 national ranking of France. The university can boast a strong track record, ranking 20 in the national ranking of France. The most popular programs of UCBL are: «Life Sciences and Medicine», «Natural Science», «Physics», «Chemistry». The university is considered to be among the best in the quality of education and ranks in the top 400 in that criterion.

Application process and the cost of tuition. The students must pass examinations in order to enroll to the university. The university accepts every applicant that fits the minimum requirements. The academic year is traditionally divided into semesters. Students can obtain their bachelor’s for as little as 1000 USD per year. If you want to obtain your master’s at UCBL this will cost you less than 1000 USD. The university offers online degree programs. This format proved to be quite popular among the students. On the official website of the university ( you can read more about the programs and associated tuition fees.

The composition of the university. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 is among the largest universities that educates more then 34 thousand students. The university accepts both local and foreign students. Every 9 student is a foreign citizen. More than 2200 teachers are employed by the university. You can find the university on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, which might tell you more about the day to day life of UCBL.

Infrastructure of UCBL. The university has its own library.
Ranking   329   15
Université Lyon 1
Country France
City Villeurbanne
Bachelor (citizens) Check the current price on the official website of the university
1,033 USD/year.
Master (citizens) Check the current price on the official website of the university
1,033 USD/year.
Bachelor (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
194 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
274 USD/year.
Living expenses $692 -1,272 USD/month
Acceptance Rate 100.00%
Official Website
World ranking 329
Country ranking 15
Academic Reputation 335
Citations per Faculty 392
Ranking in world by sphere
Life Sciences and Medicine 225
Natural Science 290
Ranking in world by discipline
Physics 101
Chemistry 151
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 329
QS World University Rankings 488
ARWU Academic Ranking 201
Alternative title
English Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
Russian Лионский университет I имени Клода Бернара
Arabic جامعة كلود برنار ليون 1
German Universität Lyon I
Spanish Universidad Claude Bernard Lyon 1
French Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Japanese クロード・ベルナール・リヨン第1大学
Korean 리옹 제1대학
Portuguese Universidade Lyon 1
Chinese 里昂第一大学
it Università Lione 1
ca Universitat Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
nl Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
hr Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I
pl Université de Lyon I
sv Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I
fa دانشگاه لیون ۱
ro Universitatea Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I
vi Đại học Claude Bernard Lyon 1
he אוניברסיטת ליון 1
cs Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I
hy Լիոնի համալսարան
be Ліёнскі ўніверсітэт імя Клода Бернара
nb Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon-I
tl Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
old Claude-Bernard University
alt Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Location on map

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 - Official Description

The university Claude Bernard Lyon 1 consist of faculties of sciences , medicine and pharmacy. Based on its budget and the number of its research laboratories, the university is seen as the principal higher education establishment of the region and figures in top five French universities. The school welcomes each year more than 28 000 students of which more than 60% are registered in professionalized systems: Health, I.U.T., DEUST, professional bachelors and professional masters, engineers. Practically all the formations of sciences and physical and athletic activities adopted the European system of the higher education called LMD in France. Most of the scientific disciplines are taught to Lyon 1: actuarial, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, electric engineering, data processing, management, mathematics, mechanics, physics, Earth science and so on. The University Curriculum offers a very wide range of programs in medicine, pharmacy, deontology, etc. The force of the university lies in its high calibre research that are known on the world scale. The university currently possesses 102 units of research labs, of which 41 in association with the C.N.R.S., 22 with l'I.N.S.E.R.M., 4 with of other research organizations, 24 welcome teams and 1 young team. More than half of the research activity focuses on...

Description of Lyon 1 University

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 has reached excellence in the fields of higher education and research. The high academic level in a wide variety of subjects ranging from the health sciences to science, technology and sport studies means that Lyon 1 can count itself among the best of French and European universities.University Lyon 1 is a welcoming university, with trainings as close as possible to the needs of the society. University Lyon 1 offers more than 300 degree-granting programs in Health, Sciences, Technology and Sports. About 80 % of the students are registered in vocational trainings and it is not less than 9250 diplomas that the university delivers every year.
University Lyon 1 welcomes this year 40 000 students, among which 10,5 % are foreign students representative of 134 nationalities.Lyon 1 chooses the improvement of the quality of teaching as one of its priorities. This work takes place through a specific department which is a national et European leader in the accompaniment of the teachers. Educational innovations (serious games), multimedia resources creations (3D animations) or the development and use of a web educational platform (Spiral Connect and soon Claroline Connect) are different illustrations of their work.Researches led in the 69 research laboratories of the University Lyon 1 generate more than 4500 international publications a year and 40 patent registrations, what makes Lyon 1 the first French university for patent registrations.University Lyon 1, which has 13 locations throughout the French Region Rhône-Alpes, greatly contributes to the development of this Region through its partnerships with local and national firms and regional political institutions.University Lyon offers an active and rewarding life student experience through a large amount of cultural, sports and physical activities. More than fifty clubs spread over the different campuses reflects the involvement of students and the quality of life at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1. Its main locations in Lyon also offer the cultural and sport opportunities of a dynamic European city. In Lyon, the past is classified in the world heritage by the UNESCO and the city develops by looking resolutely towards the future. Houses, companies and spaces of leisure activities make every district a lively area. Overall, Lyon is a city where life is pleasant and nature never very far.Lyon 1 is highly committed to develop international partnerships on every continent.

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