There are many ways to show the difference in language knowledge including Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), British IELTS or American TOEFL but you could also check your approximate language level online. Understanding of your language level could help you in the job search and further education planning.

Tests and language levels comparison

Table of results comparison

Complex online English tests

Tests of this kind include questions from different language knowledge areas: listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary. Thus this is one of the most objective way to understand your English level for free. The only obvious disadvantage is that speaking cannot be tested during these online tests.
EF SET Certificate4250 minA2–C24-59.7 + + + +
Kaplan International5020 minB1–C257.4- + + +
LSI5020 minA2–C13–47.4- + + +
Oxford Online English (Four tests)14070 minA1–C147.2-- + +
Exam English (Two tests)3020 minA2–C147.0-- + -
Transparent English5020 minA2–C146.8--- +
EF SET2015 minA2–C246.5 + - + -
ILAC6030 minA2–C146.5 + + - +

Grammar and vocabulary online English tests

Knowledge of grammar is essential for any further language study. The following tests give you an opportunity to evaluate your English level without spending a lot of time. The results will not be precise certainly, but it could provide you some basic information on your English.
Cambridge Institute35 min83A2–C269878.0
St. Gilles25 min40A1–B2Write in7877.3
St. George International+10 мин.10B2–C148666.7
Englishjet35 min68A2–B247766.7
Cambridge Assesment English10 min25A1–B247856.7
Englishtag20 min50A1–B247666.3
ILS English20 min50A1–B247666.3
ESL20 min40A1–B247666.3
St. George International15 min40A1–B248556.0
British Council10 min25A1–B136344.3
Tenth grade scale includes following characteristics:
  • Grammar — the depth and quality of grammar check in the online test. It includes the knowledge of tenses, relative clauses, sequence of tenses, passive voice etc.
  • Verbs — the number of questions about the knowledge of modal verbs, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, prepositions, infinitive, gerund etc.
  • Vocabulary diversity and complexity and the number of tasks on its usage.
  • Listening tasks are evaluated in accordance to the complexity of the speech, variety of speakers, dialects and external noises.
  • Reading — evaluation of the text comprehension tasks, texts complexity and sizes.

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