Application agreement

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement” or “the Contract”) is concluded between UniPage LLC, a legal entity (hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor” or “UniPage”) and a customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) hereinafter discretely named as “the Party” and jointly “the Parties”.

This Agreement is supplemented by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, that are also an integral part hereof.

Under this Contract the Parties have agreed as follows:

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. “The Parties” use the following basic terms with the purposes stated in this Agreement:

1.1.1. means a UniPage official website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”).

1.1.2. “Personal Account” means personalized Customer`s workspace with the access secured from any third parties. Personal account is accessed through obligatory signing in at the Website which implies acquisition of the own Account (hereinafter referred to as “the Personal account” or “PA”).

1.1.3. "Services" — provided by the UniPage company consulting and other services (such as programme entrance guidance, editing and translation of documents, search of academic programs, grants and scholarships, etc.), published in section "Services" at

1.1.4. “The Customer” means an individual which has made an application for the reception of informational and consulting services indicated in 1.1.3 item of the present agreement via UniPage website with the purpose of entering a foreign educational institution.

If the Customer is under majority age (defined according to the legislation of a country of permanent residence) the Customer shall upload the written consent for conclusion of this Agreement from parents, adopters or caregivers to his Personal account (‘Documents’ section of PA).

1.1.5. “Request” means an order written up correctly on the UniPage website for the provision of the Services indicated in the item 1.1.3..

1.1.6. "Mentor" — a UniPage specialist who is carrying out order processing. It is the Customer coordinator for all issues related to the Client Application.

1.1.7. “Commission Fee” — a single payment, payable to the Executor for the services provided by the UniPage company, according to the rates established on the Website.

2. Subject matter of the Agreement

2.1. Executor undertakes to provide the Services to the Customer, according to the Customer's online request (Application).

The Customer, in turn, undertakes to fully pay for the Services according to the prices listed on the Website at the following address

2.2. This contract shall be considered concluded from the moment of its signing by both Parties and payment by the Customer and is valid until the services are provided by Executor.

3. Terms and procedure of service delivery

3.1. To use the services rendered by UniPage, the user should at all times sign up at the web-site. In case of password loss, the user is advised to refer to the UniPage support team ( or reactivate it his/her own.

3.2. Upon signing up, the Customer is liable for loss or damage to its registration data and confirms that all actions to use such data will be performed by the Customer personally or by its own consent.

3.3. The Customer confirms the authenticity of its personal data provided in the personal account and bears all responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and authenticity of such data.

3.4. Prior to pay for services, the Customer shall send the inquiry to the assigned Adviser to the personal account specifying the service package and describing additional information required to deliver services, for example, specifying search criteria (top-priority profile, university, country, city, cost of study, study mode) to apply when searching for the academic program and/or scholarship, etc.

3.5. Service contract shall be effective since the date when it is signed by both parties and stamped by the company, as well as since the date when the Customer timely pays to UniPage for services delivered and the assets are arrived to the settlement account of the Executor.

3.6. Services shall be deemed duly and fully delivered since the date of consultation services as per the Clause 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 hereunder.

3.7. By signing this contract, the Customer agrees to the submission, processing and storage of the Customer’s personal data received by the Executor hereunder, to third parties, and in particular: to the Embassy of the destination country, education institution or any other institutions involved in admission process. The parties agreed that the personal data information shall be used exclusively for the purpose of duly performance under the Contract as per the Privacy Policy.

3.8. The liability of UniPage under no circumstances may exceed the amount of money paid by the Customer for the service provision.

4. Cost of services and payment procedure

4.1. Upon agreement with the Executor on services to be delivered by the former as specified in the Clause 1.1.3, The Customer shall be invoiced for payment to the e-mail address shown by the Customer in the personal account.

4.2. The Customer shall pay the advance as per the Contract at a rate of 100% as rated.

4.3. The rates shown at the Web-site are given for guidance only. The cost of services may vary depending on changes made to search criteria or in the number of documents to be edited and other factors. The exact cost of services is indicated in the table (on 1 page of the contract) in the field “Service cost’.

4.4. If during the work there is a necessity to prepare additional documents that are not included in the basic package of services, the Customer has the right to prepare the relevant documents on his/her own or to conclude an additional agreement with the Executor for the provision of additional services.

4.5. Payment is made by transferring funds to the Executor's settlement account or depositing cash in the Executor's cash desk, or through the Paying Aggregator in any convenient way. The additional commission for payment processing is paid by the Customer depending on the payment method chosen by him/her.

4.6. In view of payment processing terms that differ for payment systems and banking structuring, the start of application processing may be delayed to the term of assets credited, accordingly.

4.7. Payment obligations shall be deemed duly performed since the date when the assets are credited to the settlement account of the Executor.

4.8 Once the payment is effected, the Customer shall immediately inform the Executor on the transaction performed by attaching the payment check in e-form, either the screenshot of the page on successful payment.

5. Obligations and rights of Parties

5.1. The Customer is liable

5.1.1. To sign up at the Web-site that means unconditional consent with the Web-site use conditions.

5.1.2. To make clear with the service package published at the UniPage web-site at [[]], and send a message to the Adviser specifying the service concerned.

5.1.3. If the Customer has material requirements to the quality and/or structure of the Program, he/she should inform the Executor on the details and also specify such requirements in the Inquiry in the Comment box. For services not delivered herein the Customer may pay additional fee at the rate clarified by the Executor.

5.1.4. To effect payments hereunder on a timely basis and in full (within three days, not later, since the date of signature of the contract).

5.1.5. To complete the personal account with data on a timely basis and to submit to the Executor all documents and data for purposes of the services to be delivered (tasks and deadlines can be sent to the Customer by e-mail, and can be indicated in the document with the plan of admission to the selected educational institutions).

The Executor shall establish the terms for the provision of certain documents to the Customer, taking into account reasonable and possible terms for their observance.

If the Customer for some objective reasons cannot provide the requested documents within the prescribed period, he/she is obliged to inform the Executor in a written form not later than 3 (three) calendar days after he/she was notified that he/she cannot provide document required during the established deadlines with the reason provided.

In case of violation of the above clause in item 5.1.5, which entailed the late documents submission to the educational institution (visa center, embassy, etc.) or not committing any action required for the full provision of the service, the Executor has the right to terminate the contract without any cash compensation.

5.1.6. To submit full and true data to the Executor on any chronic diseases and any other personal information that may prevent the Customer to participate in the Program in full, or may be the ground for visa rejection or banned departure from the country.

5.1.7. To send the Executor within 7 (seven) working days from the date of receipt from the Executor the Act of acceptance of the services signed from its side or to send a motivated refusal to sign the act.

If the Customer does not send an act of acceptance of the services signed to the Executor within the timeframe established by this item or fails to provide a reasoned refusal to sign it, it is considered that the agreement was signed by both parties, and the services are provided in full.

5.1.8. To inform the Executor in case of changes in the e-mail address or contact telephone during service delivery by changing the information at the Personal account and sending a proper notification.

5.1.9. If the Executor assigns an intermediary function with regard to the transfer of tuition fees, all additional costs incurred by the Executor related to the transaction (currency purchase, exchange rate differences, bank fees, etc.) are paid by the Customer.

The Executor has the right to refuse to perform the intermediary function without explaining the reasons.

5.1.10. To cover all expenses and pay the invoice issued by the school for payment to the Executor, in case the Customer canceled the program reservation in the time exceeding the established terms for free reservation cancellation (see the reservation and cancellation policy at the educational institution).

5.1.11. To bear all the additional costs associated with the admission on his/her own (sending documents by courier, apostilling services, translation and notarization, payment of registration fees, trip for entrance examinations, etc.).

The Customer has the right to deal with these issues on his/her own or to seek the i assistance of the Executor if the Executor has such an opportunity.

The customer is familiar with the order of prices for the above-mentioned items of expenditure and is aware that often the costs of the mentioned in the item 5.1.11. of the procedures can be quite high, and in some cases they can exceed the amount already paid to the Executor.

5.1.12. To guarantee the legality and correctness of documents registration submitted to UniPage in accordance with the requirements of the embassy or educational institutions issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries. The Customer bears full responsibility for the reliability of these documents. The Executor does not carry out an examination of such documents.

5.1.13. To study and follow the established immigration rules for entry, stay and departure from the country of study (according to the type of visa required for studying abroad). UniPage under no circumstances is responsible for the Customer's violation of the immigration policy of the country of studying.

5.2. The Executor is liable

5.2.1. To confirm and consider the Application via sending the notification at the Personal account in Section “Messages” within three business days, not later, after the Application is sent by the Customer.

5.2.2. Upon consideration of the Application, to deliver confirmation or rejection to process the Application within ten (10) business days, not later, since the Inquiry.

5.2.3. To complete the entire set of the services mentioned in the description with high quality, with the observance of the terms of the service.

5.2.4. To deliver a written report to the Customer in the electronic format to evidence on the factual delivery of services as per the Application within the term as shown at the Services page.

5.2.5. If the Customer has paid for the service before receiving the consent of the Executor to accept the application for processing, and if the Customer's request can not be fulfilled for a number of reasons (the absence of suitable programs for the declared budget, late deadlines for filing applications, etc.), the Executor is obliged to compensate the Customer for the full cost of services minus transaction costs (according to the item 6.5.).

5.2.6. To offer the Customer alternative options for studying abroad, in case when one or several selected programs because of substantial omission of the Executor are not suitable for the Customer, i.e. do not meet the pre-determined selection criteria.

5.2.7. To offer the Customer a second submission of documents to the consulate / visa center / educational institution, in case of errors on the part of the Executor which caused the official refusal of the above-mentioned institutions.

5.2.8. Not to disclose the confidential information on the Customer and his/her activity that became known in the course of services rendered.

5.3. The Customer is entitled

5.3.1. To obtain the necessary and authentic information on issues related to educational programs, grants and scholarship programs to the extent as provided to the Executor by international institutions offering educational services or funding.

5.3.2. To ask the company management to replace its Mentor with another specialist of the company by sending an official request to the e-mail of the Executor with an indication of the objective reason for the specialist replacement.

The Executor is obliged to consider the request within 5 (five) working days and send the decision to replace the specialist to the Customer.

5.3.3. In case when the decision to terminate the contract is made, to send a detailed request to the Executor for the Executor's e-mail address with an indication of the reasons for the termination of the contract and a request for compensation of cash, minus that part of the service package that was provided in full.

The Executor is obliged to consider the request within 5 (five) working days and to send a decision on compensation to the Customer.

The cost of each individual service according to the price on the Services page is taken into account during calculation.

5.3.4. To receive commensurate compensations and refunds, taking into account the limitations established by this agreement.

5.4. The Executor is entitled

5.4.1. To update this contract with the immediate publication of the revised version ensuring the latest revision of the document at the web-site. In case of amendments in the contract made upon payments effected by the Customer, the Executor shall strictly follow the terms of the contract at the date when the contract is signed by the Customer.

5.4.2. To define the procedure of service delivery in accordance with the present agreement on his/her own. This means that Mentor builds a strategy, establishes deadlines that are reasonably related to the deadlines of the organizations which the documents are submitted to, and also takes any actions to perform the service on time, according to his professional vision and experience.

5.4.3. To decide on the right of the Customer's access to the created e-mail of the student. The sole right of access to the mail before the moment of enrollment is due to Mentor's full responsibility for receiving and providing timely feedback to educational or visa organizations.

6. Terms of service annulment

6.1. The Executor shall be entitled to unilaterally annul the Application in case of failure to submit, or failure by the Customer to meet submission terms of documents or data required to deliver series hereunder by the Executor.

Terms to submit documents or information required shall be specified by the Executor and indicated in the tasks of the Customer at the Personal account.

6.2. The Customer shall be entitled to annul the Order in case of failure of the Executor to meet the terms of service delivery specified hereunder, if the Executor failed to notify the Customer in writing on reasons that caused prolongation of terms including the terms specified for service delivery.

6.3. In case of service annulment, the Executor shall be entitled to deduct the amount up to 20% of the amount paid by the Customer for application consideration and general consultation services.

6.4. In case if the service is delivered in part, the Executor shall be entitled to deduct the amount of the service delivered in full.

6.5. All the additional expenses related to payment and repayment of assets shall be covered by the Customer.

6.6. Return of funds is made within a period not later than 20 days after acceptance by the Executor of the decision on compensation and corresponding written notification of the Customer.

6.7. In case when the Customer at any stage of admission on its own initiative refuses to apply to one or more programs or refuses any part of the selected package of services specified in the contract, no compensation is paid to the Customer.

6.8. In case when the Customer cancels the trip to the language partner school, the compensation for the amount of "school accommodation" paid to the Executor is made to the Customer at a rate of 20%, but not less than 250 USD.

7. Guarantees of admission and visa obtaining

7.1. The decision on the Customer’s admission to the program is made by the admissions committee of the educational institution, and, accordingly, it cannot be guaranteed by the Executor

7.2. The Customer is aware of the risks associated with the applicants selection procedure, and allows the possibility of refusal to be admitted because of an increased competition among applicants.

7.3. The decision to grant a visa to the Customer is made by a consul or a visa officer, respectively, cannot be guaranteed by the Executor.

7.4. The Customer is aware of the risks associated with the procedure of applying for a visa, and allows the possibility of refusal.

7.5. The Executor, for its part, does everything possible within the framework of the contract and his/her professional competence in order to increase the Customer's chances of admission to the selected and coordinated educational institutions and obtaining a visa.

7.6. In case of cancellation of the trip, the Executor shall assist in the reimbursement of the funds paid to the Customer by the educational institution in accordance with the conditions of the return policy of the educational institution by sending an official request to the educational institution.

7.7. If the Customer insists on submitting documents to the chosen institution of higher education, but does not meet its minimum requirements, has insufficient academic achievements or because of other factors (as informed by the Executor in advance) preventing the successful admission, the Executor is not liable for the result of this admission procedure.

8. Force Majeure

8.1. Parties are not responsible for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if such failure was caused by force majeure arising after the conclusion of the Agreement as a result of extraordinary circumstances, such as flood, fire, earthquake and other natural phenomena, as well as war, military operations, the blockade, the authorities' banning actions and acts by public authorities, strikes, disruption of communications and energy supply, explosions that occurred during the term of this Agreement, which the Parties could not foresee or prevent.

8.2. In the circumstances specified in clause 8.1. this Agreement, the Party shall promptly notify the other Party about them in writing. The notice must include information on the nature of the circumstances, as well as official documents that certify the existence of such circumstances and, if possible, that give an assessment of their impact on the Party's ability to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement.

8.3. Subject to occurrence of circumstances specified in clause 8.1 of this Agreement, the term of execution of obligations by the Party under this Agreement is extended in proportion to the time during which these circumstances and their consequences exist, or period, after which the resumption of actions for the implementation of services is possible, for example, when the training course is held once a year.

9 Contract validity. Contract modification and termination

9.1. This Contract shall be effective immediately it was signed by both Parties and since the date of payment effected by the Customer and is valid until the works performed are accepted.

9.2. This Contract may be amended or terminated by the written agreement of the Parties, as well as in other cases as stipulated by the applicable legislation of the country where the company is incorporated and by the terms of this Contract. In case if preliminary contractual terms are changed, the Executor shall issue an invoice to the Customer, or additional payment bills shall be invoiced.

10. Dispute settlement procedure

10.1. Any discrepancies and disputes arising between the Parties shall be settled through negotiations by signing additional agreements and statements of disagreements, as well as by reporting on claims to consider within ten (10) business days since the date of claim received by the relevant Party.

10.2. In case if the agreement is not reached by the matter under dispute in the manner as specified in the Clause 10.1. hereunder, the dispute shall be delivered for consideration of the court of the country where the company is incorporated.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1. All other issues not regulated by this Contract shall be settled in compliance with the applicable legislation of the country of incorporation of the company.

11.2. All Annexes and Additional agreements concluded between the Customer and Executor shall be the integral part of the Contract.

11.3. The Parties shall accept electronic files as binding, that is, documents sent via e-mail, and agree their legal force equal to documents in paper signed by their own hands, since only Parties and persons assigned by them have the access to relevant e-mail addresses shown in the personal data at the Web-site, and is the electronic signature of the relevant Party.

11.4. The access to the e-mail address is available with the password and the Customer shall be obliged to keep the password confidential. In case of password loss, the Customer shall immediately inform the Executor.

11.5. The Customer has the right to impose obligations on payment for services to a third party (including a legal entity).

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