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RegionCountryPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
North America United States of America317,579,0001073 USD8.27.96.4
British Islands United Kingdom63,181,775826 USD7.88.97.1
Western Europe Germany80,548,000805 USD8.78.58.0
North America Canada35,158,300888 USD7.85.87.3
Oceania Australia23,365,3371068 USD8.48.97.0
Southern Europe Spain46,704,314626 USD8.19.28.3
Southern Europe Italy59,685,227829 USD6.79.16.8
Western Europe Switzerland8,014,0001570 USD8.58.29.2
Western Europe France65,806,000865 USD7.79.16.7
Eastern Asia China1,351,000,000511 USD4.97.58.0
British Islands Republic of Ireland6,399,1151074 USD7.69.16.8
Southern and Central Asia India1,210,193,422262 USD5.86.06.8
Eastern Asia Japan127,253,0751062 USD7.78.39.4
Eastern Europe Russia143,548,980417 USD5.04.46.7
Nordic Countries Kingdom of Sweden9,633,490807 USD7.97.66.3
Western Europe Republic of Austria8,501,502866 USD8.78.09.4
Eastern Europe Czech Republic10,513,209479 USD7.68.08.4
Southern Europe Greece10,815,197521 USD6.79.27.3
Eastern Asia Hong Kong7,234,8001497 USD5.37.69.3
Nordic Countries Kingdom of Denmark5,602,536946 USD8.88.49.2
Eastern Europe Hungary9,908,798457 USD6.48.07.4
Southern Europe Portuguese Republic10,487,289532 USD7.99.87.8
Central America Mexico118,395,054348 USD6.28.16.1
Nordic Countries Finland5,454,444827 USD8.76.39.0
Middle East State of Israel8,051,200833 USD7.19.18.3
Southeast Asia Malaysia28,334,135431 USD5.54.84.8
Southeast Asia Singapore5,399,2001293 USD6.85.39.7
Nordic Countries Kingdom of Norway5,096,3001187 USD7.97.56.7
Southeast Asia Philippines98,735,000376 USD5.05.57.2
Eastern Europe Poland38,186,860432 USD7.17.88.3
North Africa Egypt84,550,000355 USD4.48.75.9
Oceania New Zealand4,479,2501051 USD8.49.77.3
Western Europe Netherlands16,819,595885 USD8.78.88.4
Middle East Turkey76,667,864411 USD6.19.07.1
Western Europe Kingdom of Belgium11,099,554908 USD7.48.87.0
Middle East United Arab Emirates5,473,9721427 USD7.13.19.4
Eastern Europe Republic of Belarus9,457,500349 USD4.48.75.9
South America Brazil201,032,714527 USD4.99.14.1
Baltic Countries Republic of Lithuania2,955,986463 USD7.07.07.3
Western Europe Grand Duchy of Luxembourg537,8531157 USD4.48.75.9
Southeast Asia Kingdom of Thailand66,720,153474 USD4.55.76.3
Eastern Europe Ukraine44,854,065273 USD4.87.26.2
South America Argentine Republic41,660,417569 USD6.29.54.8
Southern Europe Malta452,515654 USD4.48.75.9
Southern Europe Republic of Albania3,011,405271 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Europe Republic of Bulgaria7,364,570356 USD6.38.17.2
Middle East Cyprus1,117,000551 USD4.48.75.9
Baltic Countries Republic of Estonia1,311,870499 USD4.48.75.9
Nordic Countries Republic of Iceland321,8571349 USD4.48.75.9
Baltic Countries Latvia2,005,200484 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Europe Republic of Moldova3,559,500294 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Europe Slovakia5,410,836528 USD7.28.08.2
Southern Europe Republic of Slovenia2,055,496590 USD8.27.88.8
Southern Europe Serbia7,186,862333 USD6.08.47.4
Southern Europe Montenegro620,029418 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Lebanon4,822,000781 USD4.48.75.9
Southern and Central Asia Islamic Republic of Pakistan182,490,721258 USD5.17.25.9
Southern Europe Republic of Croatia4,284,889507 USD7.78.98.5
Southeast Asia Republic of Indonesia237,424,363400 USD5.55.46.9
Southeast Asia Socialist Republic of Vietnam90,388,000428 USD4.48.75.9
Southern Europe Macedonia2,058,539299 USD4.48.75.9
Western Europe Republic of Kosovo1,859,2034.48.75.9
Southern Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina3,791,622332 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Armenia3,018,854334 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Republic of Azerbaijan9,356,500262 USD4.48.75.9
South America Bolivia, Plurinational State Of10,461,053498 USD4.48.75.9
South America Republic of Chile17,556,815581 USD6.09.16.8
South America Republic of Colombia47,425,437390 USD5.59.46.1
Central America Republic of Costa Rica4,586,353689 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean Dominican Republic9,445,281489 USD4.48.75.9
North Africa People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria37,900,000316 USD4.48.75.9
South America Republic of Ecuador15,223,680495 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Georgia4,942,157309 USD4.48.75.9
Western Africa Ghana24,200,0001080 USD4.48.75.9
Central America Republic of Guatemala15,438,384492 USD4.48.75.9
Central America Republic of Honduras8,249,574525 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Republic of Iraq31,129,225522 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean Jamaica2,889,187563 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan6,508,887517 USD4.48.75.9
Southern and Central Asia Republic of Kazakhstan17,736,896329 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Africa Kenya44,037,656449 USD4.48.75.9
Southeast Asia Cambodia14,952,665509 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Asia Republic of Korea50,219,669892 USD7.26.98.3
Southern and Central Asia Sri Lanka20,277,597319 USD4.48.75.9
North Africa Morocco33,304,400341 USD4.48.75.9
Southern and Central Asia Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal26,494,504242 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Sultanate of Oman3,869,873746 USD4.48.75.9
Central America Republic of Panama3,661,868795 USD4.48.75.9
South America Republic of Peru30,475,144484 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean Puerto Rico3,667,084748 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Palestine4,047,000444 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Europe Romania20,121,641343 USD7.07.78.4
Middle East Kingdom of Saudi Arabia29,195,895559 USD7.03.98.6
Central America Republic of El Salvador6,134,000461 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Syrian Arab Republic22,530,746291 USD4.48.75.9
North Africa Tunisian Republic10,777,500270 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Asia Taiwan23,373,517632 USD7.57.89.5
Eastern Africa Tanzania44,928,923894 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Africa Uganda35,873,253444 USD4.48.75.9
South America Venezuela28,946,101302 USD4.48.75.9
Southern Africa Republic of South Africa52,981,991561 USD6.59.33.6
Eastern Africa Zimbabwe12,973,808634 USD4.48.75.9
Western Africa Nigeria174,507,539444 USD4.48.75.9
Southern and Central Asia Iran77,176,930520 USD4.77.26.2
Southern and Central Asia Bangladesh150,039,000321 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Africa Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia93,877,025875 USD4.48.75.9
South America Oriental Republic of Uruguay3,324,460715 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East Kingdom of Bahrain1,234,571789 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean The Bahamas353,6581206 USD4.48.75.9
North America Bermuda64,2372415 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East State of Kuwait2,695,316919 USD4.48.75.9
Eastern Africa Mauritius1,295,789506 USD4.48.75.9
Middle East State of Qatar2,035,1361337 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago1,346,350616 USD4.48.75.9
Caribbean U.S. Virgin Islands106,4054.48.75.9