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  • Russian State University for the Humanities, Bachelor of Arts and Humanities: Theater and Film Criticism
  • University of Erfurt, scholarship holder program for Literary Criticism

Scientific and teaching activity

University of Erfurt, assistant teacher of Russian as a foreign language

Language confirmation

Certificato di conoscenza della lingua italiana dell'Università di Erfurt — B1

Scholarships and grants



DAAD Sprachkursstipendien für Ausländer — language courses

Travel and educational trips

  • Higher education
  • Secondary education
  • Preparatory programs
  • Language courses

Getting to know the mentor

What is the hardest thing about being a mentor?

Selecting the most necessary and important information, fact-checking, and adapting the data to each individual applicant. All further steps directly depend on this process.

What is the question most frequently asked by applicants?

By far the most common question is: "I don't have any achievements — can I still get in?"

Oftentimes, students simply forget about their own strengths. Thus, one of the main tasks of a mentor is to remind them of these strengths and support them in challenging periods of the admission process.

Why did you choose to learn German?

Inspired by my department head, I pursued German at university. Our Germanic philology department was very strong and even collaborated with DAAD to offer study programs.

I really wanted to study the history of theater, particularly the influence of Italian theater on the Viennese scene. Unfortunately, there was a dearth of literature on these topics available in Russian — but there was plenty in German!

Moreover, the world's first theatrical research institutes were established in Germany; I yearned to touch the era in which this field of study took shape and delve into the works of scholars in their original language.

In essence, my love for the German language (which, at times, was not reciprocated) is a topic I could talk about at length.

Why did you decide to help students study abroad?

The experience of studying abroad leaves its mark on the worldview of everyone who is lucky enough to receive it — emotional intelligence is developed, stereotypes are destroyed, and numerous opportunities for personal growth are revealed.

However, in order to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of an international environment, it is necessary to process a large amount of information and understand its veracity.

During my own study abroad experience, I encountered moments of despair and confusion, unsure of which direction to take. These personal challenges, and my overall experiences, have enabled me to help others in achieving their goals. I think that, ultimately, my profession chose me. For me, mentoring goes beyond supervising a program; it is an opportunity to provide individuals with new possibilities that can profoundly transform their lives.

What did you do before joining UniPage?

During my time as a student, I had the privilege of assisting the instructor of the "Russian as a Foreign Language" course at the University of Erfurt. The course consisted of two groups — German students who were learning Russian, much like we learn English, and so-called "Russian Germans", the descendants of immigrants from Russia who were starting to lose touch with their native language.

I was responsible for checking homework and preparing teaching materials — we did not have textbooks, so all the assignments were developed ourselves. As a native speaker, I took on the role of correcting students' mistakes and ensuring proper pronunciation in the classroom.

I also prepared the "Russian Germans" for their language exams and provided insights into the education system in Russia.

After returning from Germany, I continued my career in teaching — but this time I began teaching German. Presently, I have students with whom I study in my free time. I do it with great pleasure and dedication.

By the way, my experience as a tutor — supporting students throughout their language learning journey and motivating them not to quit — has played a significant role in helping me become a mentor.

Tell us about your internship/study/work experience abroad.

My entire experience cannot be described in a few sentences — but Germany shines the brightest. I really like the way the learning process is organized there. Freedom to choose courses, abundant opportunities for practice, and unique projects all contribute to a remarkable learning journey.

I participated in everything I could throughout my studies — be it debates, choir, or even assisting the instructor of the "Russian as a Foreign Language" course. I compiled a methodological program and prepared students for the exam.

Do you have a favorite country or specialization that you enjoy working with?

My favorite destination is Germany — despite all the bureaucratic complications.

I also like to discover new directions for myself and expand my geography of countries. Just recently, I was looking for film directing programs in Thailand.

How many countries have you visited, and what was your most memorable trip?

I have visited about seven countries and long to revisit each one, reliving those invaluable experiences. Among them, a trip to the UK holds a special place in my heart. It was my first trip abroad, and what made it even more remarkable was the fact that I embarked on this journey at the age of 16, without my parents. At first it was scary, but I eventually found myself contemplating the idea of wanting to stay there permanently.

How do you relax or spend your free time?

In my free time, I find solace in strolling by the pond near my house and indulging in a must-have cup of coffee. I also like making things with my own hands, watching lectures on history, and honing my foreign language skills.

List of educational institutions with successful enrollment

University of PisaItalyFoundation / A-level / IBHumanities
Sapienza University of RomeItalyFoundation / A-level / IBHumanities
Eötvös Loránd UniversityHungaryBachelorPsychology
University of PécsHungaryBachelorPsychology
University of RegensburgGermanyBachelorStudienkolleg T-Kurs
Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGermanyBachelorStudienkolleg T-Kurs
University of WürzburgGermanyBachelorStudienkolleg T-Kurs
Weimar UniversityGermanyBachelorStudienkolleg T-Kurs
Free University of BerlinGermanyBachelorStudienkolleg T-Kurs
University of KlagenfurtAustriaBachelorRobotics and Artificial Intelligence
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied SciencesGermanyBachelorInternational Business
Trier University of Applied SciencesGermanyBachelorInternational Business
Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR)GermanyBachelorInternational Business Management
Fulda University of Applied SciencesGermanyBachelorInternational Business Management
Hamburg University of Applied SciencesGermanyBachelorInternational Business
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)HungaryFoundation / A-level / IBEnglish foundation course
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)BelgiumBachelorSocial Sciences
KU LeuvenBelgiumBachelorPhilosophy
Thomas More University of applied SciencesBelgiumBachelorInternational Communication and Media
University of PisaItalyFoundation / A-level / IBSciences