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Austria is characterized by beautiful nature and architecture, high levels of safety and social security, a thriving economy, and stability. It is the homeland of many famous composers: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Liszt, Strauss, and Mahler.

Education in Austria is known for its high quality of teaching in the exact and natural sciences, as well as excellent living conditions for students. And the rich cultural life of the homeland of famous musicians creates conditions not only for gaining knowledge but also for personal enrichment.

Learn how to obtain higher education in Austria in our series of articles.

Austrian education

  1. Education in Austria

    There are many reasons to study in Austria: the world class universities are located there, tuition fees are quite low and living conditions for students are excellent. Find more facts about Austrian higher education and how to receive it in the article.

  2. Universities in Austria

    Everything about Austrian universities: how much they cost, how to enter, is it difficult to study and is there a free education.

  3. Admission process in Austria

    It is possible to enroll at Austrian universities after the 11th grade, despite the fact that education in the country lasts 12 years. However, if your knowledge does not meet the requirements of the chosen university, you may be asked to take supplementary exams or sent to preparatory courses. You will also have to confirm your language proficiency and pass entrance exams.

    Innsbruck, Austria
  4. German courses in Austria

    Language courses in Austria will be a real discovery for those who wish to learn German. Details about the features of education, requirements for students, prices and living conditions

    Гальштат, Австрия
  5. Bachelor in Austria

    Nowadays undergraduate studies in Austria are gaining popularity: in five years, the number of foreign students in Austrian universities has increased by 40%. The main reasons are rather low tuition prices and high-quality educational programs.

Best universities in Austria