Higher education in United Kingdom

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41University of CambridgeCambridge25,193 USD25,193 USD
62University of OxfordOxford20,676 USD20,676 USD
93University College LondonLondon25,237 USD24,948 USD
154Imperial College of Science, Technology and MedicineLondon33,465 USD34,777 USD
265University of EdinburghEdinburgh20,801 USD16,076 USD
276University of ManchesterManchester26,247 USD23,622 USD
287King's College LondonLondon19,948 USD21,628 USD
388University of BristolBristol20,735 USD20,735 USD
519London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon22,310 USD30,184 USD
5410University of WarwickCoventry26,483 USD29,318 USD

Benefits of studying in the United Kingdom

For centuries, UK Universities have been leading in the rankings of the best educational institutions of the world and strictly adhered to quality standards. Academic degrees, acquired in Great Britain, give career opportunities in many companies.

On the one hand, the education system in England - is a long tradition, on the other - advanced training programs and methods, complemented by the most modern equipment of educational institutions. Thanks to intensive training and a saturated and highly qualified teaching staff, education in the UK is considered one of the best qualities, prestigious and demanded in the world.

English language courses

Opportunity to study English, socializing exclusively with the carriers of the language, allowing you to master perfectly. Studying in the UK will allow you to immerse yourself in the language environment, learn to speak and think in English. Language course will enable you to learn English with in-depth knowledge of the terminology and features of the areas of activity in which learning takes place and in which the student is supposed to work. All this in turn leads to great career prospects, as well as obtaining prestigious jobs in the best corporations.
English language school is an ideal option for those people who are planning to enter the universities of England, or would like to tighten up their language skills and get to know the new cultural realities. Schools in the UK provide a wide range of programs for those who combine high upper scale training and language daily practice. In this respect, England has always been famous for its ability to combine the intensity of training with an exciting cultural program.
Education in the major cities of England with their extensive business and nightlife allow both - productive activities and a variety of opportunities for immersion.
Usually training starts every week and takes 2 to 52 weeks. Depending on the intensities of the course, learning English language is divided differently:
  • General English course includes 20 hours of language study per week. Usually, it is designed for any age of the student. Learning English in England has a number of advantages, among which the original method of teaching, which includes the simulation of everyday life situations, dialogues, discussions and so on.
  • General English Plus is held 24 –hours a week. This course is a continuation of the course above mentioned in terms of the level of intensity and acquired knowledge (more literate writing and speaking).
  • Intensive English course includes 30 hours per week. Learning English in this mode gives you great results in a short period.

Preparing for University in the UK

To meet the standard eligibility requirements it is necessary to go through one of the following programs: Foundation Program, A-levels, and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Foundation Program - Annual intensive preparatory course for university or college in which the student will learn not only specialized discipline, but also pay more attention to the study of language. The basic requirements for admission to the Foundation Program is the minimum age of 17 years, training is conducted for 10-11 graduates of secondary schools, the IELTS test of at least 4.5 score.

During the year of study, students learn, usually 1-2 core subjects required for admission to universities in the UK. Foundation program is a guarantee of success for admission to British universities.
University Foundation Program is available in several versions:
  • Business Program - for those who are preparing to enter the specialty related to the economics, business and finance;
  • Engineering Program prepares for engineering faculties;
  • Law Program is intended for future lawyers, political scientists and sociologists;
  • Life Sciences - for those who are going to dedicate their life to research in chemistry, physics, mathematics or biology.
The program usually starts twice a year: in September (ends of June) and in January (ending in August).

For admission to Cambridge, Oxford or any Faculty of Medicine in the UK, you must be trained in the two-year program «A-level» or the International Baccalaureate program.

Higher education in the UK

Bachelor's degree – Is the first step in the UK system of higher education. UK students get basic knowledge only when they come for training in the pre-university training programs. Thanks to this training program, the higher education in England lasts for only 3 years.

For admission to the undergraduate program at universities in England a student must meet the following basic requirements: the presence of a 12-year secondary education, not younger than 17.5 years, language level no lower IELTS 5.5-6.0 scores. Applications are accepted from 1st of September to mid-December.

If the applicant already has a Diploma of higher education, then he may be enrolled in post - diploma course for the Master’s degree.
Education in the Master's degree in England is only 1 year. Therefore, the students who wish to enter the Master’s program must meet very high demands, as in a short period, the student will learn a lot of information.

Postgrad in the UK divided into two groups:
  • Taught programs;
  • Research programs.
PhD - postgraduate – the third stage in higher education in the UK. As a rule, the successful completion of the research program in England requires 3-4 years. At the end of study, the student must publish the results, and write a thesis. Students that have a Master’s degree can be admitted to the PhD programs in the UK.
Examination of the applications in England is held on a competitive basis. At the same time it is taken into consideration as follows: information about performance, recommendations, the aim for enrolling, past experience acquired when applying for a Master’s Degree and MBA, academic, scientific and / or social portrait of the applicant, participation in social life, sports, groups and clubs, hobbies, etc.

Obtaining student visa and the right to work in the UK

Depending on the course of study, there are different types of visas and, accordingly, the requirements for their application, as well as the opportunity to work while studying.

In most cases, university students and government college students have the right to work part-time during the semester and full-time during the holidays - it's a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local community and improve language skills. Students from other types of educational institutions do not have the right to work.

United Kingdom - General information
RegionBritish Islands
LanguageEnglish, Welsh
CurrencyPound Sterling
Foreigner students16.4%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world2
Ranking of universities in the world2
Academic Reputation 2
Employer Reputation 2
Quality of teaching 2
International Faculty 1
International Students 2
Citations per Faculty 2
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 16
Universities in top 200 26
Universities in top 500 49
Universities in top 1000 76
Universities in top 5000 139
Cost of living in United Kingdom
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 306 398
Food 177 391
Transportation 59 180
Communications and utilities 74 104
Clothing 20 77
Sports and leisure 25 88
Accommodation in United Kingdom USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre309
Shared room in city centre402
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre596
1 bedroom apartment in city centre723
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