I was nourishing an idea to share my experience of getting my Bachelor degree from the time of admission arrangements and study in England, in particular, for so long. And it is about the time! So much so that I studied in England, at one of the best world universities – Cambridge University. I suppose my travel to England will be one of the most flamboyant keepsakes in my life as the long exciting trip to quest for qualification and good friends. To start with, I will tell about the way I made my choice for the Cambridge University, not others.

How I made my choice for England

Inquiring into resources on tertiary education institutions in various countries I came to conclusion that average cost of study in England is far lower than in the USA, though a bit higher than in many other countries of the world. This should not mean that US education gives more qualification. It is well known that Cambridge and Oxford Universities are acknowledged as the most prestigious world education facilities. Based on thirst for the education avail for my qualification I voted for England.

Oxford or Cambridge?

I had to be clear with the university I want to study on my own. Analyzing lots of publications and participating in various forms, I was sure to come to the best and right decision about Cambridge or Oxford. This is the most challenging aspect of this epic to find the best place for particular person. Each applicant is willing to make a solid investigation to come to the true. As for me, I am ready to state on the following only:
  1. Both universities are the best ones; they offer excellent qualification and these credentials prove to be acknowledged globally to make a successful career;
  2. Cambridge almost always ranks the top based on various rating systems and evaluation lists for universities;
  3. Cambridge is kind of unattainable altitude for international students as compared with Oxford.
This is all to say. I know people who came to estimation of insignificant peculiarities when choosing between these two universities against the quality of education and other criteria. For example, there is a river in Cambridge washing base-courts of the university buildings whereas Oxford – has no such a river. But there is a world-known Cheshire Oaks in Oxford with lots of fascinating museums that are missing in Cambridge.
I was goal-oriented to study at Cambridge University though I cannot be sound to explain my aspiration for that. I believe these universities are perfect to study and the most important is to get a ticket to study there.

Procedure of my enrollment

I am about to concern those who are not aware of the English system of education that the applicants should have the education equivalent to the British Level At to get enrolled to one of universities. As an alternative, widely acknowledged International Baccalaureate Diploma is helpful. Applicants should also submit the Certificate on English language proficiency (IELTS 7 and TOEFL 100). I admit that such an exam was quite difficult for me to pass back at the time when I was only thinking of the study abroad.

It’s going to be a little bit complicated to get enrolled at the university in England for the Bachelor level programme if you have not completed pre-university courses in Great Britain known as Sixth Form School. Applicants should study there for 2 years. Then, the school graduates may submit their CV and exam results to five universities not more for enrollment. I got the offer when I was on my way to complete one of such schools.
If you choose to study at the Cambridge or Oxford University I need to warn that the admission procedure adopted by these two differ from other requirements to enroll to colleges in Great Britain. So, if you want to enroll to English colleges you are asked to send your CV and pre-university course results. If you are eligible, the university will e-mail on acceptance. This is quite comfortable mechanism of work that does not require expenses for trips.

How I was admitted to the Cambridge University?

In my time I faced with that the document submission to the Cambridge University is the initial stage of enrollment. If the applicant is eligible, the interview is offered to the latter. This requires arrangements. The applicant should prepare all documents, certificates, exam result papers, other test results with IELTS-7 to be a supplementary document, the Leaving Certificate and several reference letters given by school authorities. The applicant is interviewed by 2 or 3 responsible persons. Three of them interviewed me personally, with one of them to be PhD, and other – academicians. Each one who has ever been interviewed knows that the applicant is first questioned on personal plans and intentions. Then professional and job or study-related questions are asked.

The interview results are e-mailed, though in some particular cases the responsible persons make a telephone call home. This happened to one of my friends when he was told by telephone on the interview results. He took everything as a joke though in the end of the conversation he fully realized the case was true.

Peculiarities of study at the British University

Cambridge and Oxford are the oldest and respected universities in the country. They take a pride of educating many considerable figures at the place. So, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Thomas Moore were one of prominent graduates of these institutions. When we hear Cambridge or Oxford today, we imagine on gowns, wand, 100-kg books and students who devote all their life to study, and on the top of it, we think of Harry Potter.
I am the second-course student at the Economics College at the Cambridge University. I study for the Bachelor level programme. The college of mine is called King’s college. In principle, there is no main campus at the Cambridge University as it is at Columbian or Boston Technological universities. Today, the Cambridge University comprises of 31 colleges. Three of them admit females only, and the rest 28 – both males and females. Each college has its own campus with hostels, administration offices, canteen and a church. Colleges based in the center of the city are deemed to be more popular and more prestigious since they have a good record to question. They include Peterhouse, King’s college, Trinity and St John’s.

Supervisions at British universities

Apart from division into colleges, the Cambridge University differs from other British high education institutions in the following aspect. In addition to repetitious lectures and practical classes, supervisions are available in the evenings. This appears as meetings of students and supervisors 2 to 3 times a week, so, when I studied the history of Economics, the supervisor of mine was the Professor of Economics whoa assisted with my Essay and paper choice. He regularly monitored my study and my attendance records and home tasks. This is a perfect thing, this kind of supervision. Unfortunately, this kind of education is available only for students of the first two years.

My leisure time

As I said earlier, Cambridge includes 31 colleges. Each college manages its own campus, a canteen, a bar and a hostel. The movie about Harry Potter clearly gives the impressions of the atmosphere in here, at the Cambridge college: the canteen looks perfectly like the movie canteen with long tables served with dishes. Special dinners are arranged at the university on holidays when the students are asked to follow dress-code. So, guys wear smoking and girls wear evening dresses.
The prosy life of the student at the Cambridge University is like everywhere at the study period. This includes lectures, courses, seminars, practical works, vacation, sports and nightlife, yeah. This is to be one of good things for students. The student is afforded to accommodate at hostels for the period of 1 to years depending on the level programme, Bachelor, Master’s or PhD. I live not far away from the campus and the library. I really enjoy the park nearby and a football field that we use 2 to 3 times a week with friends.

My impressions on study and life in England

Living in here, I appreciated football as the sports. I really fell over it observing achievements of the Premier League: I cheer on Manchester United. One more thing I would like to mention: honestly, I don’t like traditional British food so I am the steady customer of local cafes where the European food is served.

To those who still consider their chances to study in England: it deserves it. The stay in here gives positive emotions. A promenade along London is worth much, with its beautiful well-groomed streets, banking institutions and stores. People are polite and well-educated.

Just stop hesitating, make your choice and follow me. This is a great place to enjoy and to get a perfect qualification to find yourself!