General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UR1
Teachers 1,596
Students 21,581
Foreigners 10%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
The will to progress, innovate, and undertake
• Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, France
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking509
Country ranking24
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Rennes, USD/month
Accommodation $215 $230
Food $245 $431
Transportation $35 $143
Communications and utilities $77 $100
Clothing $29 $109
Sports and leisure $21 $86
Accommodation in Rennes, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$215
Shared room in city centre$229
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$360
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$426
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking509
QS World University Rankings539
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking578
Alternative title
Russian Университет Ренн-1
Spanish Universidad de Rennes 1
Chinese 雷恩第一大学
Arabic جامعة رين 1
French Université de Rennes 1
German Universität Rennes I
Japanese レンヌ第1大学
Korean 렌 제1대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Rennes I
University of Rennes 1 or Université de Rennes I (UR1) - public higher education institution in France.

University of Rennes 1 - Description

Higher education in France has a long-standing tradition of excellence, dating back to the creation of the first universities during the Middle Ages. Since the Napoleon era the university system, initially highly centralised, has experienced considerable changes, notably the autonomy of universities, the mass democracy of higher education, and the construction of an academic Europe making the system closer to those of other countries. The University of Rennes 1, situated in the Academy of Rennes, was founded in 1969 following the reform in 1968 and is a state university. This public university holds a scientific, cultural and professional disposition. The university is multidisciplinary and offer a range of courses in science and technology, health, mathematics, life and environmental science, medicine, pharmaceutical and biological science, dentistry, business, management, etc. Furthermore, the university is busy centre of multidisciplinary research recognised by experts nationwide. Today, the university has 43 research teams, of which 26 are associated or under contract with large national research organisations: 21 units linked to the CNRS, 1 unit linked to the INRA and 4 units linked to the INSERM.

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor First Year Common To Studies of Health
Bachelor License Mention Biology
Bachelor License Mention Chemistry
Bachelor License Mention Computer
Bachelor License Mention Earth Sciences
Bachelor License Mention Economic and Social Administration
Bachelor License Mention Economics and Management
Bachelor License Mention Electronics and Telecommunications
Bachelor License Mention Management Science
Bachelor License Mention Mathematics
Bachelor License Mention Mechanical and Engineering Sciences
Bachelor License Mention Natural Sciences (L3)
Bachelor License Mention Philosophy
Bachelor License Mention Physics
Bachelor License Mention Physics, Chemistry and Materials
Bachelor License Mention Political Science
Bachelor License Mention Public Administration
Bachelor License Mention Right
Bachelor License Professional Administration and Network Security
Bachelor License Sales & Marketing Professional Assistant In The Food Sector
Bachelor License Statement Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences
Bachelor Professional Degree In Automotive Embedded Systems
Bachelor Professional Degree In Culinary Arts Research Development Industrialized
Bachelor Professional License Agriculture, Environmental Protection: Share
Bachelor Professional License Assistant and Technical Advisor To Electrical Energy, Renewable
Bachelor Professional License Charge DAffaires In Hvac
Bachelor Professional License Communication Companies, Associations and Communities
Bachelor Professional License Dairy Products
Bachelor Professional License Design and Management of Global Supply Chain
Bachelor Professional License Eco-Designer of Mechanical Systems
Bachelor Professional License Foreman Production Manager
Bachelor Professional License Host Quality
Bachelor Professional License Integration of Voice and Data Systems For The Company
Bachelor Professional License Journalism
Bachelor Professional License License Bank Insurance Professional Collaborator Accounting Firm
Bachelor Professional License Management Business and It Provider of Customer Relationship
Bachelor Professional License Management of Audiovisual Production and Multimedia Event
Bachelor Professional License Management of Innovation, Production and Food Security
Bachelor Professional License Management of Networks and Telecommunications Systems and Networks In Small and Medium-Sized
Bachelor Professional License Manager Corporate Agri-Equipment
Bachelor Professional License Marketing of Industrial Goods and Services
Bachelor Professional License Mechatronics
Bachelor Professional License Negotiation and Real Estate Development
Bachelor Professional License Personnel Administration and Payroll Assistant
Bachelor Professional License Petroleum Exploration and Production
Bachelor Professional License Plastics and Composite Materials Producing Quality Design
Bachelor Professional License Processes and Analysis In Chemistry and Food
Bachelor Professional License Professions of Notaries
Bachelor Professional License Project Coordination and Facilitation of Social and Socio-Cultural
Bachelor Professional License Project Manager Maintenance and Industrial Risk Management
Bachelor Professional License Sales Engineer (E) In Green Construction and Recycling of Materials
Bachelor Professional License Services and Products For The Home: Consulting, Sales, Integration
Bachelor Professional License Trade: Import-Export Manager
Bachelor Professional License Wireless Networks and Security Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Degree In Archaeology and History
Bachelor Degree In Banking and Finance
Bachelor Degree In Biology, Agricultural and Health
Bachelor Degree In Business Administration
Bachelor Degree In Business Law
Bachelor Degree In Chemistry
Bachelor Degree In Computer
Bachelor Degree In Earth Sciences and Environment
Bachelor Degree In Ecology and Environment
Bachelor Degree In Economics and Business Management
Bachelor Degree In Economics and Public Management
Bachelor Degree In Electronics and Telecommunications
Bachelor Degree In European Law
Bachelor Degree In Finance, Accounting, Management Control
Bachelor Degree In Human Resource Management
Bachelor Degree In Marketing
Bachelor Degree In Mathematics and Applications
Bachelor Degree In Mechanical and Engineering Sciences
Bachelor Degree In Philosophy
Bachelor Degree In Physics
Bachelor Degree In Political Science
Bachelor Degree In Private Law
Bachelor Degree In Public Health
Bachelor Degree In Public Law
Bachelor Degree In Science and Information Technology and Communication
Bachelor Degree In Social Law
Bachelor Degree In Statistics, Econometrics
Bachelor Information Communication
Bachelor Master of The Trades Mentioned Educ. and Training
Bachelor Master Specialty Complementary Competence In Computer Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Archeology Archaeometry-
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Biological and Medical Engineering
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Biology
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Biology and Health Sciences
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Chemistry
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Computer
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Didactic
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Earth Sciences
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Economics
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Electronic
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Fundamental Mathematics and Applications
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Information-Communication
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Management Sciences
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Mechanical
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Philosophy
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Political Science
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Mention Right
Bachelor Ph.D. From The University of Rennes 1 Reference Signal Processing and Telecommunications

Location on map - University of Rennes 1

Location on map - University of Rennes 1
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