University of Ottawa (uOttawa) - public higher education institution in Canada. The history of uOttawa can be traced back to1848 . The university campus is of urban type and is located in the vicinity of Ottawa.

University ranking. University of Ottawa is among top 20 universities of Canada. University of Ottawa is in the top 5% according to the international rankings. According to the specialists, the university’s strengths are as follows: «Arts and Humanities», «Engineering and Technology», «Life Sciences and Medicine», «Natural Science», «Social Sciences and Management», «Chemistry». The university is in the top 300 in the quality of education criterion.

Application process and the cost of tuition. When considering an applicant the deciding factor is always his/hers academic performance. The university shares the popular system in Canada that divides the academic year into semesters. The cost of tuition for the bachelor’s programs is around 5,000 USD per year. A master’s degree of uOttawa will cost a student a significant sum of 7,000 USD per year. Despite the tuition gees being quite low, the students often participate in scholarship programs. The university offers online degree programs. This format proved to be quite popular among the students. More information regarding tuition, admission and programs is available on the official website

The composition of the university. University of Ottawa is considered to be a large university, teaching more than 35,000 students. Foreign citizens can submit their applications along with the local students. Among the students every 5 is a foreigner. The academic staff includes more than 2000 teachers and professors. Многие преподаватели University of Ottawa - иностранные специалисты. The students may participate in various student exchange programs. The university is also present on social media platforms: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook.

Infrastructure of uOttawa. The university has a functioning library. For those who require accommodations dormitories on and off campus are offered.
Ranking   241   13
University of Ottawa
Country Canada
City Ottawa
Bachelor (citizens) Check the current price on the official website of the university
from  4,566 USD/year.
to  19,999 USD/year.
Master (citizens) Check the current price on the official website of the university
from  3,684 USD/year.
to  42,857 USD/year.
Bachelor (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
from  19,999 USD/year.
to  39,528 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
from  12,734 USD/year.
to  42,857 USD/year.
Living expenses $689 -1,195 USD/month
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Established 1848
Abbreviation uOttawa
Teachers 1,958
Students 35,791
Foreigners 22%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Admission Based on past academic records
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
God is the Lord of Knowledge
• Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario
• Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)
• Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
• Group of Thirteen (G13)
• Association of Universities of the Canadian Francophonie (AUFC)
• Council of Ontario Universities (COU)
• Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID)
• Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
World ranking 241
Country ranking 13
Academic Reputation 258
International Faculty 191
International Students 295
Citations per Faculty 201
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities 302
Engineering and Technology 363
Life Sciences and Medicine 146
Natural Science 291
Social Sciences and Management 332
Ranking in world by discipline
Chemistry 76
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 241
QS World University Rankings 285
ARWU Academic Ranking 201
Cost of living in Ottawa
Expenses - USD/Month Min. Med.
Accommodation 289 389
Food 214 418
Transportation 62 142
Communications and utilities 81 91
Clothing 20 73
Sports and leisure 23 82
Total 689 1,195
Accommodation in Ottawa USD/Month
Shared room outside of centre 292
Shared room in city centre 393
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 543
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 699
Alternative title
English University of Ottawa
Russian Университет Оттавы
German Universität Ottawa
Spanish Universidad de Ottawa
French Université d'Ottawa
Location on map

University of Ottawa - Official Description

The University of Ottawa is a vital, engaged and vibrant centre for human understanding and advancement -- offering a superior educational experience. Credit goes to our staff, faculty and students, across all departments, services and faculties and to our partners in the public and private sectors. Their work on the issues facing society, and their commitment to deliver a learning experience of the highest calibre, are why the University of Ottawa is gaining increasing recognition for research and academic excellence, and for our positive contribution to the local community and the country at large. The University is always interested in receiving applications from those who wish to join its academic staff. Although applications cannot be accepted for a specific position once the deadline has passed, your application will be retained for future postings.

Description of University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa—A crossroads of cultures and ideas
The University of Ottawa is home to over 48,000 students, faculty and staff, who live, work and study in both French and English. Our campus is a crossroads of cultures and ideas, where bold minds come together to inspire game-changing ideas. We are one of Canada’s top 10 research universities—our professors and researchers explore new approaches to today’s challenges. One of a handful of Canadian universities ranked among the top 200 in the world, we attract exceptional thinkers and welcome diverse perspectives from across the globe. Learning in a unique cultural environment A good university must do certain things well: Prepare young people to find their place in the world, enable faculty to share their knowledge and to pursue discovery, support its employees as they provide exceptional quality services to its students. A great university takes these ideals to heart, and then asks: What more can we contribute to our community and our world? That is what we do. Guided by our heritage, our humanity and our vitality, we give future citizens and leaders alike the values and tools they need to change the world. In the past decade, our university has grown in many ways. Our student population has grown to over 43,000, and our programs have increased to more than 450, in every field of human endeavour. We offer our students a truly unique educational and cultural experience. A culture of discovery We are among the top 2% of universities worldwide. We don’t try to fit the mold. we create entirely new shapes – which is why we are ranked among the top 200 in the world for research prowess. Our people can be found working on the frontiers of virtually every field of human endeavour, making us top of mind for industry and government when they seek special expertise and fresh insight. Our curiosity keeps the University's brilliant minds engaged, as they grow from students to scholars, citizens and specialists. We believe that curiosity is at the heart of every academic pursuit. A desire to learn, the courage to question and a passion for discovery are present in everything we do. Open to the world Our nation has always been highly respected on the global stage. We are a forward-thinking nation that constantly seeks a balance between industry, environment and society. Our standards for access to education, our quality of life and the value we place on multiculturalism and human rights have made us a beacon among the nations of the world. The University of Ottawa embodies the Canadian spirit. We believe in measured, intelligent choices, democratically made by people who are thoughtful and well informed. We debate issues with passion and openness while respecting each other's views. Our university is the place where students discover how they can make their contribution to these Canadian ideals. The richness of bilingualism Founded in 1848, we are now the largest french-english bilingual university in the world – a crossroads of cultures, languages and perspectives that drives new ideas. Canada's commitment to bilingualism is fundamental to what we are as a country. The University of Ottawa has nurtured this vision of bilingualism. We offer outstanding programs in French, in English and in both languages. No other major university in Canada can say the same; this duality makes our students uniquely prepared to shape our country and to live out its values. Discover the future Canada is a unique nation, born not of war or revolution but in a conscious act of self-invention. It has always shown itself open to change, so long as the change respects the principles that motivated Canada’s creation. Ours is the Canadian university that most directly reflects these essential national traits. Canada’s university embraces the country’s diversity, bilingualism and spirit of openness. Like Canada itself, we seek to use our greatest attributes - excellence in learning and discovery and the commitment of our graduates – to make a better world. We take a fearless approach to today’s challenges. Join uOttawa, a place where bold minds come together to disrupt and redefine the debate

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