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Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Country Germany
City Munster
Town Muenster
Bachelor (foreigners)623 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)623 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens)540 USD/year.
Master (citizens)540 USD/year.
Cost of living $644-1,243 USD/Month.
Acceptance Rate 20%
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Established 1780
Abbreviation WWU
Teachers 4,132
Students 41,498
Foreigners 6%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on past academic records
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Ministerium für Innovation, Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
• European University Association (EUA)
• International Research Universities Network (IRUN)
World ranking177
Country ranking11
Academic Reputation234
Employer Reputation157
Quality of teaching286
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities252
Life Sciences and Medicine175
Natural Science144
Social Sciences and Management344
Ranking in world by discipline
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking177
QS World University Rankings258
ARWU Academic Ranking101
Alternative title
Arabic جامعة مونستر
German Universität Münster
Spanish Universidad de Münster
French Université de Münster
Japanese ミュンスター大学
Korean 베스트팔렌빌헬름뮌스터대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Munste
Russian Вестфальский университет имени Вильгельма
Chinese 明斯特大学
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University of Muenster or Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) - public higher education institution in Germany.

University of Muenster - Description

The University of Münster is the third largest in Germany. Currently, about 39,000 students are enrolled and every year about 5,000 are graduating. The university's popularity is no doubt due to the wide range of subjects on offer (over 120), the excellence of the research carried out in many departments, and the high quality of life in the city of Münster. Münster University has an international dimension. More than 3,500 foreign students study here, and we have partnership agreements with over 400 academic institutions all over the world. Together with Enschede (Netherlands) and Osnabrück (Germany), Münster forms a university triangle within the area known as "Euregio". The Westphalian metropolis is sometimes described as a cyclist's paradise. There are a great many cycle lanes, and most students have bicycles. The university's numerous institutes are dotted all over the mediaeval city centre as well as the western districts of Münster. However, although its buildings are all within walking or cycling distance, Münster University is quite different from campus universities in that its activities tend to merge with everyday urban life.

Description of University of Muenster

Founded in 1780, the WWU Münster is a university with tradition. With its wide range of research areas and excellent working conditions, as well as its intensive support for junior academics, WWU Münster has a strong appeal to researchers, academics and cooperation partners. The “Religion and Politics” excellence cluster shows how the interdisciplinary approach to research at WWU works in practice. Over 36,000 students make WWU the sixth-largest university in Germany. The teaching offered by a total of 15 faculties comprises 275 courses of study in 120 subjects covering practically all areas of the humanities, social sciences, medicine and natural sciences. Mission Statement Top-level research WWU Münster has developed a strong research profile in natural sciences, the humanities, medicine, law and business administration. It targets top-level research in high-performance areas for and combines this with promoting first-class young researchers. At the same time, by ensuring that broad research can be carried out it creates a secure basis on which excellence can thrive. Achieving excellence For WWU Münster, promoting excellence is a dynamic process which takes up new academic and social challenges to which it responds appropriately. • WWU’s central tasks include not only achieving outstanding research results, but also promoting new fields of research which take up social and academic challenges and contribute to mastering them. • Successful work in many fields of research today requires cooperation in large groups of researchers. WWU aims at a comprehensive use of the potential set out in its profile to start single-discipline and cross-discipline groups of researchers providing the critical mass necessary for excellent research work. • WWU promotes broad research on a wide range of subjects as a basis for the continual creation of new focuses of top-level research. High-quality teaching WWU Münster’s aims in the field of research are closely linked with its own commitment to provide high-quality courses of study covering a wide range of subjects. It has taken a pioneering lead in changing teacher training to the double bachelor degree. The second step – a bottom-up process – will involve the masters courses. The development of programmes for structured doctoral courses represents the third step in the realisation of the objectives set out in the Bologna process. WWU thus provides the best possible teaching on the basis of high-quality broad and top-level research. Promoting young researchers The WWU Münster organises the promotion of outstanding academic junior researchers in graduate schools which provide structured doctoral courses. Moreover the university creates an environment conducive to top-level research carried out by postdocs. It also supports the setting up of groups of young researchers and the creation of junior professorships in order to strengthen the links between postgraduate education and research. Gender mainstreaming WWU Münster considers gender equality to be a task of strategic importance. The aim is to make it easier for women to combine an academic career and family interests. It is in combination with the high quality of life offered by the Münster region that the university hopes to reap benefits in recruiting brilliant researchers in the future. WWU’s second strategic objective in the field of gender mainstreaming is to apply suitable measures to strengthen women’s social qualifications in pursuing academic careers. In order to initiate such measures to reach these goals, WWU subjects its gender mainstreaming policies to an external “family-friendly university audit”. Measures currently implemented (selection): • Since 2000 the WWU has been running an internal gender equality programme, with an annual budget of €200,000, which supports women in their academic activities. • The university runs a training programme which is tailored to support young women researchers with respect to their academic careers. • WWU is currently setting up its own facilities where the children of academic staff can be looked after all-day; there is a special focus on children under three. WWU will also be offering a flexible and speedy childcare service, for example in cases of weekend seminars or in emergencies. Last but not least, assistance is being planned for supervising schoolchildren while they do their homework

Programs - Bachelor - University of Muenster

Bachelor Ancient Cultures of Egypt and Near East
Bachelor Ancient Cultures
Bachelor Anglistics / American
Bachelor Arab-Islamic Culture
Bachelor Archaeological Landscape History
Bachelor Art History
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Business Computer Science
Bachelor Catholic Religious Education
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor China Studien
Bachelor Classical and Early Christian Archeology
Bachelor Communication Sciences
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Cultural and Social Anthropology
Bachelor Dentistry
Bachelor Dutch Studies
Bachelor Earth Sciences
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Economics and Law
Bachelor Education
Bachelor Food Chemistry
Bachelor French
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geoinformatics
Bachelor Geophysics
Bachelor German
Bachelor Greek Philology
Bachelor History
Bachelor Italian
Bachelor Landscape Ecology
Bachelor Latin Studies
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Life Sciences
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Medicine
Bachelor Music and Creativity
Bachelor Music and Mediation
Bachelor Music Practice and New Media
Bachelor Musicology
Bachelor Netherlands-Germany-Studies
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Political Science
Bachelor Politics and Economics
Bachelor Politics and Law
Bachelor Protestant Religious Education
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Public Administration (Special Emphasis: European Studies)
Bachelor Regional Studies East Central Europe
Bachelor Religious Studies
Bachelor Scandinavian
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Spanish
Bachelor Sport Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Ancient Cultures of The Eastern Mediterranean
Bachelor Applied Linguistics
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor British, American and Postcolonial Studies
Bachelor Business Chemistry
Bachelor Byzantine and Christian Archaeology
Bachelor Christianity In Culture and Society
Bachelor Classical Archaeology
Bachelor Classical Cultures
Bachelor Classical Philology
Bachelor Classical Sinology
Bachelor Clinical Music Therapy
Bachelor Comparative Literature / Cultural Poetics
Bachelor Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Bachelor Dutch-German: Translating Literary and Cultural Transfer
Bachelor European Studies (German-Dutch)
Bachelor Geospatial Technologies
Bachelor German Law
Bachelor German Studies
Bachelor Human Geography
Bachelor Indo-European Linguistics
Bachelor Information Systems 
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies
Bachelor Islamic Studies and Arabic Stem
Bachelor Islamic Theology
Bachelor Languages and Cultures of Egypt and Ancient Western Asia
Bachelor Latin Philology of The Middle Ages and Modern Times
Bachelor Latin Philology Roman Literature and Its Reception
Bachelor Linguistics
Bachelor Molecular Biomedicine
Bachelor Music Therapy, Clinical
Bachelor National and Transnational Studies: Literature, Culture, Language
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bachelor Polish Studies / East European Cultural Studies
Bachelor Prehistory and Early History
Bachelor Romance Linguistics,Focus: French
Bachelor Romance Linguistics,Focus: Italian
Bachelor Romance Linguistics,Focus: Spanish
Bachelor Scandinavian Studies
Bachelor Social Anthropology / Ethnology
Bachelor Strategic Communications Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Ancient History
Bachelor Ancient Near Eastern Philology
Bachelor Anthropology (Ethnology)
Bachelor Applied Cultural Studies
Bachelor Art
Bachelor Auxiliary Historical Sciences
Bachelor Baltic Studies (Baltic)
Bachelor Byzantine Studies
Bachelor Catholic Theology
Bachelor Comparative Literature (General and Comparative Literature
Bachelor Coptic Studies
Bachelor Dr.Med.Dent Dentistry.
Bachelor Dutch
Bachelor Dutch Philology
Bachelor Early Christian Archaeology
Bachelor East European History
Bachelor Economic Policy
Bachelor Egyptology
Bachelor English Language and Literature
Bachelor Ethnology (European Ethnology)
Bachelor Evangelical Theology
Bachelor General Linguistics
Bachelor Geology / Paleontology
Bachelor German Philology
Bachelor Graduate School of Emprical and Applied Linguistics
Bachelor Graduate School Of Chemistry
Bachelor Graduate School Of Communication Science
Bachelor Graduate School Of Politics
Bachelor Graduate School Of Sociology
Bachelor Graduate School Practices Of Literature
Bachelor Indology
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Latin American Regional Science
Bachelor Islamic Studies
Bachelor Language Teaching Research
Bachelor Law Dr. Jur.
Bachelor Medical Sciences Dr.Rer.Medic.
Bachelor Medicine Dr. Med.
Bachelor Medieval History
Bachelor Medieval Latin Philology
Bachelor Mineralogy
Bachelor Modern and Contemporary History
Bachelor Near Eastern Archaeology
Bachelor Nordic Philology
Bachelor Orthodox Theology
Bachelor Ostslavische Philology
Bachelor Planetology
Bachelor Political Science, Majoring In European Studies (France)
Bachelor Political Science, Majoring In European Studies (Romania)
Bachelor Psychology Dr.Rer.Nat.,
Bachelor Romance Languages ​​(Italian Emphasis)
Bachelor Romance Languages ​​(Spanish Emphasis)
Bachelor Romance Philology (French Emphasis)
Bachelor Russian
Bachelor Semitic Philology
Bachelor Sinology
Bachelor Social Sciences
Bachelor Sports Science
Bachelor Westslavische Philology
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