General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UniFI
Teachers 2,919
Students 53,378
Foreigners 7%
Religion None
Academic calendar Other
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Florentina Studiorum Universitas
• Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, Italia
• European University Association (EUA)
• Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER)
World ranking297
Country ranking7
Academic Reputation207
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities209
Engineering and Technology360
Life Sciences and Medicine183
Natural Science227
Social Sciences and Management353
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Florence, USD/month
Accommodation $283 $379
Food $323 $549
Transportation $30 $210
Communications and utilities $98 $141
Clothing $37 $137
Sports and leisure $39 $130
Accommodation in Florence, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$286
Shared room in city centre$383
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$441
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$572
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking297
QS World University Rankings420
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking264
Alternative title
Russian Университет Флоренции
Spanish Universidad de Florencia
Chinese 佛罗伦萨大学
Arabic جامعة فلورنسا
French Université de Florence
German Universität von Florenz
Japanese ィレンツェ大学
Korean 피렌체대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Florença
English University of Florence
it Università degli Studi di Firenze
University of Florence or Università degli Studi di Firenze (UniFI) - public higher education institution in Italy.

University of Florence - Description

The University of Florence can trace its origins to the Studium Generale, which was established by the Florentine Republic in 1321. Initially, Civil and Canon Law, Literature, and Medicine were among the subjects taught at the Studium, and various famous scholars were invited to teach there: Giovanni Bocaccio was asked to lecture on the Divine Comedy. However, the importance of the Studium was fully recognized with a Bull by Popo Clemente VI in 1349, in which he officially authorised the Studium to grant regular degrees, extended the Privilegia maxima, and established that the first Italian Faculty of Theology would be in Florence. In 1364, with Emperor Carlo VII, the Florentine Studium became an Imperial University. However, when Lorenzo the Magnificent gained control of Florence and much of Tuscany, the Studium was moved to Pisa, in 1473. Carlo VIII moved it back to Florence from 1497-1515, but with the return of the Medici family it was once again transferred to Pisa. In spite of these moves, many teaching activities continued in Florence, and scientific research found substantial support in the various Academies of the time, like the Crusca and the Cimento. Only in 1859, when the Grand Duke was exiled, were...

Bachelor - University of Florence

The University of Florence can trace its origins to the Studium Generale, which was established by the Florentine Republic in 1321. Initially were taught, Civil and Canon Law, Literature, and Medicine. The importance of the Studium was fully recognized with a Bull by Pope Clemente VI in 1349; the Bull also established that the first Italian Faculty of Theology would be in Florence. In 1364, with Emperor Carlo VII, the Florentine Studium became an Imperial University. For a period the Studium was moved to Pisa but many teaching activities continued in Florence, and scientific research found substantial support in the various Academies, like the Crusca and the Cimento. In 1859, these separate teaching activities reunited in a suitable system called the Istituto di Studi Pratici e di Perfezionamento; a year later this was recognized as a full fledged university by the Government of Unified Italy. In 1924, with a special Act of Parliament the Istituto was officially denominated a University and was organized into the various faculties: Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Economics, Education, Law, Mathematics Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy and Political Science. The Faculty of Engineering, was born in 1928 while the Faculty of Psychology in 2002.

Description of University of Florence

The University of Florence can trace its origins to the Studium, which was established in 1321. In 1472 the Studium was moved to Pisa. In 1859, the University re-emerged as Istituto di Studi Superiori (Institute of HigherEducation). In 1923 it was established as a public university and started its activities as a fully fledged university. The University of Florence is one of the largest organisations for research and higher education in Italy, with over 1900 tenured teaching staff and researchers, over 1600 permanent technical/administrative staff and language assistants and over 55 thousand students enrolled. The University consists of 10 Schools: Agriculture, Architecture, Economics and Management, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Life and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Political Science, Psychology. Scientific research is carried out in the Departments of the University, grouped into 5 major areas: Social Sciences, Humanities, Scientific, Technological and Biomedical areas. A large part of the yearly budget is allocated to scientific research. In the recent past the University of Florence has been ranked top among Italian Universities in the distribution of national research funds. High-level research avails itself of the “centres of excellence”, which attract funding and form synergies with other institutions. Missions The goals and missions of the University are defined in the Statute of the University of Florence as follows: - The University of Florence is a public institution representing the scientific community, whose autonomy is guaranteed by the Constitution. Its purposes are the unhindered processing and transmission of knowledge and advanced learning, in accordance with the freedoms of research, teaching and learning. - It affirms its pluralist nature, which is independent of any religious, ideological, political or economic conditioning. - Through the conscientious cooperation of teachers, researchers, students and technical/administrative, it favours the development of critical knowledge which is open to the exchange of information, cultural cooperation and interaction, and which is a vehicle for progress and a tool for the affirmation of the dignity of all mankind and of just and peaceful cohabitation among nations. - It cooperates with the other university institutions of the European Union in the creation of a community forum for research and higher learning. - It intervenes in favour of right to study, as defined and guaranteed by Art. 34 of the Constitution. - It makes the furthering of learning its priority and the basis for its cultural and professional training. - It considers the particular characteristics of the various disciplinary areas into which its research and teaching activities are divided as a source of commonwealth to be put to the best possible use. - The University guarantees the contribution of the biomedical research structures in achieving the goals set forth in Art.32 of the Constitution, priority being given to actions which are coordinated by and integrated with actions of the Regional Health Service. Educational programmes and services Italian universities issue the following qualifications, in compliance with Ministerial Decree No. 270 of 22/10/2004: Laurea (L), on completion of an initial three-year study programme (180 credits) Laurea Magistrale (LM) on completion of a further two-year study programme (120 credits) Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico (LMc.u.) only in some Faculties, on completion of a five- or six-year study programme (300 or 360 credits) Then, for those who have obtained a Laurea Magistrale (LM): Diplomadi Specializzazione (DS) – Specialisation diploma. Dottorato di Ricerca (DR) - PhD More over Italian universities offer Masters with one-year (1st level) or two-year (2ndlevel) study programmes (at least 60credits). These are orientated towards entry into the working world. In the University of Florence there are courses at all levels listed above. Apart from the courses, the University also offers students important auxiliary activities, including sports, languages and computer studies, the university choir and orchestra, in-faculty cultural and educational initiatives funded by university grants, psychological support and the chance of paid part-time collaboration in various types of work. Research and knowledge transfer The University of Florence is one of the largest and most productive public research systems in Italy. This result is related to the number of permanent and temporary researchers working in a wide range of disciplines and scientific fields, and the numerous junior scientists in training. It is also due to intensive participation in research programmes of national and international importance, the significant scientific results achieved, and the flow of funds which support research and knowledge transfer. This combination of factors qualifies the Florentine institution as a modern research university, and accounts for its excellent ranking in national and international classifications. The researchers from the various departments of the University of Florence have at their disposal several research structures comprising interdepartmental and inter-university centres, as well as some specialised research units and laboratories. In recent years the University of Florence has increasingly consolidated its activities in the sphere of knowledge transfer: from the filing of patents to the setting-up of joint workshops with firms, through to participation in spin-off companies. Libraries and Museum There are approximately three-and-a-half million books and a large number of periodicals available in five libraries covering the main disciplinary areas, with around 60 annexed reading rooms. The university library system also offers online catalogues and many other resources in digital format (journals, articles, books). Students are offered courses for guidance in the use of the library and in bibliographical research, as well as rooms with computer work stations that are also open in the evening. In collaboration with other universities, important projects are underway which will increase direct access to databases and full-text electronic periodicals from individual work stations. The digital publishing service provided by Firenze University Press., F.U.P., can be considered a model University publishing house; it cooperates with professors and researchers to promote and increase the value of scientific and didactic production, thus offering electronic and paper publications scientifically guaranteed by the University itself. The most important natural history museum in Italy belongs to the University of Florence. It is also one of the oldest and most renowned museums at an international level: the Museum of Natural History, founded in 1775 by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold. The Botanical Garden section of the Museum is however even older, dating back to 1545. Consisting of six sections scattered over the old centre of Florence, the Museum houses 8 million exhibits, some of outstanding scientific and naturalistic importance: sixteenth-century herbaria and precious eighteenth-century waxworks, fossil skeletons of elephants and collections of multicoloured butterflies, large tourmaline crystals and Aztec relics, impressive wooden sculptures and the largest inflorescence in the world. A wonderful combination of nature, history, science and art emerges from this context. More information under " The University of Florence at a glance"

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Agricultural Sciences
Bachelor Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences - Quality Control
Bachelor Architectural Science
Bachelor Audiometric Techniques
Bachelor Biological Sciences
Bachelor Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor Building Engineering
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor City Planning, Land and Landscape (Agriculture - Architecture)
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Bachelor Computer Engineering
Bachelor Dental Hygiene (With Inter-University of Siena - Siena Head Office)
Bachelor Design and Management of Business Events and Art and Entertainment
Bachelor Diagnostics and Materials For Conservation and Restoration
Bachelor Dietetics
Bachelor Disciplines of the Arts, Music and Entertainment
Bachelor Economic Development, International Cooperation, Social Care and Conflict Management (Business - Medicine and Surgery - Education Science - Political Science)
Bachelor Economy and Trade
Bachelor Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications
Bachelor Engineering For the Environment, Resources and Territory
Bachelor Food Technology
Bachelor Forestry and Environmental Sciences
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor Health Care
Bachelor History and Conservation of Archaeological, Artistic, Archival and Library
Bachelor Humanities For Communication (Literature and Philosophy - Educational Sciences)
Bachelor Industrial Design
Bachelor Informatics
Bachelor Internationalization and Quality Management
Bachelor Jurisprudence
Bachelor Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Legal Services
Bachelor Letters Ancient
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Medical Radiology Techniques, Imaging and Radiotherapy
Bachelor Modern Literature
Bachelor Natural Science
Bachelor Neuro and Psychomotor Developmental
Bachelor Nurseries Sciences, Environment and Management of Green
Bachelor Nursing
Bachelor Obstetrics
Bachelor Optics and Optometry
Bachelor Orthopedic Techniques
Bachelor Orthoptic and Ophthalmological Care
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physical Education, Sport and Health
Bachelor Physics and Astrophysics
Bachelor Physiotherapy
Bachelor Podiatry
Bachelor Political Sciences
Bachelor Psychological Sciences and Techniques
Bachelor Science of Childhood
Bachelor Science Tourist
Bachelor Social Sciences Education
Bachelor Sociology and Social Policy
Bachelor Speech Therapy
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Story
Bachelor Technical and Prevention in the Workplace
Bachelor Techniques Hearing Instrument
Bachelor Techniques Neurophysiopathology
Bachelor Viticulture and Enology
Bachelor Vocational Education
Bachelor Wildlife Sciences Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Accounting and Professional Services
Bachelor Advanced Development Economics
Bachelor Agricultural Science and Technology
Bachelor Analysis and Policies of Local and Regional Development
Bachelor Archeology
Bachelor Architecture
Bachelor Archival Science and Librarianship
Bachelor Banking, Insurance and Financial Markets
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Chemical Sciences
Bachelor Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology
Bachelor Design
Bachelor Design and Management of Social Interventions
Bachelor Economic Sciences
Bachelor Electrical Engineering and Automation
Bachelor Electronic Engineering
Bachelor Energy Engineering
Bachelor Engineering For Environmental Protection and Land
Bachelor Food Science and Technology
Bachelor Geographical and Anthropological Studies
Bachelor Geological Sciences and Technologies
Bachelor Government and Corporate Direction
Bachelor Health Professions Diagnostic Techniques
Bachelor Health Professions For Technical Assistance
Bachelor Health Professions Prevention
Bachelor Historical Sciences
Bachelor History of Art
Bachelor International Relations and European Studies
Bachelor Landscape Architecture (Agriculture - Architecture)
Bachelor Languages and Civilizations of the Ancient and Modern
Bachelor Languages and Literatures of Europe and America
Bachelor Logic, Philosophy and History of Science (Literature and Philosophy - Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences)
Bachelor Management of Sports and Physical Activities
Bachelor Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Medicine and Surgery - Pharmacy)
Bachelor Modern Philology
Bachelor Molecular Biotechnology
Bachelor Musicology and Musical Heritage
Bachelor Nursing and Midwifery
Bachelor Performing Arts
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity
Bachelor Philosophical Sciences
Bachelor Physical Sciences and Astrophysics
Bachelor Planning and Design of Urban and Regional (Agriculture - Architecture)
Bachelor Planning of Tourism Systems (Economics - Literature and Philosophy)
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Rehabilitation Sciences Health Professions
Bachelor School Management and Teaching Clinic
Bachelor Science and Management of Wildlife Resources and Environmental
Bachelor Science and Technology of Forest Systems
Bachelor Science of Adult Education, Lifelong Learning and Educational Sciences
Bachelor Science Policy and Decision Making Processes
Bachelor Sciences and Materials For the Conservation and Restoration
Bachelor Sciences and Techniques of Sport and Physical Activities Adapted Preventive And
Bachelor Sciences of Nature and of Man
Bachelor Sociology and Social Research
Bachelor Statistical Sciences
Bachelor Strategic Communication
Bachelor Telecommunications Engineering
Bachelor Theories of Communication (Literature and Philosophy - Faculty of Education)
Bachelor Tropical Rural Development Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Agricultural Microbial Biotechnology
Bachelor Agro-Forestry Engineering
Bachelor And Clinical Pathology of the Musculoskeletal Tissue and Calcified
Bachelor Anesthesiology and Surgical Sciences
Bachelor Anglistics and Americanists
Bachelor Applied Biochemistry and Biology
Bachelor Applied Statistics
Bachelor Architectural and Urban Design
Bachelor Architectural Technology and Design
Bachelor Art History (Humanities Area)
Bachelor Art History (Merged with Other Phd in Technology)
Bachelor Astronomy
Bachelor Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy International Ph.D.
Bachelor Biomedical Sciences Developmental
Bachelor Biosystematics and Plant Ecology (Merged with Other Phd Technological Area)
Bachelor Biosystematics and Plant Ecology (Scientific Area)
Bachelor Biotech Crops For Tropical Products
Bachelor Biotechnology Endocrinology, Molecular and Regenerative
Bachelor Bonds and Contracts in Italy and in European Private Law
Bachelor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Civilization of the Renaissance and Humanism
Bachelor Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Bachelor Clinical Pathophysiology and Aging
Bachelor Comparative Law
Bachelor Conservative Surgery and Repairing the Head and Neck
Bachelor Design and Development of Products and Industrial Processes (New Name Xxiv Was To Design and Construction Machinery)
Bachelor Detection and Representation of Architecture and Environment
Bachelor Earth Sciences
Bachelor Economics and Management of Enterprises and Local Systems (Egisl)
Bachelor Economics, Planning, Forestry and Wood Science
Bachelor Engineering and Automation
Bachelor Ethology, Animal Ecology and Anthropology (New Deonominazione For Consolidation with Sc Anthropology)
Bachelor Experimental and Clinical Oncology
Bachelor Florence-Germanic Bonn / Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft: Bonn-Florenz (International Ph.D.)
Bachelor Founding Myths of Europe in the Arts and Literature
Bachelor Genetic and Microbiological Sciences and Bioinformatics (New Name To Genetic Sciences Was Xxiv)
Bachelor Greek and Latin Philology
Bachelor Historical Studies For the Modern Age and Contemporary
Bachelor History and Civilization of the Ancient World
Bachelor History and Tradition in Medieval and Renaissance Texts
Bachelor History of Architecture and Urbanism
Bachelor History of Economic Doctrines
Bachelor History of Entertainment
Bachelor History of International Relations
Bachelor Human Morphology and Morphogenesis
Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Reliability
Bachelor Information Technology and Applications
Bachelor Innovative Energy and Industrial Technology
Bachelor International Law and European Union
Bachelor Italian Studies (Phd International)
Bachelor Landscape Planning
Bachelor Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean
Bachelor Linguistics
Bachelor Materials and Structures For Architecture
Bachelor Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelor Mechanistic Systems and Structural Biology (Xxiv Cycle Up To Product: Structural Biology) Phd Int
Bachelor Medieval History
Bachelor Methodology of Social Sciences
Bachelor Methods of Educational Research: Theory and History
Bachelor Multimedia Computing and Telecommunications Engineering
Bachelor Neuroscience
Bachelor Non Destructive Testing
Bachelor Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems
Bachelor Pastoral and Livestock Forage Systems For Sustainable Land Use and Quality of Products
Bachelor Penalistiche Disciplines: Law and Criminal Procedure
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bachelor Pharmacology and Toxicology
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Physiological and Nutritional Sciences
Bachelor Politics and Economics of Developing Countries
Bachelor Production of Aquatic and Terrestrial Animals and Product Quality
Bachelor Programming and Control
Bachelor Public Law - Law and Urban Environment
Bachelor Quality of Education: Knowledge of the Differences and the Development of Knowledge
Bachelor Rf, Microwave and Electromagnetics (International Ph.D.)
Bachelor Risk Mitigation of Natural Hazards On Two To Structures and Infrastructures - Risk Reduction (International Ph.D.)
Bachelor Science For Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Soil Science and Climatology
Bachelor Systems Engineering Eletronici
Bachelor Telematics and Information Society
Bachelor Theory and History of Law - Theory and History of Human Rights - International Ph.D.
Bachelor Twentieth Century: Politics, Economics, Institutions
Bachelor Urban and Territorial Planning
Bachelor Wine Economy and Rural Development

Location on map - University of Florence

Location on map - University of Florence
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The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, in order to obtain accurate information on the tuition fees, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.
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