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University of Kiel
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
Country Germany
City Kiel
Bachelor (foreigners)$1,000/year.
Master (foreigners)$1,000/year.
Bachelor (citizens)$1,000/year.
Cost of living $644-1242/mon.
Official Website
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation CAU
Teachers 2,545
Students 24,713
Foreigners 7%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Gender limitations None
Colors Purple and white
Campus type Urban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
In Christi lumine pro mundi vita
• Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit, Verkehr und Technologie des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking267
Country ranking18
Quality of teaching271
Ranking in world by sphere
Life Sciences and Medicine246
Natural Science296
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking267
QS World University Rankings403
ARWU Academic Ranking151
Webometrics Ranking293
Alternative title
Кильский университет имени Христиана Альбрехтаru
Universidad de Kieles
جامعة كييلar
Université de Kielfr
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kielde
Universidade de Kielpt
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When Herzog Christian-Albrecht von Holstein-Gottorf decided to found a university in 1665, the devastating Thirty Years' War was not long over. The university to which the duke gave his name was the a response to his country's need for well-educated young men able to serve the state. 140 students enrolled in the faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine and Philosophy initially established. Just as the body of students attending the CAU has increased to over 20,000, so the range of subjects offered has long been extended to include economics, the natural sciences, agriculture, engineering, and science of education. In the former workplace of Max Planck and Heinrich Hertz, a teaching staff of 600 passes on its knowledge to students from Germany and more than a hundred other countries. Kiel is well aware of its special role as the only university in Schleswig-Holstein offering a spectrum of subjects sufficiently wide to serve the requirements of school-leavers in the region seeking university education within their own federal state. At the same time, its clear academic profile and areas of specialization reflect a determination to accept the challenge of national and international competition among universities.

Program - University of Kiel

Master - Doctorate

Bachelor Agricultural Science 
Bachelor Art 
Bachelor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Business Administration 
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Classical Archeology 
Bachelor Computer Science 
Bachelor Czech Philology 
Bachelor Danish 
Bachelor Dentistry 
Bachelor Economics and Education 
Bachelor Economics/ Politics 
Bachelor Economics 
Bachelor Economic Chemistry 
Bachelor Economic Computer Science 
Bachelor Economic Engineering, Electronic and Informational Technology 
Bachelor Economic Science Only In Combination with Sociology 
Bachelor Ecotrophology 
Bachelor Educational Science 
Bachelor Electronic and Informational Technology  
Bachelor Empirical Linguistics 
Bachelor European Anthropology 
Bachelor French Philology 
Bachelor Frisian Philology 
Bachelor Geography 
Bachelor Geosciences
Bachelor German 
Bachelor Greek Philology 
Bachelor History 
Bachelor History Of Art 
Bachelor Islam Science 
Bachelor Italian Philology 
Bachelor Latin Philology 
Bachelor Law 
Bachelor Low German As A Complementary Subject 
Bachelor Materials Science 
Bachelor Mathematics 
Bachelor Medicine -Clinical- 
Bachelor Medicine –Preclinical 
Bachelor Musicology 
Bachelor Pharmacy 
Bachelor Philosophy 
Bachelor Physics 
Bachelor Physics Of The Earth System: Meteorology – Oceanography–Geophysics 
Bachelor Polish Philology 
Bachelor Political Science 
Bachelor Portuguese Philology 
Bachelor Prehistorical An D Historical Archeology 
Bachelor Protestant Theology 
Bachelor Psycology 
Bachelor Ruissian Philology 
Bachelor Scan Dinavian Stu Dies 
Bachelor Sociology 
Bachelor Spanish Philology 
Bachelor Sports Science 
Bachelor Theology Prot 
Master Agricultural Science 
Master Art 
Master Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Master Biology
Master Business Administration 
Master Chemistry
Master Classical Archeology 
Master Computer Science 
Master Czech Philology 
Master Danish 
Master Dentistry 
Master Economics and Education 
Master Economics/ Politics 
Master Economics 
Master Economic Chemistry 
Master Economic Computer Science 
Master Economic Engineering, Electronic and Informational Technology 
Master Economic Science Only In Combination with Sociology 
Master Ecotrophology 
Master Educational Science 
Master Electronic and Informational Technology  
Master Empirical Linguistics 
Master European Anthropology 
Master French Philology 
Master Frisian Philology 
Master Geography 
Master Geosciences
Master German 
Master Greek Philology 
Master History 
Master History Of Art 
Master Islam Science 
Master Italian Philology 
Master Latin Philology 
Master Law 
Master Low German As A Complementary Subject 
Master Materials Science 
Master Mathematics 
Master Medicine -Clinical- 
Master Medicine –Preclinical 
Master Musicology 
Master Pharmacy 
Master Philosophy 
Master Physics 
Master Physics Of The Earth System: Meteorology – Oceanography–Geophysics 
Master Polish Philology 
Master Political Science 
Master Portuguese Philology 
Master Prehistorical An D Historical Archeology 
Master Protestant Theology 
Master Psycology 
Master Ruissian Philology 
Master Scan Dinavian Stu Dies 
Master Sociology 
Master Spanish Philology 
Master Sports Science 
Master Theology Prot 

Location on map - University of Kiel

Location on map - University of Kiel
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