General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UK
Teachers 4,791
Students 51,438
Foreigners 14%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Universitas Carolina Pragensis
• Akreditacní komise Ceské republiky
• European University Association (EUA)
• Coimbra Group
• International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU)
World ranking235
Country ranking1
Academic Reputation191
Employer Reputation253
Quality of teaching326
International Students304
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities185
Engineering and Technology334
Life Sciences and Medicine228
Natural Science259
Social Sciences and Management303
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Prague, USD/month
Accommodation 175 268
Food 133 227
Transportation 18 80
Communications and utilities 60 90
Clothing 22 81
Sports and leisure 18 65
Accommodation in Prague, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre177
Shared room in city centre271
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre329
1 bedroom apartment in city centre464
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking235
QS World University Rankings279
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking120
Alternative title
Russian Карлов Университет в Праге
Spanish Universidad de Charles en Praga
Chinese 布拉格查尔斯大学
Arabic جامعة تشارلز في براغ
French Université Charles de Prague
German Karls-Universität in Prag
Japanese プラハ・カレル大学
Korean 프라하대학교
Portuguese Universidade Carolina de Praga
sk Karolova univerzita

Location on map - Charles University in Prague

Charles University in Prague or Univerzita Karlova v Praze (UK) - public higher education institution in Czech Republic.

Charles University in Prague - Description

Charles University was founded on the 7th of April 1348 by a charter of Charles IV, King of the Romans and of Bohemia. In this way one of the three great ideas of Christian medieval times –universitas was fulfilled. Thanks to Charles’ foresight and his good relations with Pope Clement VI, the newly founded university had four faculties theological, legal, medical and arts a pattern which corresponded to medieval concepts of a complete university. The university was based on the Sorbonne model and it is the oldest university in Central Europe. Over the centuries, as with all other universities, CU has experienced periods of great success, and times of trouble and decline. Our Alma Mater, founded in the hope that it would serve the nation forever, is now a leading educational and scholarly institution that remains true to its ancient traditions. Its seventeen faculties educate over 50,000 students; teaching and research is carried out by hundreds of specialists in the various disciplines. The prime purpose of Charles University is the diffusion of learning and protection of acquired knowledge, the cultivation of free thought, independent academic research and the arts, and the encouragement of the free creative spirit of humanity.

Description of Charles University in Prague

Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 and is one of the world's oldest universities. Charles University strives to become the top quality centre of education and learning, independent knowledge culture and creative activities. It endeavours to play a key role in the scholarly, scientific, cultural, social and economic development of the society and to be the place where lasting values, knowledge and skills are maintained and transmitted to future generations of researchers and leaders in the economy, healthcare, culture, public and state administration. Its main priority is the development of scientific and research activities and improvement of its position among top research universities. Charles University belongs to the 2 % of the world's top universities, a fact that has been confirmed repeatedly by the international university rankings. High quality of all study programs, mainly at master and doctoral levels, stems from systematic focus on students' scientific and research activities. High quality science and its connection with education should be a standard in every discipline. Strong support has been devoted to education of young researches. The doctoral study programmes are cornerstones in this aspect. Another crucial value of the university is its openness. It aims to achieve high standards in international joint research projects and to be open to talented students, outstanding teachers and scholars from home and abroad. The university is dedicated to international co-operation with prestigious educational and research institutions. Charles University has signed many partnership agreements with a number of the first 100 universities in the ARWU rankings.
Charles University is an accredited public university, and so an autonomous scientific and educational institution. It is headed by a Rector, while the Academic Senate is its supreme self-regulating academic body. Its other bodies include the Scientific Council and the Bursar, and the Board of Trustees which is responsible for the implementation of public interest in Charles University's policies. The Collegium consisting of the vice-rectors, the bursar and the chancellor make up the advisory body of the rector. The faculties are governed by deans who enjoy a large measure of self-governing competences. Other component parts of Charles University are managed by their directors.
Nowadays it consists of 17 faculties (14 in Prague, 2 in Hradec Kralove and 1 in Plzen), 3 university institutes, 6 further centres for educational, scientific, research, development and other activities or for provision of information services, 5 university-wide special facilities and the Rectorate as the administrative centre of the whole university.
Charles University covers the full spectrum of fields – medicine, pharmacy, science, humanities and social sciences, theology and sport at bachelor, master and doctoral levels. There are more than 300 accredited degree programmes and 650 study disciplines. Approximately 19,000 are studying in bachelor's programmes, 25,000 in master's programmes and 7,700 in doctoral programmes. Almost 7,800 students are from abroad. Various courses in lifelong learning programmes organised by CU attract more than 20,000 people each year. CU has 8,100 employees, 4,700 of these being academic and research staff. Almost 51,000 students are studying at CU (which is more than 13 % of all students in the Czech Republic).

The status of Charles University can also be characterized by its income, which is roughly 9 billion Czech crowns per year. Roughly one third of this amount comes from educational funding, one third from competitive research grants, and the last one is its own income

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Bachelor’S Degree in General Theory and History of Art and Culture
Bachelor Bachelor’S Degree in Theology, with A Discipline in Theological Studies
Bachelor Department of Bible Studie
Bachelor Department of Church History and Law
Bachelor Department of Philosophy
Bachelor Department of Practical Theology
Bachelor Department of Psychosocial Sciences and Ethics
Bachelor Department of Religious Studies
Bachelor Department of Systematic Theology
Bachelor Department of Teacher
Bachelor Institute of Eastern Christianity
Bachelor Institute of Jewish Studies
Bachelor Law
Bachelor The Three-Year Bachelors Program in Pastoral and Social Work
Bachelor The Three-Year Bachelors Program in Protestant Theology
Bachelor The Three-Year Bachelors Program in the Theology of Christian Traditions
Bachelor The Two-Year Masters Program in Protestant Theology Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Administrative Law and Administrative Science
Bachelor Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
Bachelor Animal Physiology
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Anthropology and Human Genetics
Bachelor Applied Geology, Applied Geophysics and Environmental Geology
Bachelor Applied Mathematics - Data Processing and Mathematical Modeling in Natural Sciences
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
Bachelor Bioethics
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Biology - Hydrobiology
Bachelor Biomechanics
Bachelor Biomedical Informatics
Bachelor Biomedicine
Bachelor Botany
Bachelor Business Law
Bachelor Cardiovascular Research Centre
Bachelor Cartography, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing
Bachelor Cell Biology and Pathology
Bachelor Centre For Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair
Bachelor Centre For Ibero-American Studies
Bachelor Centre of Biomedical Informatics
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Choir Conducting Oriented At Education
Bachelor Civil Law (Including Civil Procedure, Family Law, Intellectual Property)
Bachelor Clinical and Toxicological Analysis
Bachelor Clinical Biochemistry
Bachelor Clinical Biochemistry (Three Years)
Bachelor Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy
Bachelor Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy (Three Years)
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Constitutional Law and Theory of State
Bachelor Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic
Bachelor Czech Institute of Egyptology
Bachelor Demography
Bachelor Dentistry
Bachelor Dentistry (6Years)
Bachelor Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management
Bachelor Department of Aestetics
Bachelor Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Bachelor Department of Anaesthesiology and Icm
Bachelor Department of Anatomy
Bachelor Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures
Bachelor Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies
Bachelor Department of Biology
Bachelor Department of Biology and Medical Genetics
Bachelor Department of Biophysics
Bachelor Department of Cardiac Surgery
Bachelor Department of Cardiology
Bachelor Department of Central European Studies
Bachelor Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Bachelor Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology
Bachelor Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Bachelor Department of Cultural Studies
Bachelor Department of Dentistry
Bachelor Department of Dermatology
Bachelor Department of Dermatovenerology
Bachelor Department of Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases
Bachelor Department of Education
Bachelor Department of Ent
Bachelor Department of Epidemiology
Bachelor Department of Forensic Medicine
Bachelor Department of Forensic Pathology
Bachelor Department of General Practice
Bachelor Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Bachelor Department of Histology and Embryology
Bachelor Department of Imaging Methods
Bachelor Department of Immunology
Bachelor Department of Immunology and Allergology
Bachelor Department of Infectious Diseases
Bachelor Department of Internal Medicine
Bachelor Department of Internal Medicine I
Bachelor Department of Internal Medicine Ii
Bachelor Department of Languages
Bachelor Department of Logic
Bachelor Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bachelor Department of Medical Ethics and Humanities
Bachelor Department of Medical Genetics
Bachelor Department of Medical Microbiology
Bachelor Department of Microbiology
Bachelor Department of Neonatology
Bachelor Department of Neurology
Bachelor Department of Neuroscience
Bachelor Department of Neurosurgery
Bachelor Department of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology
Bachelor Department of Nursing
Bachelor Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Bachelor Department of Occupational Diseases
Bachelor Department of Oncology and Radiotherapeutics
Bachelor Department of Ophtalmology
Bachelor Department of Ophthalmology
Bachelor Department of Orthopaedics
Bachelor Department of Orthopedics
Bachelor Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology
Bachelor Department of Paediatric Neurology
Bachelor Department of Paediatric Psychiatry
Bachelor Department of Paediatric Stomatology
Bachelor Department of Paediatric Surgery
Bachelor Department of Paediatrics
Bachelor Department of Pathological Anatomy
Bachelor Department of Pathological Physiology
Bachelor Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Bachelor Department of Pathophysiology
Bachelor Department of Pediatrics
Bachelor Department of Pharmacology
Bachelor Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Bachelor Department of Physical Education
Bachelor Department of Physiology
Bachelor Department of Pneumology
Bachelor Department of Psychiatry
Bachelor Department of Psychology
Bachelor Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Department of Public Health Medicine
Bachelor Department of Radiology
Bachelor Department of Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine
Bachelor Department of Science Information
Bachelor Department of Social Medicine
Bachelor Department of Social Work
Bachelor Department of Sociology
Bachelor Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies
Bachelor Department of Sports Medicine
Bachelor Department of Surgery
Bachelor Department of Surgery (Central Military Hospital)
Bachelor Department of the English Language and Elt Methodology
Bachelor Department of Theatre Studies
Bachelor Department of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
Bachelor Department of Urolog Y
Bachelor Department of Urology
Bachelor Developmental and Cell Biology
Bachelor Developmental Biology
Bachelor Doctorate’S Degree in General Theory and History of Art and Culture
Bachelor Doctorate’S Degree in History with A Discipline in Church and General History
Bachelor Doctorate’S Degree in Theology, with A Discipline in Catholic Theology
Bachelor Ecology
Bachelor Ecology and Environmental Protection
Bachelor Education in Chemistry
Bachelor English Language Oriented At Education
Bachelor Environmental Law
Bachelor Environmental Sciences
Bachelor Environmental Studies
Bachelor European Law
Bachelor Experimental Surgery
Bachelor Film Studies Department
Bachelor Financial Law and Financial Science
Bachelor General Medicine (5Years)
Bachelor Geography Demography
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor Geology - Geological Sciences
Bachelor Gerontology
Bachelor Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Bachelor Historical Theology and Theology of Religions
Bachelor Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
Bachelor Humanities
Bachelor Hygiene, Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Imaging Methods in Medicine
Bachelor Immunology
Bachelor Infectious Diseases
Bachelor Inorganic Chemistry
Bachelor Institute For Classical Archeology
Bachelor Institute For Greek and Latin Studies
Bachelor Institute of Art History
Bachelor Institute of Comparative Linguistics
Bachelor Institute of Czech and Comparative Literature and Literary Theory
Bachelor Institute of Czech History
Bachelor Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication
Bachelor Institute of Czech Studies
Bachelor Institute of East Asian Studies
Bachelor Institute of East-European Studies
Bachelor Institute of Economic and Social History
Bachelor Institute of Ethnology
Bachelor Institute of General History
Bachelor Institute of Germanic Studies
Bachelor Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship
Bachelor Institute of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies
Bachelor Institute of Musicology
Bachelor Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies
Bachelor Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Bachelor Institute of Phonetics
Bachelor Institute of Political Science
Bachelor Institute of Prehistory and Early History
Bachelor Institute of Psychology
Bachelor Institute of Romance Studies
Bachelor Institute of South and Central Asia
Bachelor Institute of the Czech National Corpus
Bachelor Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics
Bachelor Institute of Translation Studies
Bachelor Internal Medicine
Bachelor International Law
Bachelor International Private Law and International Trade Law
Bachelor International Relations
Bachelor Labor and Social Security Law
Bachelor Language Centre
Bachelor Legal History and Roman Law
Bachelor Macromolecular Chemistry
Bachelor Master’S Degree in General Theory and History of Art and Culture
Bachelor Master’S Degree in Theology, with A Discipline in Catholic Theology
Bachelor Master’S Degree in Theology, with A Discipline in Theological Studies
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Medical Biology
Bachelor Medical Biophysics
Bachelor Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bachelor Medical Curriculum At the Third Faculty of Medicine
Bachelor Medical Immunology
Bachelor Medical Microbiology
Bachelor Medical Pharmacology
Bachelor Microbiology
Bachelor Mikrobiology
Bachelor Modeling of Chemical Properties of Nano- and Biostructures
Bachelor Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology
Bachelor Music Oriented At Education
Bachelor Musical Instrument Oriented At Education
Bachelor Neurosciences
Bachelor Ophthalmology
Bachelor Organic Chemistry
Bachelor Paediatrics
Bachelor Parasitology
Bachelor Pathological Anatomy
Bachelor Ph.D. Program in Economics
Bachelor Pharmacology and Toxicology
Bachelor Phd Degree Program At Ftvs, Forms and Organization
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Philosophy and History of Science
Bachelor Physical Chemistry
Bachelor Physical Geography and Geoecology
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Physiology and Pathological Physiology
Bachelor Plant Anatomy and Physiology
Bachelor Political Science
Bachelor Prague Ll.M. Programme International Master of Laws
Bachelor Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Psychiatry
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Public and Social Policy
Bachelor Radiology
Bachelor Regional and Political Geography
Bachelor Russian Language Oriented At Education
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Special Chemical and Biological Programmes
Bachelor Study Branch Philosophy (Admission Process)
Bachelor Study Branch Special Education (Admission Process)
Bachelor Study Programme “Nursing”
Bachelor Study Programme “Specialisation in Health Care”
Bachelor Subject General Nurse
Bachelor Subject Physiotherapy
Bachelor Subject Public Health
Bachelor Surgery
Bachelor Systematic and Practical Theology
Bachelor Teachers Training
Bachelor Theoretical and Evolutional Biology
Bachelor Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Bachelor Zoology Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies
Bachelor Biblical Studies
Bachelor Bioorganic Chemistry
Bachelor Central European Comparative Studies
Bachelor Clinical Pharmacy
Bachelor Conducting
Bachelor Drug Control
Bachelor European Studies
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geopolitical Studies
Bachelor Gerontopharmacy
Bachelor Instrument
Bachelor International Economic and Political Studies
Bachelor International Masters in Economy, State and Society (Imess)
Bachelor Language
Bachelor Master in Economics and Finance (Mef)
Bachelor Media and Communications Studies
Bachelor Pathobiochemistry and Xenobiochemistry
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Technology
Bachelor Pharmacognosy
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Social Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
Bachelor Social Policy and Social Work
Bachelor Special Education
Bachelor The Two-Year Masters Program in Christian Humanitarian and Pastoral Work
Bachelor The Two-Year Masters Program in Protestant Theology
Bachelor The Two-Year Masters Program in the Theology of Christian Traditions - Ecumenical Studies
Bachelor Toxicology of Natural Products
Bachelor Training Teachers of General Subjects At Lower and Higher Secondary Schools - Choir
Bachelor Training Teachers of General Subjects At Lower and Higher Secondary Schools - English
Bachelor Training Teachers of General Subjects At Lower and Higher Secondary Schools - Music
Bachelor Training Teachers of General Subjects At Lower and Higher Secondary Schools - Musical
Universities related to Charles University in Prague

Universities in this city

In order to obtain accurate information, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.

Universities in this country

In order to obtain accurate information, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.
5212Czech Technical University in PraguePrague4,500 USD4,500 USD
6133Masaryk UniversityBrno87 USD109 USD
6344Brno University of TechnologyBrno
9585University of Economics PraguePrague5,000 USD5,000 USD
10426Palacký University, OlomoucOlomouc6,500 USD6,500 USD

Admission process in Charles University in Prague

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