General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UBT
Teachers 1,171
Students 12,697
Foreigners 7%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on grades and examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking441
Country ranking32
Quality of teaching333
International Faculty336
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking441
QS World University Rankings458
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking480
Alternative title
Russian Университет Байройт
Spanish Universidad de Bayreuth
Chinese 拜罗伊特大学
Arabic جامعة بايرويت
French Univrsité de Bayreuth
German Universität Bayreuth
Japanese バイロイト大学
Korean 바이로이트대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Bayreuth
University of Bayreuth or Universität Bayreuth (UBT) - public higher education institution in Germany.

University of Bayreuth - Description

The University of Bayreuth (UBT) is a research-orientated campus university. The mission of the university focuses on furthering interdisciplinary research and science as well as profile creation and the development of interdisciplinary subjects. UBT has a tightly knit network of strategically selected, international partner universities and research project partnerships. The research programs and offered courses encompass nature and engineering sciences, law and economics studies as well as language, literature and culture studies which are constantly being developed. Several undergraduate and graduate study programs as well as numerous individual courses and seminars are offered in English. Research and PhD programs as well as UBT’s international summer programs are conducted in English in general. UBT has defined the following focal areas in research: Nonlinear Dynamics, Polymer and Colloid Science, Molecular Biosciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, New Materials, African Studies, High Pressure and High Temperature Research, Cross-cultural Comparison and Intercultural Processes, Innovation and Consumer Protection, Food and Health Sciences, Energy Research and Energy Technology and Governance and Responsibility. The African studies at the University of Bayreuth have held a top international ranking position for years. The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) is part of the federal and state excellence initiative....

Description of University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is a dynamic,research-oriented campus university. We provide students with a future-oriented education through academics and research-based teaching. We offer students from Germany and abroad an optimal atmosphere for studying in specialized fields of study with a track record of excellence as well as in strategically chosen profile fields. We are a highly attractive university for researchers the world over.With our proactive approach on the regional, national, and international levels, we are also a very competitive university that cultivates a focused internationalization strategy. We cooperate with universities, institutions of higher education, and non-university research organizations worldwide to promote dialog between academia and society. From its inception, the goal of the University of Bayreuth has been the promotion of interdisciplinary research and education as well as the development of profile-building interdisciplinary focuses. In accordance with that goal, we convey disciplinary and interdisciplinary qualifications that are oriented towards future academic, technical, and societal demands. These qualifications are based on basic and practically-oriented research in strong specialized fields. We offer our students and researchers a research and learning environment with creative license and by so doing we position ourselves in the balance between academic freedom, scientific advancement, and practical relevance as well as societal and cultural responsibility. Our university holds the highest standards for its study and research programs. We seek out and promote talent. We provide our students with high professional competence as well as enabling them to make decisions and to act in an independent and responsible manner. We expect them not only to be committed and passionate, but also to have the courage to think critically and unconventionally. We seek out and gain distinguished researchers who gladly rise to the challenge to creatively contribute to the further development of science and academics. We keep our communication direct and open, making transparent decisions while also utilizing resources in an efficient and sustainable manner. The structure of our campus promotes academic cooperationas well as exchange amongst students and researchers, while also promoting the administration’s service-oriented support of these activities. This enables all members of the university to participate in the dynamic development of our university.We advocate equal opportunity for everyone and utilize diversity as innovative potential. As a family friendly university, we make it possible to combine career, studies, and family.Our university is a realm of experience for students, researchers, employees, and residents of the city as well as the entire region. University life shapes the students and forges a strong connection between the university and its alumni

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor #NAME?
Bachelor African Languages, Literatures And Arts
Bachelor Anglistics
Bachelor Anglistics / American
Bachelor Applied Computer Science
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Bioinformatics
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Business Mathematics
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computer Science Engineering
Bachelor Cultural Studies With A Focus On Religion
Bachelor Culture And History
Bachelor Culture And Society In Africa
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Economics Additional Training
Bachelor Engineering Science
Bachelor Environmental And Bioengineering
Bachelor Environmental Computer Science
Bachelor Environmental Computer Science, See
Bachelor Environmental Science
Bachelor Ethnology
Bachelor European History
Bachelor Geo-Ecology-Environmental Sciences -
Bachelor Geoecology
Bachelor Geographical Development Research Africa
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor German Studies
Bachelor Health Economics
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Intercultural Studies / Intercultural Studies
Bachelor International Economics And Development
Bachelor Language And Literature
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Materials Science
Bachelor Materials Science And Engineering
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Media Studies, Theater And See The Same Media
Bachelor Music Theatre Studies
Bachelor Natural Sciences
Bachelor Philosophy & Economics
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Physics With The Study
Bachelor Physics, Biological Physics,
Bachelor Polymer And Colloid Chemistry
Bachelor Religious Studies, See
Bachelor Sports Economics
Bachelor Technical Physics
Bachelor Technical Physics =
Bachelor Technical Physics.
Bachelor Theater And Media
Bachelor Training, Department Of Metal Technology

Programs - Master

Master African Language Studies
Master Anglistics
Master Anthropology
Master Applied Computer Science
Master Applied Mathematics
Master Applied Mathematics (M.Sc.)
Master Automotive Components Engineering And Mechatronics (Acem)
Master Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Master Biodiversity And Ecology
Master Biodiversity And Ecology (M.Sc.)
Master Bioinformatics
Master Biological Physics
Master Biology / Ecology
Master Bioorganic Chemistry
Master Biotechnology And Process Engineering
Master Business Administration
Master Business Mathematics
Master Business Mathematics (M.Sc.)
Master Chemistry
Master Computer Science
Master Computer Science Engineering
Master Cultural And Social Anthropology
Master Culture And Society In Africa
Master Drama
Master Economics
Master Economics (M.Sc.)
Master Energy Science And Technology (Est)
Master Engineering
Master Englishe Language And Literature
Master Environmental Computer Science
Master Environmental Sciences
Master Ethnology
Master Experimental Geosciences
Master French Study
Master Geo-Ecology (M.Sc.)
Master Geo-Ecology - Environmental Sciences
Master Geography
Master German Studies
Master Global Change Ecology
Master Global Change Ecology (M.Sc.)
Master Health Care Management
Master Health Economics
Master History
Master Human Geography - Urban And Regional Research
Master Intercultural Anglophone Studies
Master Intercultural Germanic
Master International Economics & Governance
Master International Elite Program Within The Elite Network Of Bavaria
Master Language - Interaction - Culture
Master Literature And Media
Master Literature In Its Cultural Context
Master Materials Chemistry And Catalysis
Master Materials Science And Engineering (Mse)
Master Mathematics
Master Media Culture And Media Business
Master Molecular Ecology
Master Molecular Ecology (M.Sc.)
Master Music And Performance
Master Philosophy & Economics
Master Philosophy & Economics (M.A.)
Master Physical Geography
Master Physics
Master Polymer Science
Master Religious Studies
Master Romance
Master Sports Economics
Master Sports Management

Location on map - University of Bayreuth

Location on map - University of Bayreuth
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