Swarthmore College - private nonprofit higher education institution in United States. Swarthmore College was founded in 1864. Thanks to its quite favourable location inside Swarthmore, students can enjoy an active city life with a rural serenity.

University ranking. The university has its well deserved place among the top 5% of the world’s best universities.

Application process and the cost of tuition. The admission board requires applicant’s academic performance certificate and examination results. Swarthmore College has a very strict evaluation process that allows only 1 out of 11 applicants to successfully enroll. The academic year is divided into semesters. Obtaining a bachelor’s at Swarthmore College is anything but cheap with tuition fees of 20,000 USD per year. Doing your master’s studies at Swarthmore College is not cheap - a year of studies will cost you 20,000 USD. With that in mind the university provides remarkable students with scholarships and grants. More information could be found on the official website of the university http://www.swarthmore.edu.

The composition of the university. Swarthmore College can be classified as small with only 1500 students. Foreign applicants are not excluded from the admission process. 208 specialists are employed by the university. The university has international partners which allows its students to participate in exchange programs. The university has social media profiles Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, where you can learn more about it.

Infrastructure of Swarthmore College. There is a library on the campus. The students can live on campus if the apply for a dormitory room.
Ranking   1540   330
Country United States
City Swarthmore
Bachelor (citizens) Check the current price on the official website of the university
58,912 USD/year.
Bachelor (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
58,912 USD/year.
Master (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
19,995 USD/year.
Living expenses $859 -1,425 USD/month
Acceptance Rate 9.06%
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Private
Established 1864
Teachers 208
Students 1,545
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Admission Based on grades and examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Suburban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Middle States Commission on Higher Education
• 568 Group
• Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). Sport affiliations and memberships: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
World ranking 1540
Country ranking 330
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 1540
Alternative title
English Swarthmore College
Russian Суортмор-колледж
Arabic كلية سوارثمور
German Swarthmore College
Spanish Universidad de Swarthmore
French Swarthmore College
Japanese スワースモア大学
Korean 스와스모어 칼리지
Portuguese Swarthmore College
Chinese 斯沃斯莫爾學院
cy Coleg Swarthmore
it Swarthmore College
Ukrainian Свортмор-коледж
ca Universitat de Swarthmore
nl Swarthmore College
sv Swarthmore College
fa کالج سوارثمور
he מכללת סווארת'מור
el Κολέγιο Σουάρθμοουρ
cs Swarthmore College
hy Սուորթմոր քոլեջ
be Каледж Суортмара
et Swarthmore College
ka სუორთმორის კოლეჯი
is Swarthmore-háskóli
nb Swarthmore College
gd Colaiste Swarthmore
alt Swat
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