General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UNIPR
Teachers 999
Students 34,999
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, Italia
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking867
Country ranking21
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Parma, USD/month
Accommodation 218 330
Food 175 402
Transportation 39 250
Communications and utilities 68 90
Clothing 26 102
Sports and leisure 24 93
Accommodation in Parma, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre220
Shared room in city centre334
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre355
1 bedroom apartment in city centre464
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking867
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking576
Alternative title
Russian Университет Пармы
Spanish Universidad de Parma
Chinese 帕尔玛大学
Arabic جامعة بارما
French Université de Parme
German Universität Parma
Japanese パルマ大学
Korean 파르마대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Parma
it Università degli Studi di Parma
University of Parma (UNIPR) - public higher education institution in Italy.

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Advanced Skills In Pediatric Nursing (1St Level)
Bachelor Architectural Science
Bachelor Artistic And Performing Art Heritage
Bachelor Arts
Bachelor Audioprothesic Techniques
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Civil And Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computer, Electronic And Communications Engineering
Bachelor Conservation And Improvement Of The Italian Cultural Heritage Abroad (1St Level)
Bachelor Culture, Organization And Marketing Of Territorial Oenogastronomy (1St Level)
Bachelor Digital Libraries Learning (1St Level) - Erasmus Mundus - International MasterS Degree
Bachelor Economics And Finance
Bachelor Economics And Management
Bachelor Economics And Marketing
Bachelor Educational Sciences
Bachelor Environment And Workplace Prevention Techniques
Bachelor Food Science And Technology
Bachelor Functions Coordination For The Health Care Professions (1St Level)
Bachelor Gastronomic Science
Bachelor Geological Sciences
Bachelor Health Protection In Conditions Of Psycho-Social Difficulty: Detention, Substance Abuse, Migration (1St Level)
Bachelor Imaging And Radiotherapy Techniques
Bachelor International And European Relations
Bachelor International Business (1St Level)
Bachelor Livestock Science And Animal Production Technologies
Bachelor Management Engineering
Bachelor Managing Communications And Relationships In Social-Health Field (1Nd Level)
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Midwifery
Bachelor Modern Foreign Languages And Civilisations
Bachelor Natural And Environmental Sciences
Bachelor Nursing
Bachelor Orthoptic And Ophtalmologic Assistance
Bachelor Packaging (1St Level)
Bachelor Philosophical Studies
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Physiopathology And Rehabilitation Therapy For Illnesses Of The Respiratory Apparatus (1St Level)
Bachelor Physiotherapy
Bachelor Political Science And International Relations
Bachelor Project And Construction Management Of Building Works (1St Level)
Bachelor Psychology: Theory And Techniques
Bachelor Social Work
Bachelor Speech And Language Therapy
Bachelor Sport Sciences, Physical Exercise And Human Health
Bachelor Strategy And Planning Of Sport Organizations, Events And Structures (1St Level) - International MasterS Degree
Bachelor Wellness Sciences (1St Level)

Programs - Master

Master Aba: Applied Behavior Analysis (2Nd Level)
Master Aesthetic Medicine (2Nd Level)
Master Anaesthesia, Resuscitation And Intensive Care - 5 Years
Master Animal Welfare, Breeding And Livestock Production - 3 Years
Master Applied Coastal Sciences (2St Level) - Joint MasterS Degree - Faculty Of Engineering And Faculty Of Mathematical, Physical And Natural Science
Master Audiovisual Translation (2Nd Level) - European MasterS Degree
Master Cardiac Surgery - 5 Years
Master Cardiology - 5 Years
Master Clinical Allergology And Immunology - 4 Years
Master Clinical Biochemistry (For Non-Doctors) - 5 Years
Master Clinical Biochemistry - 5 Years
Master Clinical Electrophysiology (2Nd Level)
Master Clinical Psychology: Individual-Based Evaluation And Counselling (2Nd Level)
Master Cognitive Behaviour Zoo-Anthropological Medicine (2Nd Level)
Master Culture Of Innovation And Sustainable Development (2St Level)
Master Dermatology And Venereology - 5 Years
Master Diabetes Management And Related Metabolic Disorders In Pediatric Age (2Nd Level) - Inter-University MasterS Degree
Master Dietary Science (For Non-Doctors) - 5 Years
Master Dietary Science - 5 Years
Master Digital Libraries Learning (1St Level) - Erasmus Mundus - International MasterS Degree
Master Ematology - 5 Years
Master Emergency Medicine - 5 Years
Master Endocrinology And Metabolic Diseases - 5 Years
Master Environmental And Wildlife Conservation And Management (1St Level) - Inter-University MasterS Degree
Master Forensic Sciences (2St Level)
Master Gastroenterology - 4 Years
Master General Surgery - 6 Years
Master Geriatrics - 4 Years
Master Gynaecology And Obstetrics - 5 Years
Master Hospital Pharmaceutics - 4 Years
Master Hygiene And Preventative Medicine - 4 Years
Master Illnesses Of The Cardiovascular Apparatus - 5 Years
Master Illnesses Of The Respiratory Apparatus - 5 Years
Master Implantology (2Nd Level)
Master Infant Neuropsychiatry - 5 Years
Master Infectious Diseases - 5 Years
Master Interceptive Orthodontics (2Nd Level)
Master Internal Medicine - 5 Years
Master Law
Master Legal Medicine - 5 Years
Master Legal Professions - 2 Years
Master Maxillo-Facial Surgery - 5 Years
Master Medical Hydrology - 5 Years
Master Medical Oncology - 5 Years
Master Medical Spa And Hydroclimatology (2Nd Level)
Master Microbiology And Virology - 5 Years
Master Multidisciplinary Management Of Endocrinology Disorders In Pediatric And Adolescent Age (2Nd Level) - Inter-University MasterS Degree
Master Nephrology - 5 Years
Master Neurology - 5 Years
Master Occupational Medicine - 5 Years
Master Occupational Safety And Welfare In The Organizations (2Nd Level)
Master Operational Pneumology And Pulmonary Immunopathology (2Nd Level)
Master Ophthalmology - 5 Years
Master Orofacial Pain, Temporomandibular Disorders And Sleep Disorders (2Nd Level)
Master Orthopaedics And Traumatology - 5 Years
Master Osteopathy (2Nd Level)
Master Otorhinolaryngology - 5 Years
Master Paediatrics - 5 Years
Master Pathological Anatomy - 5 Years
Master Pharmaceutical Technologies And Regulatory Processes (2Nd Level)
Master Physical And Rehabilitative Medicine - 5 Years
Master Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation - 5 Years
Master Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery - 5 Years
Master Psychiatry - 5 Years
Master Radiodiagnostics - 5 Years
Master Radiotherapy - 5 Years
Master Reconstructive And Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - 5 Years
Master Science And Technology For Sustainable Growth In Contaminated Sites (2St Level) - International MasterS Degree
Master Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine (2Nd Level)
Master Swine Pathology - 3 Years
Master The Inspection Of Animal-Based Foodstuffs - 3 Years
Master Thoracic Surgery - 5 Years
Master Urology - 5 Years
Master Vascular Surgery - 5 Years
Master Web Communication And Social Media For Journalists And Communicators (2Nd Level) Doctoral Programs
Master Architectural Forms And Structures
Master Behavioural Biology
Master Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Master Biology And Molecular Pathology
Master Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics
Master Biotechnologies
Master Business Administration And Accounting
Master Chemical Science
Master Civil Engineering
Master Commercial Law: Intellectual Property And Competition
Master Design And Synthesis Of Biologically Active Compounds
Master Earth Science
Master Ecology
Master Experimental Pharmacology And Toxicology
Master Experimental Physiopathology And Functional And Imaging Diagnostic Of The Cardio-Pulmonary System
Master Food Science And Technology
Master Geotechnical Engineering
Master Greek And Latin Philology
Master History Of Art And Theatre
Master Industrial Engineering
Master Information Technology
Master Italian Studies And Romance Philology
Master Medical-Veterinary Sciences
Master Microbiology And Virology
Master Neurosciences
Master Penal Law
Master Philosophy And Anthropology
Master Physics
Master Plant Biology
Master Psychology
Master Pure And Applied Mathematics
Master Renal Pathophysiology And Osteo-Metabolic Disorders
Master Science And Technology Of Innovative Materials
Master Science Of Prevention
Master Systemic Physiopathology

Location on map - University of Parma

Location on map - University of Parma
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The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, in order to obtain accurate information on the tuition fees, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.

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The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, in order to obtain accurate information on the tuition fees, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.
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