Basically most young people seek to study abroad for the sake of broadening outlooks and seeing the world at other angles and from the very inside. Greece is known to be the country that warmly welcomes international students to offer best education level apart places worth seeing and eye-catching national monuments.

Higher education in Greece

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4431Aristotle University of ThessalonikiThessaloniki807 USD807 USD
4562National Technical University of AthensAthens807 USD807 USD
4853National and Kapodistrian University of AthensAthens807 USD807 USD
5924University of CreteRethymno807 USD807 USD
6765University of PatrasPátrai807 USD807 USD
7376Athens University of Economics and BusinessAthens807 USD807 USD
10637Hellenic Open UniversityPátrai807 USD807 USD
14828University of the AegeanMytilene807 USD807 USD
14889University of IoanninaIoannina807 USD807 USD
163710University of PiraeusPiraeus807 USD807 USD

Advantages of study in Greece

Greece has the striking brilliance as a country to attract tourists and students from far and wide. Its wizard architecture, enthralling history and wealthy southern nature of the region are praised by poets for many centuries. On top of that, Greece is reputed as the very hospitable country. Living expenses in Greece are set as the lowest as compared with those in the European Union member-countries: comfortable accommodation and tuition are feasible with the small amount of money.

The education system in Greece ranks average by EU standards. The system improved the sector of humanities, in particular, history and architecture. However, exact and natural science disciplines offered to study give no rise to unfavorable criticism. Again, academic credential by one of Greek university or a Technical School is the diploma acknowledged by EU member-countries with all that it implies to qualification. This diploma is valid in EU countries and elsewhere in the world.

Governmental education in Greece is free-based at some universities while others set too low tuition cost to cover it easily. Tertiary education offered by private universities is a little bit more expensive against governmental programmes. Qualification offered by Greek universities is anyway far cheaper as compared to that delivered in other countries.

Language proficiency courses

Greek language is not ranked as UN official language. It is not very much in evidence globally as the English, Spanish or Russian. The tertiary education in Greece is so designed that the university (or a technical school) does not require knowledge of the Greek language at admission. The certificate of Greek language proficiency course is compulsory to study at the university, though. If the international student is successfully admitted to the university at the previous stage by all criteria set to applicants but fails to know Greek language, the latter is offered language courses that end in exams. With good exam results the applicant can be immediately enrolled as the freshman to the university or technical school selected. Language course attendees are entitled most of authorities provided to common students, including the allowance for free three meals a day, considerable discounts for travel and the right to find a legal job.
The courses offer both Greek and English language curriculums to learn in parallel. Education in English language in Greece is widely adopted, though English language courses are quite expensive.

Enrollment to universities and technical schools in Greece

To study for a Bachelor’s degree in Greece, the applicant should (in person or by proxy) submit a document that proves on higher education degree along with the special note from the Greek diplomatic representation to specify the academic achievements of the applicant in the home country. The records and credits will be re-evaluated to qualify to the 20-grade scale. The applicant might specify several schools as prioritized in the questionnaire to be completed at the Ministry of Education in Greece in good faith. Thus, if the academic credits specified in the Leaving Certificate are not eligible to get enrolled to the university ranked first in the list, there is the opportunity to try the second one and others. In case if the applicant completed Greek language proficiency course with the good certificate, he or she is directly admitted to the university as the Bachelor programme freshman. With no certificate available, the student should complete one-year Greek language proficiency course. Within the first year of study the student can take his or her right to transfer to the different school.

If the international student plans to apply for Master’s degree at the university or a technical school, the document that proves Bachelor-level Greek diploma either a Bachelor’s diploma of the home-country institution should be submitted. In the latter case, the diploma needs to be verified to qualify to local standards. It usually takes about nine months to do that.
Except language training courses provided by universities and technical schools, applicants are suggested to study at prep courses of different profiles. Each particular university or a technical school makes the rules and thus, the latest information on prep courses can be attained at the corresponding institution.

Tertiary education in Greece

Bachelor level is the first step of tertiary education in Greece. It takes four years to get a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees (one-year language training course not included); five years is required for a diploma in Veterinary, Agriculture and Technology and Bachelor of Medicine requires full six years. Upon completion of the Bachelor-level programme, exams are taken. Master level course duration is a year to three years. The length of study depends on the area of concentration and the specificity of the particular tertiary education institution. Master’s diploma is not always required to apply for the Doctorate: the focus profile is responsible for that. Some Master level programmes in Greece are taught in English and so, Greek language is not the requirement in such cases.

Scholarship programmes

Greece provides quite a wide variety of scholarship programmes for international students. Recently, some of these programmes are wound up. Applicants may find detailed information on such grants only by addressing to the Greek diplomatic representation in the home country. Most famous organizations granting aid for international students include Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Aid and IKY (State Scholarship Foundation). Moreover, most private funds can also donate specific amounts for study. To seek for such financial aid, the applicants should visit the official page of the corresponding organization, prepare the package of documents as per the list of required documents and submit it to the relevant scholarship fund for consideration.

How to get a Student Visa to Greece

Submission to any university in Greece might require a tourist visa only, though a student visa is a must to stay there for study, even as the attendee of special language training courses. The following documents will be required to get such a Student Visa:
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • record on no infectious diseases;
  • original letter of invitation received from the Greek university;
  • photograph sized 3х4;
  • health insurance policy.
A student visa is issued for a period of three months. The applicant should also submit a document to prove financial assets in the amount of six thousand Euros (at the bank account). Applicants need to get a residence permit to stay in Greece for a period of study.

As per the Greek law, students are eligible for twenty work hours per week. Top it off, the training scheme in some particular specialties (in particular, in travel industry) assumes content subjects rotated with paid internship programmes.

Perspectives upon study

Greek credentials are of use within the European Union countries. Greek diplomas are quite highly acknowledged in the world market and thus, the graduates stand good chances to get promising and highly-paid jobs even in countries where the Greek diploma will need recognition.
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Greece - General information
RegionSouthern Europe
Foreigner students6.9%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world28
Ranking of universities in the world37
Academic Reputation 39
Employer Reputation 31
Citations per Faculty 20
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 500 3
Universities in top 1000 6
Universities in top 5000 27
Cost of living in Greece
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 117 123
Food 161 316
Transportation 26 93
Communications and utilities 69 97
Clothing 24 89
Sports and leisure 20 78
Accommodation in Greece USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre118
Shared room in city centre124
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre203
1 bedroom apartment in city centre225
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