Who can benefit from this service

Writing a good motivation letter requires skill and experience. This task is further complicated by the absence of universal requirements for such documents, as they vary for each program.

The «Revision of separate documents» service is designed to assist those who:

  • Lack a strong portfolio

  • Are unsure of how to accurately present their achievements

  • Are unaware of what universities seek in prospective applicants

  • Believe they have no noteworthy accomplishments

  • Don’t know how to validate their experience and personal qualities

Benefits of working with us

  • Full support

    Our editor takes charge of the creative process from start to finish — even at the drafting stage. If you don't know where to start, you can contact the editor to exchange ideas.

  • Successful letter samples and instruction

    We provide real examples of documents that helped our students gain admission to university as well as detailed instructions. This will guide you on what to focus on when crafting your own letter, resume, or recommendation.

  • Uncover strengths

    We know how to emphasize the uniqueness of your application and edit documents in a way that showcases the aspects that will leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

  • Every document is unique

    We shape your story and strategically emphasize the relevant aspects, taking into account the specific university and field of study throughout the writing process.

  • Creative approach

    Our editor treats each text with meticulous care. He enhances its structure and injects vitality to make it engaging to read. Rather than rewriting everything, he collaborates with you. This approach ensures that your letter maintains your unique personality, which is the main factor that sets you apart from other applicants.

Editing stages

A closer look at the process of our work together
  1. Free consultation

    • Explanation of the editing process
    • Discussion of your university and program requirements
  2. Signing an agreement

    • Introduction to your editor
    • Confirmation of the agreement terms
  3. Document revision

    • Provision of writing instructions and relevant samples
    • Commenting on generalizations, lack of detail, and unclear structure
    • Returning the document for corrections
    • Second round of revisions — organizing the narrative, correcting errors, and adding creative elements
    • Editing the final version for your approval

Service cost

The total cost is determined by the total number and volume of documents. If you plan to order multiple documents simultaneously, we recommend considering our "Complete guidance" service. This option covers program selection, admission strategy development, application completion, editing of motivation and recommendation letters, resumes, and continuous support throughout the entire admission process.

  • Letter of recommendation

    up to 300 words (half of the page)
    up to 500-600 words (~1 page)
  • Motivation letter

    up to 300 words (half of the page)
    up to 500-600 words (~1 page)
    up to 800-900 words (~1,5 pages)
  • CV / Resume

    volume 1-2 pages
  • Academic resume for PhD

    up to 4 pages
  • VPD

    Verification of educational documents
  • Course description

    Short description of courses/subjects

For documents requiring editing within a timeframe of less than five business days, the service is considered urgent, and the cost is subject to a 50% increase.

Frequently asked questions

Will you write a motivation letter for me?

The key to a successful motivation letter is a personal and unique story, which can’t be created without your participation. However, if you lack time to create a draft, we can make one on your behalf. Nonetheless, you will still need to communicate with the editor and answer his questions.

In such cases, the cost of the service will be determined in consultation with the mentor.

Can I write a recommendation letter on behalf of my teacher?

Yes, this is a common practice. Not all teachers have the time to write a recommendation letter. What matters is whether or not they are willing to sign it.

It's important to note that in addition to standard letters, there are other options for receiving recommendations. For example, American universities may send questions about you directly to the teachers whose email addresses you provided in the application. In that case, make sure to ask them to regularly check their email to avoid missing the requested letter.

What languages ​​do you work with?

We edit documents in English, German, French, Italian, and Chinese.

What determines the volume of a motivation or recommendation letter?

The length depends on the requirements of the particular university and field of study. During the consultation stage, we clarify this information with you to estimate the workload and provide an accurate cost estimate.

If the length of the letter is not specified, we consider 600 words as the standard.

Evaluate your admission chances for free

Leave a request — we will answer all your questions, as well as:

  • get acquainted and review your case;
  • discuss the requirements of your university and program;
  • guide you through the editing process.

Try to fill in the questionnaire in as much detail as possible — this will help us find a specialist for you and prepare for the consultation.

Additional services

  • Visa support

    We provide guidance on visa requirements and assist you in collecting the necessary documents. Our team will schedule an appointment with the consulate and ensure that you receive your visa on time.

  • Supervisor Search (Master, PhD)

    When applying for a master's or PhD program, it is sometimes necessary to pre-select a supervisor. Our team will help you find the right professor and convince him to oversee your research.

  • Assistance in renting / buying property (real estate) abroad

    We will advise trusted real estate agents, help you contact them and competently arrange the work.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship by investment

    Our partner database contains only trusted agencies that will assist you along the entire immigration process.