Everyone might remember how they studied English a decade ago — using huge and large A4-format textbooks with the help of an old age teacher and a group at the other end of the city. This scene is familiar to many people, but not to today students as nowadays the process of foreign language study is becoming more and more interesting and interactive.

There are many internet resources that help to make this studying process more convenient and quickly. With reference to the experience of many students we may conclude that to learn a foreign language by yourself during several months without any previous knowledge is not difficult at al. What's more, today you can do it even for free due to large number of special sites, programmes and apps. It is not about the collection of printed or electronic tables and texts as it is very boring just to study them, but it is about interactive resources where you can not only study some rules, but also read some adapted articles, communicate with native speakers and check mistakes by yourself.

Firstly, the following question should be asked: ‘Is it difficult to study a foreign language by yourself?’ The answer is it isn’t difficult at all. What's more, perhaps in some cases it can even be easier. For example, many teachers and students claim that the best results achieve those students who study foreign language with pleasure, i.e. exploring something known and very interesting. And as the experience shows it is really true. All school and university curriculums mainly consist of dialogues between a Judy and a John and boring texts on historical topics. They have some pros: these texts are informative, full of new vocabulary and are developed by professionals. But who can say for sure that after such lessons they’ve learnt foreign language perfectly? Unfortunately, about 70% of this information is forgotten the next day and such lessons seldom brought pleasure. Another thing is to watch your favourite TV serial, learn words of your favourite song or read an interesting article. It is not a study process and it’s more about some leisure activities but they bring more pleasure and better results. Connecting a foreign language with your hobby you combine something enjoyable with something useful. And after several weeks it may occur that you are able to read an English article form Wikipedia and exchange several phrases with a foreigner.

Rating of free sites for English studying

SiteLevel Languages for studyingInterac-
74BBC LearnBeginner English, French, German +37+++
1,639Duolingo Absolute beginnerEnglish and German+ + +
3,191Livemocha Absolute beginnerEnglish, German, French +2 + - +
4,595British CouncilIntermediateEnglish+ + +
13,467BusuuAbsolute beginnerEnglish, German, French +9 +++
138,642Polyglot ClubAbsolute beginner English, German, French +2 --+