Service: Complete guidance in the admission process — University language courses

Complete guidance in the admission process590 USD790 USD990 USD1,190 USD1,390 USDOrder

Complete guidance in the admission process service package includes the following services:

  • Professional consultation;
  • Selection of university language courses;
  • Filling out the application form;
  • Assistance in paying for the course;
  • Communication with the university on all issues of interest.

* Any additional documents required for submission to the program (in addition to the application) are paid for according to the price list or are prepared by the Customer independently.

Paid additionally:

  • Cost of language course
  • Cost of accommodation
  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Postal and courier services
  • Airfare
  • Transfer from / to the airport

Cost calculation for "Complete guidance"

The cost of service depends on the selected number of language programs for which you would like to submit your documents with UniPage.

Additional information

The service of сomplete guidance in the admission process to language courses at a university does not include the selection of / search for housing for the period of study.

If the educational institution or its partner organizations provide student residences and other accommodation options, you can contact UniPage to work out this aspect and get help in applying (filling out the necessary application forms). The cost of this support is 250 USD.

Terms of provision of the "Complete guidance" service

Depending on the date of contacting UniPage, the terms for provision of services can vary from 4 weeks (at least 22 working days) to the deadline for submitting documents/receiving an invitation from an educational institution.

If you contact the company less than 4 weeks (less than 22 working days) before the deadline for submission of documents, the submission is considered urgent and the cost of services increases by 50%.

Services are considered to have been provided in full after the formation of a complete package of documents for the university, its submission online and/or sending a physical copy of the documents to the university (depending on the requirements of the university) and receiving an official response from the university.

Submit an application

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") is established between LLC "Unipage", a legal entity (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor” or “UniPage”), and the customer of services (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), separately hereinafter referred to as the “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”. This Agreement is supplemented by the Terms of Use of the Site and the Privacy Policy, which are also integral parts of this Agreement.

The Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. Parties use the following basic terms for goals and purposes stated by this agreement:

1.1.1. – UniPage official website (hereinafter «Site»)

1.1.2. Account – Customer’s personalized workspace with access closed from third parties, which assumes obligatory registration on the Site and receipt of the account details (hereinafter «Account»).

1.1.3. Services – informational, consultation, and other services, provided by the UniPage company and listed on the Site in the «Services» section at

1.1.4. Customer – an individual who has appropriately applied for the reception of Services via the form on the Site. If the Customer is not of legal age according to their country of permanent residence’s law, they have to be represented by a parent or other legal representative.

1.1.5. Application – an order for the provision of services appropriately placed on the Site.

1.1.6. Mentor – a UniPage specialist who receives and processes the Order. Acts as the coordinator for the Customer in relation to all questions concerning their Order.

2. Subject of Agreement

2.1. The Contractor provides the Customer with the Services in accordance with the electronic Application.

2.2. The Customer, in their turn, is obliged to fully pay for the Services in accordance with clause 4.3 of this Agreement.

3. Conditions and procedures for the provision of services

3.1. To use the services of the UniPage Company, the user goes through the registration procedure on the Site. If you lose your password, you must contact the UniPage support service or reset your password yourself.

3.2. After passing the registration procedure, the Customer is responsible for the security of their registration data and confirms that all actions performed using this data are performed either by them or with their consent.

3.3. The customer confirms the accuracy of the personal data entered by them into the Account and assumes full responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, and reliability.

3.4. Before paying for the service, the Customer sends a request to the appointed Mentor, stating the desired service package and a description of additional information required to perform the service. For example, it could list the search criteria (country, city, desired specific educational institution, cost of training, duration, the format of training, the need for an excursion program, and etc.) by which the search for the language school should be carried out.

3.5. The contract for the provision of services is considered established from the moment it is signed by the Parties, stamped by the Contractor, paid in full by the Customer, and the funds are transferred to the Contractor’s account.

3.6. Services are considered to have been provided properly and in full after the receipt of an official letter of enrollment for language courses from an educational institution, with the further coordination of the Customer until arrival in the country of study (subject to the conditions of clause 5.2.3. and clause 5.2.4. of this agreement).

3.7. By signing this agreement, the Customer agrees that the Contractor is allowed to provide their personal data received under this agreement, for the purpose of processing and storing them, to third parties, namely: to the Embassy of the country of study and educational institutions or other organizations involved in the admission process. The Parties agree that personal data is used solely for the purpose of proper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement by the Parties, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

3.8. The liability of UniPage can under no circumstances exceed the amount paid by the Customer for the provision of the service.

4. Cost of services and payment procedure

4.1. After agreeing with the Contractor on the list of services specified in the Application, the Customer is sent an invoice for the provision of services to the email address specified by them during registration.

4.2. The Customer pays the full cost of the Contractor's services under the contract.

4.3. The tariffs listed on the Site at are for informational purposes only. Due to additions to the search criteria or changes in the number of edited documents, and other factors, the cost of services may change. The exact cost of services is indicated in the table (on 1 page of the Agreement) in the "Cost of services" field.

4.4. Payment is made by transferring funds to the settlement account of the Contractor or by depositing cash to the Contractor's cashier. The payment processing fee, depending on the payment method chosen by them, is paid by the Customer.

4.5. Due to the fact that the terms for processing a payment by various payment systems and banking structures vary, the start of processing the Application may be delayed accordingly.

4.6. Payment obligations are deemed to be duly fulfilled at the moment the payment amount is credited to the Contractor's current account.

4.7. After making a payment, the Customer must notify the Contractor about the transaction by attaching an electronic image of a receipt for payment or a screenshot of the notification about the successful payment for services.

5. Obligations and rights of the Parties

5.1. The Customer is obliged to

5.1.1. Complete the registration process on the Site, which includes an unconditional acceptance of the terms of Use of the Site.

5.1.2. Choose a package of services published on the UniPage Website at and send a message to the Mentor with a description of the requested service.

5.1.3. List all the criteria for searching for the language program. If the Customer has special requirements for the quality and/or composition of the program, they are obliged to notify the Contractor about this and reflect this in the Request in the "Comments" column.

5.1.4. Make full payment under this agreement no later than 3 days from the date of signing the agreement.

5.1.5. Timely fill in the information in the personal account, as well as provide the Contractor with the documents and information necessary for the implementation of the service. The Contractor reserves the right to postpone the provision of the service until the receipt of the necessary documents from the Customer, without which the service cannot be provided with high quality and in full.

5.1.6. Provide the Contractor with complete and reliable information about any chronic diseases and other personal information that may be an obstacle to participating in the Program in full, or serve as a reason for refusing a visa or prohibiting leaving the country.

5.1.7. Send the Contractor a signed original or scanned copy of the Certificate of Acceptance of the Services, or send a reasoned refusal to sign the Certificate, no later than 7 (seven) working days from the date of its receipt from the Contractor.

In the event that the Customer does not send the Contractor the Certificate of Acceptance of the Services signed by them or a reasoned refusal to sign it within the time limits established by this clause, it is considered that the Certificate has been signed by both Parties.

5.1.8. In case of changing the email address or contact phone number during the provision of services, inform the Contractor by sending an appropriate notification by email within 2 (two) business days.

5.1.9. In the case of imposing an intermediary function on the Contractor in terms of transferring tuition fees, all additional costs associated with this operation (purchase of currency, exchange rate differences, bank commissions, etc.) are paid by the Customer.

The Contractor has the right to refuse the intermediary function unconditionally.

5.1.10. Cover all costs and pay the tuition fee imposed upon the Contractor by the educational institution, if the Customer canceled the program reservation in time exceeding the deadlines for free cancellation of the reservation (see the reservation and cancellation policy at the educational institution).

5.1.11. Personally bear all the auxiliary costs associated with admission (sending documents by courier mail, apostille, translation and notarization services, registration fees, travel for entrance examinations, etc.). The customer is obliged to deal with these issues independently.

The Customer is familiar with the prices for the aforementioned items of expenditure and is aware that the costs referred to in clause 5.1.11. may exceed the amount already paid to the Contractor.

5.1.12. Ensure the legality and correctness of the documents issued by the competent authorities and provided by the Customer to UniPage. The Customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of these documents. The Contractor does not conduct an examination of such documents.

5.1.13. Study and follow the established immigration rules for entering, staying, and leaving the country of study (according to the type of visa required for studying abroad). UniPage is under no circumstances responsible for any violation of the immigration policy of the country of study by the Customer.

5.2. The Contractor is obliged to

5.2.1. Confirm the receipt and review of the Application by sending a notification by mail or phone no later than three business days after the Customer sends the Application.

5.2.2. After considering the Application, send a confirmation or refusal to accept the Application for processing to the Customer no later than 10 working days after receiving the Request.

5.2.3. Perform the entire range of works specified in the description of the service in compliance with terms for the provision of the service.

5.2.3. Provide the Customer with an act of completed work, signed by the Contractor, stating the actual completion of the services by the Contractor in accordance with the Application.

5.2.5. If the Customer paid for the service before receiving the Contractor's consent, and the Customer's request cannot be fulfilled for any reason (lack of suitable programs within the declared budget, overdue application deadlines, etc.), the Contractor is obliged to return to the Customer the full cost of services with the exclusion of transaction costs (in accordance with clause 6.5.).

5.2.6. Offer the Customer alternative options for studying abroad, if the selected language program does not meet the pre-specified selection criteria by Contractor’s mistake.

5.2.7. Not to disclose confidential information about the Customer and their activities obtained during the provision of services.

5.3. The Customer has the right to

5.3.1. Contact the company's management with a request to replace their Mentor with another specialist of the company by sending an official request to the Contractor's email address ([]) with an objective reason for replacing the specialist.

The Contractor is obliged to assess the request within 5 (five) business days and send the Customer the decision.

5.3.2. If made the decision to terminate the contract, send a request addressed to the General Director to the Contractor's email address explaining the reasons for termination of the contract and a request for compensation of funds minus the part of the package of services that were provided in full.

The Contractor is obliged to review the request and send the Customer a conclusion on compensation within 5 (five) business days.

When calculating, the cost of each individual service is taken (for example, the number of selected programs, editing of each individual document, etc.) according to the price list on the Services page (,but not more than the full cost of the contract amount.

5.3.3. Receive commensurate compensation and refunds subject to the restrictions established by this agreement.

5.4. The Contractor has the right to

5.4.1. Independently determine the procedure for performing services under this contract. This means that the Mentor sets deadlines for the Customer to provide draft versions of necessary application documents.

5.4.2. Take any action to perform the service on time in accordance with their professional vision and experience.

5.4.3. Decide on the Customer's right to access the student's email. The Contractor's sole right of access to email until the moment of enrollment stems from the full responsibility of the Mentor for receiving and providing timely feedback to educational or visa organizations.

6. Conditions of cancellation of services

6.1. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally cancel the Application in case of failure on the Customer’s side to provide documents or information necessary for the provision of the services by the Contractor under this agreement, or in case of non-compliance with the time frame by the Customer.

The terms for providing the necessary documents and information are established by the Contractor in accordance with clause 5.1.5.

6.2. The Customer has the right to cancel the contract if the Contractor fails to comply with the terms for the provision of services established by this contract if the Contractor has not notified the Customer in written form of the reasons that led to the prolongation of service before the deadline for performing the service.

6.3. In case of cancellation of services, the Contractor shall withhold all expenses incurred by him during the execution of the contract, including during the preparatory stage, i.e. costs of processing the application and preparation of documents.

6.4. If the service is provided partially, the Contractor has the right to withhold the amount for which the service has been provided in full.

6.5. When paying and returning funds, all additional transaction costs are withheld from the Customer.

6.6. Refunds are made no later than 20 days after the Contractor makes a decision on compensation and sends a corresponding written notice to the Customer.

6.7. In the event that the Customer cancels a trip to a language partner school, compensation for the costs of "booking a place in the school" paid to the Contractor is made to the Customer in the amount of 20%, but not less than 250 USD.

7. Guarantees of admission to an educational institution

7.1. The decision to admit the Customer to the program is made by the admission committee of the educational institution, therefore, cannot be guaranteed by the Contractor.

7.2. The Customer is aware of the risks associated with the selection procedure for applicants and admits the possibility of refusal to enroll due to high competition.

7.3. The Contractor does everything possible within the framework of the contract and their professional competence to maximize the Customer's chances of admission to the selected and agreed upon educational institutions.

7.4. In case of relocation cancellation, the Contractor assists in reimbursing the Customer by the educational institution for the funds due to the Customer, in accordance with the return policy of the educational institution, by sending an official request to the educational institution.

7.5. If the Customer insists on submitting documents to the educational institution of their choice, despite not meeting the minimum enrollment requirements, e.g. having insufficient academic performance, or other factors (as notified by the Contractor in advance) that prevent successful enrollment, the Contractor is not responsible for the outcome of admission.

7.6. The decision to grant a scholarship to the Customer is made by the admissions committee or the relevant department of the educational institution, therefore, cannot be guaranteed by the Contractor.

7.7. Educational institutions reserve the right not to send official feedback to the applicant regarding the scholarship application.

8. Force majeure

8.1. The parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill their obligations under this agreement if this failure was a consequence of unpredictable circumstances that arose after the conclusion of this agreement as a result of force majeure, such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena, as well as war, military actions, blockades, prohibitive actions of the authorities and acts of state bodies, strikes, destruction of communications and energy supply, explosions that occurred during the validity period of this agreement, which the parties could not foresee or prevent.

8.2. Upon the occurrence of the events specified in clause 8.1. of this agreement, the Party must immediately notify the other Party in written form. The notice must contain data on the nature of the circumstances, as well as official documents certifying the existence of these circumstances and, if possible, giving an assessment of their impact on the Party's ability to fulfill the obligations under this agreement.

8.3. In the case of the occurrence of the events specified in clause 8.1 of this agreement, the period for the Party to fulfill its obligations under this agreement is postponed in proportion to the time during which these circumstances and their consequences are in effect or the period after which it is possible to resume actions for the performance of services.

9. Duration of the contract. Procedure for amendment and termination of the agreement

9.1. This agreement comes into force immediately after it is signed by both Parties and the Customer makes payment under the agreement and is valid until the signing of the certificate of completion.

9.2. The contract is valid for 1 calendar year from the date of its signing or until the signing of the act of acceptance of services. If the Parties do not sign the act by the end of the calendar year, the agreement is automatically extended for the next calendar year.

9.3. This agreement can be changed or terminated by the written agreement of the Parties, as well as in other cases stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and this agreement.

10. Procedure for resolving disputes

10.1. Disagreements arising between the Parties are resolved through negotiations, signing additional agreements and protocols of disagreements, as well as sending claims to each other, the consideration of which is 10 working days from the date of receipt of the claim by the relevant Party.

10.2. If it is impossible to resolve disputes in the way specified in clause 10.1. of this agreement, such a dispute is referred to the court at the location of the Contractor.

11. Other conditions

11.1. All other issues not regulated by this agreement are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.2. All Appendices and Additional agreements established between the Customer and the Contractor are an integral part of this agreement.

11.3. The Parties recognize the legal force behind emails – documents sent by email, and recognize them as equivalent to paper documents signed with a handwritten signature since only the Parties themselves and their authorized representatives have access to the corresponding email addresses entered when filling out personal information on the Site, and which is the electronic signature of the relevant Party.

11.4. The Customer accesses the email box using a password and undertakes to maintain its confidentiality. If the password is lost, the Customer undertakes to immediately inform the Contractor.

11.5. The Customer has the right to impose payment obligations for the services on a third party.

11.6. The information and consulting services provided by the Contractor are not educational activities and are not subject to licensing. They are not accompanied by final certification, assignment of any qualifications, or the issuance of an education certificate.