HSK test — China`s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshiis an international standardized exam indicating knowledge of the Chinese language for non-native Chinese speakers in a number of everyday, professional and educational situations. HSK exam consists of two independent parts — written and oral tests — which can be taken separately. Written HSK exam is divided into 6 levels according to their difficulty. The first three HSK’s levels correspond to the basic Chinese knowledge. The last three levels enable a participant to enter a Chinese university and study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree or do a further postgraduate course. The oral HSK’s exam (HSKK) is divided into three levels of difficulty. It is enough to get a HSK certificate of the second level In order to enter any Chinese university.

Resources and materials for HSK preparation

ChinesetestExam official site with useful materials for preparation
LearningchineseThe list of words, hieroglyphs and audio recordings for every exam level
MagazetaThe best coursebooks guide for HSK preparation
MandarinhouseHSK online tests
СhinaeducenterUseful materials for HSK preparation
Year of foundation1990
Exam official siteChinesetest
OrganizerConfucius Institute
Exam results assessment time30 days
Exam certificate validity2 years
CostFrom 17 USD
Place of examination120 countries