Service - Visa assistance

What is included:
  • Providing a complete list of required documents;
  • Providing samples for drawing up documents (sponsorship letter, certificate from work, financial documents, etc.);
  • Filling out a visa application;
  • Editing of the cover letter (if applicable);
  • Verification of all documents and the formation of a complete package of documents for self-submission by the Client to the Consulate;
  • Entry to the consulate for the nearest available date;
  • Tracking of the application status (via an email or in your personal account on the respective website).
If the visa department issues a tracking number for the application, the Client has to provide it to UniPage immediately. In the case of Client not providing a tracking number all the responsibility for tracking the status of the application and any further actions or inactions is held exclusively by the Client.
*Editing CV, motivation letter, etc. are charged separately according to the price list.
Terms of Service:
  • Visa support is provided only for Russian citizens;
  • Additional fees: consular fees, service fee, translation and notarization of documents, express mail;
  • The client independently (personally) submits the documents to the consulate or visa center;
  • The embassy (visa department of the embassy) has the right to request any additional document that is not included in the mandatory list;
  • If the requested document is presented in a foreign language (exceptions: documents in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese), the Client is responsible for the correctness of the document provided to us;
  • The decision to grant a visa depends entirely on the Consulate General;
  • If it is necessary to conduct additional inspections, in some cases the Consulate General reserves the right to increase the time for consideration without explaining the reasons;
  • The period of validity of the visa, as well as the number of days of stay in the country of entry is established by the General Consulate;
  • In case of denial of visa, consular and service fees are not refunded;
  • UniPage is not responsible for issuing a visa unless the full package of documents is provided within the agreed time limits. All documents for a visa are accepted in advance;
  • Extended international passports are not accepted for consideration;
  • In the student's passport there must be at least 2 clean pages in the visa section;
  • International passport must be valid minimum 3 months after visa expires.
Service duration:
The period of service rendering can vary from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the date of submission of the last requested document.