Full assistance in admission - Language course (at Language school)

Full assistance includes:
  • Professional consultation;
  • Selection of language school, training course and accommodation;
  • Reservation of a place at the chosen school;
  • Filling in the application form;
  • Providing with a school contract, an explanation of the main terms of the contract;
  • Assistance in paying for the course and accommodation;
  • Communication with the school on all issues prior to the trip and during the whole stay at school.
Additional expenses:
  • Language course fee
  • The cost of living (incl. a refundable deposit, if applicable)
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Express Mail
  • Flight
  • Transfer from / to the airport
Service duration - from 1 week to the deadline for submission of documents to a language school / receipt of an enrollment letter from a school (indicating the details of the course and accommodation: address of the school, period of studying and course name, schedule, address of residence/home, date and time of check in and check out, etc.).

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