What questions does this service address

When choosing language courses, students and parents can have many questions. We clarify all the nuances, alleviate concerns, and assist with your final decision.

  • Which country should I go to?
  • Can I go without any prior knowledge of the language?
  • What should I pay attention to when choosing a school?
  • Will I be granted a visa?
  • How do I choose the type of course and its intensity?
  • How much money do I need?

Who can benefit from this service

Our service will be particularly useful if you:

  • Want to improve your language skills while enjoying a vacation

  • Are preparing for language exams

  • Are unsure how to choose an accredited language school

  • Don't speak English and are unable to communicate with the school

  • Want to avoid dealing with bureaucratic matters

Benefits of working with us

  • Wide range of countries

    Our network of partners includes schools in 30 countries worldwide — offering you a variety of options that may not be immediately obvious, but are more suitable for your needs. For instance, you can learn English in the UAE or Turkey.

  • Diverse selection of languages

    We work with schools that offer courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages. You can learn more about these options during a free consultation.

  • Discounts and special offers

    Our partners provide exclusive discounts and special offers for our customers, which are not available if you enroll independently.

  • Individual approach

    We tailor our program selection to your goals, budget, and preferences. Together, we will determine the ideal country, type of course, intensity, duration, and other parameters that align with your needs.

  • Save time and effort

    You won't have to spend time deciphering requirements, documentation, entry conditions, and other bureaucratic issues. We will take care of all these matters on your behalf.

  • Support after admission

    Our assistance continues even after the start of your language course. For example, if you need to make changes to your accommodation, we will communicate with the school and try to find a solution.

How we select language schools

We work only with the best schools that annually participate in competitions and have high rankings. When choosing partners, we adhere to strict criteria:

  • Presence of all necessary accreditations (depending on whether a student can obtain a visa)
  • Availability of a quality proposal for student accommodation
  • Positive feedback from students about the course, teachers, teaching methods, and results achieved
  • High return rate of students to the same schools

UniPage is an intermediary agent and trip coordinator. The language school itself is responsible for the quality and scope of the course offered. At the end of the course, you may send all feedback directly to the school or through our mentor.

Stages of language course admission

A closer look at the process of our work together
  1. Free consultation

    • Discuss available programs at language schools
    • Determine admission goals and criteria for selecting courses
  2. Signing an agreement

    • Confirm the terms of the agreement
    • Present the most suitable options
    • Choose a program and proceed with the work
  3. Enrolling in language courses

    • Contact the school to obtain updated information on discounts and prices
    • Sign a contract with the school
    • Agree on the study conditions
    • Complete the enrollment application
    • Assist in booking accommodations
    • Guide through the payment procedure
    • Receive confirmation of course booking
  4. After enrollment

    • Arrange the arrival time and airport transfer
    • Coordinate the flight and introduce to the school
    • Stay in touch throughout the study period and address any emerging issues

Service cost

  1. Assistance in enrolling in language courses20,000RUB

If you send an inquiry to UniPage less than 22 business days before the application deadline, the cost of the service increases by 50%.

Submit a service request

Before making payment, we will address all your inquiries, establish a work plan, and formalize the agreement.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the admission process take with UniPage?

From one week to the day of receiving a letter from the school confirming your enrollment in the course.

Are there any entry requirements for a language school?

Most language schools do not have specific entry requirements. You only need to pay for the course and obtain a visa. However, specialized courses like IELTS preparation may require a certain level of language proficiency.

I need a foreign language for work / university admission. Are there special courses for these purposes?

Yes, language courses cater to various purposes. Popular options include preparation for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and others. For work-related language skills, you can take courses in Business English or other specialized areas. Additionally, there are numerous summer camps that combine language learning with excursions and vacation.

We have a separate article describing the different types of existing programs.

When should I start looking for a language school?

Timing depends on the visa processing period and the season. If you plan to enroll in summer language courses, it's advisable to start planning at least three to five months in advance to allow for preparation. Many courses tend to fill up quickly.

Can you help me obtain a visa?

Assistance with visa applications is not included in the cost of this service. However, you can request separate visa support, which is available at an additional cost of from 198 to 469 USD.

Where will I live?

We exclusively work with schools that provide accommodation for students. Options can include hotels, apartments, host families, or school residences.

If I send my child to a language course, can I accompany them?

Yes. In such cases, many schools even offer separate programs for parents, allowing both the child and parent to benefit from the experience.

In the event of a visa refusal, will you help with refunding the course fees?

Visa refusal is an extremely rare situation with our company. However, if it does occur, we will assist you in filing a refund request and contact the school to resolve the matter.

What other expenses should I consider?
  • Language course fees
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Postal and courier services
  • Airfare and airport transfers
  • Excursions and other activities offered by the school

Additional services

  • Visa support

    We provide guidance on visa requirements and assist you in collecting the necessary documents. Our team will schedule an appointment with the consulate and ensure that you receive your visa on time.

  • Supervisor Search (Master, PhD)

    When applying for a master's or PhD program, it is sometimes necessary to pre-select a supervisor. Our team will help you find the right professor and convince him to oversee your research.

  • Assistance in renting / buying property (real estate) abroad

    We will advise trusted real estate agents, help you contact them and competently arrange the work.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship by investment

    Our partner database contains only trusted agencies that will assist you along the entire immigration process.

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