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SAT (in various time — SAT Reasoning Test, Scholastic Aptitude Test, Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized American test necessary for American college admission and the USA university entrance. This test is aimed at participant’s knowledge evaluation in several fields. Moreover, in order to enter some specialities the pass of SAT Subject Test exam is required. Sometimes this test is called SAT I, and the test of core and main subjects — SAT II. SAT is held 7 times a year in the USA and 4 times in other countries. These tests take place in October, December, March, May and also (only in the USA) in June, August and November, usually on the first Saturday of each month. The exam is organized by College Board.

Why do you need to take SAT exam?

This test is an obligatory requirement for entrance at many USA colleges and universities. mainly the SAT exam is required to enter large and prestigious universities. There is the SSAT test needed for secondary education completion.

Resources and materials for SAT preparation

CollegeboardSAT exam official site
MajortestsThis Internet resource offers 50 free online tests for all SAt exam sections
KhanacademyThe main resource for SAT exam preparation in accordance with College Board.
Sat-subjectThe resource enables to do online subject SAT tests in different fields
CracksatSample tasks of general and specialized SAT tests
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