What is included in "Academic programmes search":

  • Professional consultation on education abroad issues;
  • Fair assessment of student’s chances to be admitted and to receive a grant or a scholarship
  • Help in choosing a country and determining the criteria of university selection
  • Extensive research on academic programmes including a name of institution and programmes and also a link for official website.
  • Specification of all requirements for successful application, creation of a list of required documents.
  • Specification of application deadlines
  • Specification of required international tests
  • Estimation of budget for education on chosen programmes
  • Ranking of universities for a given specialty (if a selected higher educational institution participates in any authoritative ranking).

The cost of the Academic programmes search depends on the amount of the Academic programmes inquired by the Customer and specified in the contract.

Programmes can be selected both in different universities and/or in the same university (with some variation in the name and content of the course), unless otherwise specified in advance.
Academic programme - is the direction of education in an educational institution.

An example, Bachelor in Computer Science or Bachelor in Software Engineering
The term of rendering the service is 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the request.
The term of rendering the service can be extended upon agreement with the Customer.

In case of the subsequent ordering of the "Full assistance in admission" service, the Academic programme search service is deducted accordingly.

From the cost of "Full assistance in admission", 70 USD is deducted for each programme that was already selected.