To meet the rewarding public interest in the comparative data on universities and companies and cope with demands for the improving market of companies engaged in the development of more profound concept on the competitive environment, UniPage does market researches in the field of higher education and publishes study results on an ongoing basis.

UniPage is committed to its core values to prioritize rigorous and critical approaches, incontestability of data and access to envisioning information. The company strives to pose itself as the most reliable independent source of information to provide global insight on international education. To allow unbiased information and draw the insightful analysis of data to the deeper extent, it contributes to its research departments based in Sydney, Hong-Kong and Moscow.

The table below shows the recent statistical data, ratings and surveys as compiled and published by UniPage.

University rankingWorld23,7479 Oct. 201311 Nov. 2015
University rankingAsia8,9509 Oct. 201311 Nov. 2015
University rankingEurope5,7009 Oct. 201311 Nov. 2015
Most popular universitiesWorld4014 Oct. 201416 Jul 2015
Best student citiesWorld4022 Feb. 20137 Nov. 2015
Best student citiesAustralia109 Mar. 20159 Mar. 2015
Best student citiesRussia3020 Feb. 201415 Sep. 2015
Top fee-free universitiesWorld3030 Jun. 20156 Nov. 2015
Educational agencies rankingRussia4010 Mar. 201520 Oct. 2015
Top community collegesUSA7027 Oct. 201419 Jul. 2015

Additional data sources

Prior to hold each particular research, the company commits to develop the winning strategy prearranged by specific factors which should be thoroughly addressed through rigorous preparation activities. Thus, it is of high significance to analyze as much outside information sources as practical to obtain key data on the target. The research tools include various analytical articles, market surveys on matters under investigation.

To begin with, the existing data on institutions should be assessed when developing the strategy. The school-specific data should be learned on the wide scale. So, it sometimes makes sense to find the data source on academic achievements or funding allocations for students. This is critical to create a comprehensive development pattern for educational institutions for the last several years and trace various progress trends.

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