In Russia, tertiary education is offered by governmental and private universities, academies and institutions. Universities of the wide scale locate throughout the country. In total, there are more than 650 governmental universities including hundreds of private schools that admit international students from more than 200 world countries. Several dozens of cities are reputed to be the place where most students concentrate. The most number of international students prefer to arrive to Moscow and Saints-Petersburg. These two are the countries that warmly welcome students.

Best universities in Russia and locations

There are ten federal-based universities in several Russian cities. They come as the largest educative reference and research centers. Since the date these universities were founded in 2005-2014, the cities to open such tertiary education facilities turn to the student places. Federal-based universities run in Ekaterinburg, Rostov-na-Donu, Taganrog, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Stavropol, Arkhangelsk, Kazan, Simferolpol, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad. Up to several hundreds of students focus in these cities and universities today.

Russian cities rated by the number of tertiary education institutions

Ranking of Russian cities by the number of universities

RankingCityper 100,000 peopleThe ratio of universities to 100,000 populationUniversities
2Saint Petersburg5150
5Nizhny Novgorod552
19Barnaul 630

Description of Russian cities

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia. This is еру large megalopolis to house the most prestigious and reputed universities. The city distinguishes in advanced transport and social infrastructure. Being a city of the most prominent events, Moscow is attractive for students in its intense life and lots of recreation services. The strongest and most fundamental scientific centers of the country find the place here. Accommodation, education, public transport and food expenditures are far higher in Moscow as compared with other cities in Russia.
  • Saints-Petersburg is known to be the cultural capital of Russia. It is also famed for its special environment. This is the city of the amazing architecture, history and art that houses lots of museums and places of interest. Students might enjoy study along with lots of trips and guided tours to Saints-Petersburg suburbs.
  • Kazan is a multi-nation city with the known hospitality. The city with the millennial history, landmarks and warm atmosphere is too appealing for students. Kazan is often called as the “third capital of Russia”. The city is reputed for its IT-cluster, sports achievements, sophisticated recreational places and quays. It is the city with strong schooling in natural sciences, math and music.
  • Nizhniy Novgorod is the ancient merchant city, one of the largest industrial centers and one of cultural centers in Volga region. The place often holds various festivals, concerts and other events. As it focuses trading and exposition services, it is also called “Russian purse”. Nizhniy Novgorod is one of beautiful cities at the high bank of the Volga River. The natives are cheery and light-hearted to attract international students.
  • Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia. Research and education facilities lie in here. It is comparable for its rapid economic growth, lots of industrial facilities, IT-sector is rather developed, as well as energy and engineering sectors. Novosibirsk is far-famed for its Akademgorodok (Educational Campus) to site dozens of scientific and research institutions, companies that are engaged in software production and Research Park.
  • Ekaterinburg is one of the rapidly growing megalopolises in Russia to lie in the center of the Ural region. It is one of the most comfortable and well-furnished cities in Russia rated as one of ideal world cities by UNESCO. On the top of it, Ekaterinburg comes as the scientific center running lots of research institutes. This is the choice city for students who plant to get involved in science in perspective.
  • Samara is the peculiar and cozy town of authentic life style. There are more than 35 universities of the wide scale. The town really belongs to students as the young and developing site. Samara is a green place. It is often called a garden city for a reason. It is the place of choice for students who appreciate conveniences, deliberate pace of life and peace.