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Finland is famous for its northern lakes, forests, and beautiful landscapes. Finns are considered the happiest people on the planet according to the World Happiness Report[1].

The Finnish education system is considered one of the best in the world. In a study by the international company OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Finnish university students demonstrated high academic performance indicators. And education in state universities in Finnish or Swedish is absolutely free for both local and foreign students.

Learn how to apply to Finland in our series of articles.

Finnish education

  1. Education in Finland

    How is higher education organized in Finland? We talk about universities, cost and admission process.

    Helsinki Cathedral
  2. Universities in Finland

    Education in Finland is recognized as one of the best in the EU, and you can even get it for free.

    Mall of Tripla, Helsinki, Finland
  3. Admission process in Finland

    How to enter a Finnish university after grade 11 – documents, requirements, deadlines, programs in English, and costs.

    Old Porvoo, Porvoo, Finland
  4. Language courses in Finland

    Language courses in Finland will allow you to master the language of Santa Claus, fall in love with winter, and grow tired of the famous Finnish saunas for many years to come. Although a student visa is not issued for language courses, you can find good short-term courses at a low cost.

    Финляндия, Лапландия

Best universities in Finland