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India is a country of contrasts. It has fertile river valleys, deserts, vast steppe spaces, and other natural features that fascinate its beauty and attract tourists from all over the world.

Education in India is known for its strong engineering, technical, and natural science programs. The development of this sector is one of the main government priorities. English is considered the official language. It is used not only for teaching but also in everyday life, so learning Hindi for admission is not necessary.

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Indian education

  1. Education in India

    What is a higher education in India and what it consists of? We have a detailed explanation on how to enter, get a visa and what to do after graduation.

  2. Universities in India

    Universities in India — cost, ranking, list of the best universities in India and other important information for students applying to Indian universities.

  3. Language courses in India

    Language courses in India are an exotic choice for learning English. Students immerse themselves in the distinctive Indian culture with its bewitching dances and songs, colorful outfits, crowded cities, hot climate, and alluring aroma of spices.

Best universities in India