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Russia is the largest country in the world, uniting many cultures and nationalities living on one territory. The nature of Russia is diverse and rich in minerals. And cultural heritage is recognized by the whole world.

Education in Russia is in high demand among residents of the CIS, China, India, and some other countries. Russian universities have budget places with full coverage of the cost of education — for Russians only within the framework of the competition, and for foreigners also under the federal quota.

Learn about getting higher education in Russia in our series of articles.

Russian education

  1. Education in Russia

    Full information about education in Russia: universities, programs, admissions, fees

  2. Admission process in Russia

    In this article, we will explain the process of entering Russian universities, how much it costs to study, and what kind of scholarships are available.

Best universities in Russia

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MBA in Russia

MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs have been becoming increasingly more prominent in Russia for the past thirty years. In this article, we explain who will find an MBA useful and why, as well as how Russian programs differ from foreign ones.

Medical Education in Russia

Medical education in Russia is one of the highest quality in the world. Key facts about studying in the field of medicine: fees, admissions, pros and cons

Студенты-медики читают книгу в коридоре вуза

Universities in Saint-Petersburg

List of the most famous universities of Saint-Petersburg. Why do international students choose Saint Petersburg for living and getting a higher education?

Student cities in Russia

There are more than 650 state universities in Russia, as well as hundreds of private educational institutions. We offer a ranking of Russian cities by the number of universities.