Ranking  186      12
Universität Hamburg
Country Germany
City Hamburg
Bachelor (foreigners)722 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)722 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens)626 USD/year.
Master (citizens)626 USD/year.
Cost of living $745-1,417 USD/Month.
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UH
Teachers 3,494
Students 41,711
Foreigners 12%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on past academic records
Gender limitation No limits
Colors Red and white
Campus type Urban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
For Research, Teaching and Education
• Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Hamburg
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking186
Country ranking12
Academic Reputation151
Employer Reputation258
International Students394
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities131
Engineering and Technology326
Life Sciences and Medicine142
Natural Science111
Social Sciences and Management229
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Hamburg
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 307 444
Food 212 403
Transportation 71 205
Communications and utilities 102 161
Clothing 26 98
Sports and leisure 27 106
Accommodation in Hamburg
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.
Shared room outside of centre310
Shared room in city centre448
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre446
1 bedroom apartment in city centre698
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking186
QS World University Rankings219
ARWU Academic Ranking151
Webometrics Ranking85
Alternative title
Russian Гамбургский университет
Spanish Universidad de Hamburgo
Chinese 汉堡大学
Arabic جامعة هامبورج
French Université de Hambourg
German Universität Hamburg
Japanese ハンブルク大学
Korean 함부르크대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Hamburgo
Location on map - University of Hamburg
University of Hamburg or Universität Hamburg (UH) - public higher education institution in Germany.

University of Hamburg - Description

The University of Hambung has 6 faculties. The faculties are divided into academic institutions (institutes and departments); in the Faculty of Medicine there are also clinics.

Bachelor - University of Hamburg

As Germany's third-largest University, the University of Hamburg - founded in 1919 - combines diverse study opportunities with excellent research. It provides a broad disciplinary spectrum with numerous interdisciplinary opportunities and pursues cooperation with an extensive network of top regional, national and international institutions. It has 6 faculties which are divided into 26 departments. In the Faculty of Medicine there are also clinics. Universität Hamburg is devoted to long-term scholarship and science and promotes sustainability research in all schools. Hamburg University offers more than 150 degree programs in six schools, which are the Schools of Law, of Business; Economics and Social Sciences, of Medicine, of Education, Psychology and Human Movement, of Humanities and of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences.

Programs - Bachelor - University of Hamburg

Bachelor A Secondary School Teacher
Bachelor African Languages and Cultures - Sprachenintensiviert
Bachelor African Languages and Cultures In Comparison
Bachelor Anglistics / American
Bachelor Art History
Bachelor Austronesistik Languages And Cultures of Southeast Asia
Bachelor Biochemistry / Molecular Biology (Molecular Life Sciences
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Business Computer Science
Bachelor Business Mathematics
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Classical Archaeology
Bachelor Classical Philology
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computing In Science
Bachelor Earth Sciences
Bachelor East Asia / Emphasis Sinology
Bachelor East Asia / Japanese Studies Focus
Bachelor East Asia Korean Studies / Korean Studies Focus
Bachelor East Asian / Korean Focus
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Economy and Culture of China
Bachelor Education and Science Education
Bachelor Ethnology
Bachelor Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology
Bachelor Finance and Insurance Law with A Focus
Bachelor Finno-Ugric / Uralic
Bachelor Forest Products
Bachelor French
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geophysics / Oceanography
Bachelor German Language and Literature
Bachelor History
Bachelor History, Languages And Cultures of The Near East / Emphasis Iranian
Bachelor Human-Computer Interaction
Bachelor Indology Languages And Cultures of The Indian Subcontinent and Tibet
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Iranian History, Languages And Cultures of The Near East / Emphasis Iranian
Bachelor Islam History of Science, Languages And Cultures of The Middle East / Islamic Studies Focus
Bachelor Italian
Bachelor Japanese Studies East Asian / Japanese Studies Focus
Bachelor Labour and Social Management with Focus On Law
Bachelor Languages ??And Cultures of Southeast Asia
Bachelor Languages And Cultures of The Indian Subcontinent and Tibet
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Media and Communication Studies
Bachelor Meteorology
Bachelor Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies
Bachelor Molecular Life Sciences
Bachelor Movement
Bachelor Musicology, Historical
Bachelor Musicology, Systematic
Bachelor Nanoscience
Bachelor Oceanography Geophysics / Oceanography
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Political Science
Bachelor Portuguese
Bachelor Pre-And Early History of Archaeology
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Religious Studies
Bachelor Sign Language
Bachelor Sign Language Interpreting
Bachelor Sinology East Asia / Emphasis Sinology
Bachelor Slavic Studies
Bachelor Socioeconomics
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Software System Development
Bachelor Spanish
Bachelor Teachers In Special Schools
Bachelor Teachers of Primary and Secondary
Bachelor Teaching In Vocational Schools
Bachelor Tibetan Languages ??And Cultures of The Indian Subcontinent and Tibet
Bachelor Turkish Studies, History, Languages ??And Cultures of The Middle Eastern / Turkish Studies Focus
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Programs - Master - University of Hamburg

Master A Secondary School Teacher
Master African Languages In Context
Master Anglistics / American
Master Applied and Molecular Botany
Master Applied Mathematics
Master Archaeology and Cultural History of The Ancient Mediterranean
Master Art History
Master Bioinformatics
Master Biology
Master Business Administration Business Administration
Master Business Computer Science
Master Business Mathematics
Master Chemistry
Master Computer Science
Master Documentation of African Languages
Master Earth Sciences
Master Economic and Sociological Studies
Master Economics
Master Education and Science Education
Master Entrepreneurship
Master Erasmus Mundus Masters: Journalism, Media and Globalisation
Master Ethiopian
Master Ethnology
Master Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology
Master European and European Legal Studies 
Master European Master In Classical Cultures
Master European Studies
Master European Master In Law & Economics 
Master Forest Products
Master Geography
Master Geophysics
Master German-Language Literature
Master Germanic Linguistics
Master Greek and Latin Studies
Master Historical Musicology
Master History
Master Human Resource Management Personnel Policy
Master Industrial Engineering
Master Integrated Climate System Science
Master International Business Administration
Master International Criminology
Master International Ma Program In Buddhist Studies
Master International Ma Program In South Asian Studies
Master International Master Program In Sinology
Master International MasterS Program In Iranian Studies
Master International MasterS Program In Islamic Studies
Master International MasterS Program In Japanese Studies
Master International MasterS Program In Korean Studies
Master International MasterS Program In Turkish Studies
Master International M.A.-Program In South Asian Studies 
Master International M.A. Program In Tibetan Studies
Master International Master Program In Buddhist Studies
Master It Management and Consulting
Master Journalism and Communication
Master Language Teaching Research
Master Linguistics / General Linguistics
Master Literature, Language and Culture of Modern Greece Neogr?Zistik
Master M.A. International Program In Tibetan Studies
Master M.A. European Studies Euromaster Hamburg
Master M.Sc. In Integrated Climate System Sciences
Master Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Sciences
Master Master of European and International Law
Master Master of Peace and Security Studies 
Master Master Of Insurance Law 
Master Master Of International Business Administration 
Master Master Of International Taxation 
Master Master Of Science In Economics
Master Master Program Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Master Mathematical Physics
Master Mathematics
Master Media Studies / Media Studies
Master Meteorology
Master Molecular Life Sciences
Master Movement
Master Multilingualism and Education Motion
Master Northern European Studies
Master Philosophy
Master Physical Oceanography
Master Physics
Master Political Science
Master Politics, Economics, Philosophy
Master Prehistoric and Early Historical Archeology
Master Psychology
Master Romance Linguistics
Master Romance Literatures
Master Sign Language
Master Sign Language Interpreting
Master Slavic Studies
Master Sociology
Master Systematic Musicology
Master Teachers In Special Schools
Master Teachers of Primary and Secondary
Master Teaching In Vocational Schools
Master Uralic Languages ??And Cultures
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