Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU) - private higher education institution in Taiwan. CSMU became active in 1960. It has an urban campus located in Taichung. Chung Shan Medical University has earned itself a position in the top 90 best educational institutions of Taiwan.

Application process and the cost of tuition. The students must pass examinations in order to get admitted to the university. Like in many universities of Taiwan the academic year consists of two semesters.

The composition of the university. Chung Shan Medical University is medium in scale, teaching no more than 9 thousand students at a time. About 399 teachers and professors are employed by CSMU.

Infrastructure of CSMU. The university has its own library.
World ranking 6404
Country ranking 90
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 6404
Cost of living in Taichung
Expenses - USD/Month Min. Med.
Accommodation 119 168
Food 231 310
Transportation - 51
Communications and utilities 42 45
Clothing 23 91
Sports and leisure 27 79
Total 442 744
Accommodation in Taichung USD/Month
Shared room outside of centre 120
Shared room in city centre 170
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 146
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 242
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