Ranking  117      17
Country United Kingdom
City Liverpool
Bachelor (foreigners)15,567 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)16,011 USD/year.
Bachelor (citizens)12,500 USD/year.
Cost of living $553-1,067 USD/Month.
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Established 1881
Abbreviation UoL
Teachers 2,268
Students 19,639
Foreigners 33%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on past academic records
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Haec otia studia fovent
• Privy Council
• Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
• European University Association (EUA)
• N8 Group
• The Russell Group
• Universities UK
World ranking117
Country ranking17
Academic Reputation199
Employer Reputation158
Quality of teaching201
International Faculty185
International Students62
Citations per Faculty292
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities178
Engineering and Technology189
Life Sciences and Medicine126
Natural Science165
Social Sciences and Management288
Ranking in world by discipline
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking117
QS World University Rankings151
ARWU Academic Ranking101
Cost of living in Liverpool
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 211 271
Food 175 355
Transportation 49 175
Communications and utilities 81 119
Clothing 18 68
Sports and leisure 18 77
Accommodation in Liverpool USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre213
Shared room in city centre274
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre428
1 bedroom apartment in city centre536
Alternative title
Arabic جامعة ليفربول
cy Prifysgol Lerpwl
German Universität Liverpool
Spanish Universidad de Liverpool
French Université de Liverpool
Japanese リバプール大学
Korean 리버풀대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Liverpool
Russian Университет Ливерпуля
Chinese 利物浦大学
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University of Liverpool (UoL) - public higher education institution in United Kingdom.

University of Liverpool - Description

The University of Liverpool is one of the UK’s leading research institutions with an annual turnover of £400 million, including £140 million for research. Liverpool is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group, comprising the leading research universities in the UK. The University’s global focus ensures its programmes are underpinned by international research with opportunities for students to learn a language and study abroad as part of their programme. The University is the largest provider of 100% online degree courses in Europe with some 7,000 students studying for University of Liverpool degrees around the world. Liverpool continues to invest in key aspects of the student experience. £2.5 million is being invested in paid internships for new graduates, providing valuable work experience. Work placements with Fortune 500 companies at Suzhou Industrial Park in China are also available to students, with pastoral support provided by the University’s joint venture institution - Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU). A total of £600 million is being invested in the institution’s teaching, research and residential estate over a 10-year period. This includes a £250 million redevelopment of the University’s student accommodation. Part of this investment – a...

Description of University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool - Life changing, World Shaping
Founded in 1881 as the original ‘red brick’, the University of Liverpool is one of the UK’s leading research institutions, with an annual turnover of £465 million, including £89 million for research. Ranked in the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide, Liverpool is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and has a global reach and influence that reflects its academic heritage as one of the UK’s largest civic institutions. The 22,000 students based in Liverpool are joined by an additional 10,000 studying a University of Liverpool degree around the world; the University is the largest provider of 100% online postgraduate degree courses in Europe. On graduation, students join a network of over 195,000 alumni in over 200 countries across the world. Its global focus has led the institution to establish a university in Suzhou near Shanghai, in partnership with Xi’an Jiaotong University, as well as a campus in London

Programs - Bachelor - University of Liverpool

Bachelor Accounting and Finance 
Bachelor Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies 
Bachelor Aerospace Engineering 
Bachelor Anatomy and Human Biology
Bachelor Ancient History
Bachelor Ancient History and Archaeology 
Bachelor Archaeology 
Bachelor Archaeology Of Ancient Civilisations 
Bachelor Architecture
Bachelor Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor Astrophysics 
Bachelor Avionic Systems
Bachelor Avionic Systems with Pilot Studies
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biological and Medical Sciences
Bachelor Biological Sciences
Bachelor Biology 
Bachelor Bioveterinary Science
Bachelor Business Economics 
Bachelor Business Studies
Bachelor Business Studies and French
Bachelor Business Studies and German 
Bachelor Business Studies and Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor Business Studies and Italian
Bachelor Chemical Sciences
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chemistry with Nanotechnology 
Bachelor Chemistry with Oceanography 
Bachelor Chemistry with Research In Industry 
Bachelor Civil and Structural Engineering 
Bachelor Civil Engineering 
Bachelor Classical Studies and A Modern Language 
Bachelor Classical Studies 
Bachelor Classics
Bachelor Communication and Business Studies
Bachelor Communication, Media and Popular Music
Bachelor Communication Studies and Italian 
Bachelor Comparative American Studies 
Bachelor Computer Information Systems
Bachelor Computer Science and Electronic Engineering 
Bachelor Computer Science 
Bachelor Computing
Bachelor Criminology and Sociology 
Bachelor Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy
Bachelor Dental Surgery 
Bachelor Diagnostic Radiography
Bachelor E-Finance 
Bachelor Earth Sciences
Bachelor Ecology and Environment 
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Economics and Mathematics 
Bachelor Egyptology 
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Electrical Engineering and Electronic
Bachelor Electrical Engineering with Year In Industry
Bachelor Electronic and Communication Engineering
Bachelor Electronics
Bachelor Electronic Commerce Computing
Bachelor Engineering with Product Design 
Bachelor Engineering 
Bachelor Engineering Foundation
Bachelor English
Bachelor English and Communication Studies 
Bachelor English and French
Bachelor English and German 
Bachelor English and Hispanic Studies
Bachelor English and Modern History
Bachelor English and Philosophy 
Bachelor Environment and Planning 
Bachelor Environmental Science 
Bachelor Evolutionary Anthropology
Bachelor Film Studies (European) and A Modern Language 
Bachelor Foundation To Health Studies 
Bachelor French and German 
Bachelor French and Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor French and Italian 
Bachelor French and Mathematics 
Bachelor French 
Bachelor Genetics
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geography and Archaeology 
Bachelor Geology and Geophysics 
Bachelor Geology and Physical Geography 
Bachelor Geology 
Bachelor Geology (North America) 
Bachelor Geophysics (Geology) 
Bachelor Geophysics (North America)
Bachelor Geophysics (Physics) 
Bachelor German and Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor German and Italian 
Bachelor German 
Bachelor Hispanic Studies and Italian
Bachelor Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor History
Bachelor History and French 
Bachelor History and German 
Bachelor History and Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor History and Italian 
Bachelor History (Modern) and Politics 
Bachelor History (Social and Economic) 
Bachelor International Business 
Bachelor International Politics and Policy
Bachelor Internet Computing
Bachelor Irish Studies and English
Bachelor Irish Studies and History 
Bachelor Irish Studies and Politics 
Bachelor Irish Studies 
Bachelor Latin American and Hispanic Studies
Bachelor Latin American Studies 
Bachelor Law with Accounting and Finance 
Bachelor Law with Business Studies 
Bachelor Law with Criminology 
Bachelor Law with French 
Bachelor Law with German 
Bachelor Law with Italian 
Bachelor Law with Philosophy 
Bachelor Law with Spanish 
Bachelor Law 
Bachelor Marine Biology 
Bachelor Marketing
Bachelor Mathematical Physics
Bachelor Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor Mathematical Sciences with A European Language 
Bachelor Mathematics and Business Studies 
Bachelor Mathematics and Computer Science 
Bachelor Mathematics and Philosophy
Bachelor Mathematics and Statistics 
Bachelor Mathematics with Education 
Bachelor Mathematics with Finance 
Bachelor Mathematics with Ocean and Climate Studies
Bachelor Mathematics 
Bachelor Mechanical and Materials Engineering 
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering with Business 
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering 
Bachelor Mechatronics and Robotic Systems 
Bachelor Medical Electronics and Instrumentation
Bachelor Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology
Bachelor Medicinal Chemistry 
Bachelor Medicine and Surgery
Bachelor Microbial Biotechnology
Bachelor Microbiology 
Bachelor Modern European Languages 
Bachelor Modern Language Studies and Business
Bachelor Modern Language Studies and English
Bachelor Modern Language Studies and History 
Bachelor Modern Language Studies and Philosophy 
Bachelor Modern Language Studies 
Bachelor Molecular Biology 
Bachelor Music/Popular Music 
Bachelor Nursing 
Bachelor Occupational Therapy 
Bachelor Oceans and Climate 
Bachelor Oceans, Climate and Physical Geography 
Bachelor Ocean Sciences 
Bachelor Orthoptics 
Bachelor Pharmacology 
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Philosophy and French 
Bachelor Philosophy and German
Bachelor Philosophy and Hispanic Studies 
Bachelor Philosophy and Italian
Bachelor Philosophy and Politics
Bachelor Physical Sciences 
Bachelor Physics and Mathematics
Bachelor Physics with Astronomy 
Bachelor Physics with Medical Applications
Bachelor Physics with Nuclear Science 
Bachelor Physics with Ocean and Climate Studies
Bachelor Physics 
Bachelor Physics For New Technology 
Bachelor Physiology 
Bachelor Physiotherapy 
Bachelor Politics and Communication Studies
Bachelor Politics and International Business
Bachelor Politics 
Bachelor Psychology 
Bachelor Pure Mathematics 
Bachelor Radiotherapy 
Bachelor Sociology and Social Policy 
Bachelor Sociology 
Bachelor Software Development 
Bachelor Theoretical Physics
Bachelor Town and Regional Planning
Bachelor Tropical Disease Biology 
Bachelor Urban Regeneration and Planning
Bachelor Veterinary Science
Bachelor Zoology 
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Programs - Master - University of Liverpool

Master Addictive Behaviour 
Master Administration
Master Advanced Biological Sciences
Master Advanced Computer Science with Internet Economics 
Master Advanced Computer Science 
Master Advanced Engineering Materials
Master Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology 
Master Advanced Practice In Healthcare 
Master Advanced Science (Chemical Sciences Pathway)
Master Advanced Science (Chemical Sciences Pathway) 
Master Advanced Science (Computer Sciences Pathway) 
Master Advanced Science (Computer Science Pathway)
Master Advanced Science (Physical Sciences Pathway)
Master Advanced Science (Physical Sciences Pathway) 
Master Aerospace and Mechanical Systems Engineering 
Master Ancient History 
Master Animal Science
Master Animal Sciences
Master Applied Criminal Justice Research
Master Applied Linguistics 
Master Applied Psychology 
Master Archaeology/Classics and Ancient History/Egyptology 
Master Archaeology 
Master Architecture
Master Architecture 
Master Archives and Records Management
Master Art, Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions 
Master Bioinformatics
Master Bioinformatics 
Master Biological Sciences 
Master Biology 
Master Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine
Master Biomedical Science 
Master Biotechnology
Master Biotechnology 
Master Bovine Reproduction
Master Business Finance and Management
Master Cell Signalling
Master Cell Signalling 
Master Chemical Biology
Master Chemical Biology (Pathway)
Master Chemistry 
Master Child Health
Master Cities, Culture and Regeneration 
Master Civic Design 
Master Classics 
Master Clinical Chemistry
Master Clinical Engineering
Master Clinical Psychology 
Master Clinical Research
Master Clinical Sciences
Master Clinical Science Administation
Master Communication and Media 
Master Computer Science 
Master Conscious Sedation 
Master Conservation Biology
Master Consumer Marketing
Master Contemporary Literature
Master Criminological Research
Master Critical and Major Incident Psychology 
Master Critical Care
Master Cultural History 
Master Dental Sciences
Master Directed Research In English 
Master Doctor Of Business Administration 
Master Doctor Of Clinical Psychology
Master Doctor Of Education - Higher Education 
Master E-Business Strategy and Systems 
Master Early Hominid Studies
Master Earth and Ocean Sciences 
Master Economics and Finance 
Master Egyptology 
Master Eighteenth-Century Worlds 
Master Electrical Engineering and Electronics 
Master Endocrinology
Master Energy Generation
Master Engineering 
Master English 
Master Entrepreneurship
Master Environment and Climate Change
Master Environmental Management and Planning
Master Environmental Science 
Master European Law
Master European Union Politics
Master European Union Politics 
Master Evolution and Behavioural Biology 
Master Evolutionary and Behavioural Biology
Master Evolutionary Psychology
Master Evolutionary Psychology 
Master Film 
Master Finance 
Master Financial Mathematics 
Master Food Security
Master Football Industries
Master French
Master French 
Master Functional and Comparative Genomics
Master Functional and Comparative Genomics 
Master Gastroenterology
Master General Management 
Master Geography 
Master German
Master German 
Master Global Marketing 
Master Haematology
Master Health Sciences
Master Hispanic Studies 
Master Historical Research
Master History 
Master Host: Parasite Biology
Master Host: Parasite Biology 
Master Humanitarian Programme Management 
Master Humanitarian Studies 
Master Human Anatomy and Cell Biology
Master Human Resource Management
Master Immunology
Master Inflammation
Master Information and Intelligence Engineering
Master Information Systems Management
Master Information Technology
Master International Accounting and Finance
Master International Business
Master International Business Law
Master International Law
Master International Public Health 
Master International Relations and Security
Master International Sexual and Reproductive Health 
Master International Slavery Studies
Master Investigative and Forensic Psychology 
Master Irish Studies
Master Irish Studies 
Master Lasers
Master Latin American Studies 
Master Law 
Master Leading and Researching Widening Participation 
Master Learning and Teaching In Higher Education
Master Lifecourse, Population and Mobility
Master Magnetic Resonance and Image Analysis Research
Master Management
Master Management 
Master Manx Studies 
Master Marine Planning and Management 
Master Maritime Civil Engineering
Master Master Of Public Health
Master Materials Science and Engineering 
Master Mathematical Sciences
Master Mathematical Sciences 
Master MBA 
Master Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound 
Master Medical Imaging
Master Medical Microbiology
Master Medical Science Modular 
Master Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Master Metaphysics, Language and Mind
Master Microbiology
Master Microbiology Oncology
Master Microelectronic Systems
Master Microelectronic Systems and Telecommunications
Master Modern Languages
Master Molecular Biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors 
Master Molecular Oncology
Master Music 
Master Music Industry Studies
Master Neuroscience
Master Nuclear Science and Technology
Master Nursing 
Master Obesity Biology
Master Occupational Therapy
Master Operations and Supply Chain Management 
Master Ophthalmology
Master Orthodontics Professional Doctorate 
Master Orthoptics
Master Palaeoanthropology
Master Palliative Care
Master Pathology
Master Pathophysiology
Master Perinatal and Reproductive Medicine
Master Personal and Professional Development Award
Master Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Master Philosophy
Master Philosophy 
Master Physical Analysis Of Biological Interactions At Surfaces
Master Physics 
Master Physiology
Master Physiotherapy
Master Planning, Town and Regional
Master Plant Sciences
Master Politics and The Mass Media
Master Politics 
Master Popular Music Studies
Master Population Studies
Master Post-Genomic Science
Master Primary Care
Master Product Design and Management
Master Psychiatry
Master Psychiatry 
Master Psychology, Clinical
Master Psychology, Evolutionary
Master Psychology 
Master Public Administration 
Master Public Health
Master Public Health 
Master Radioactive Waste Monitoring and Decommissioning 
Master Radiometrics: Instrumentation and Modelling
Master Radiotherapy
Master Reading In Practice
Master Renaissance and 18Th Century Literature
Master Research Methodology (Economic and Social History)
Master Research Methodology (Geographies of Globalisation and Development)
Master Research Methodology (Law)
Master Research Methodology (Lifecourse, Population and Mobility)
Master Research Methodology (Population Studies)
Master Research Methodology (Sociology and Social Policy)
Master Research Methodology (Town and Regional Planning)
Master Research Methods In Psychology
Master Science Fiction Studies
Master Simulation In Aerospace Engineering
Master Social Research
Master Sociology and Social Policy 
Master Spanish
Master Structural Biology 
Master Surgery and Oncology
Master Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages
Master Technology and Intellectual Property Law 
Master Town and Regional Planning
Master Tropical Medicine 
Master Twentieth Century History
Master Ultrasound 
Master Understanding Conflict
Master Urban Regeneration and Management
Master Veterinary Science
Master Victorian Literature
Master Women and The Word
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41University of CambridgeCambridge24,831 USD24,831 USD
62University of OxfordOxford20,676 USD20,676 USD
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