About HeCH

High School Charlemagne (HeCH) — public non-profit institution. It is located in Liege, Belgium. The higher education institution is considered one of the youngest in the country, as it was founded in 1996.

HeCH conducts various scientific activities and is inviting students to join the research.

Liege, Belgium
Establishment year

HeCH tuition fees

The academic year at HeCH is continuous. It means that students have no break between courses. However, for convenience, tuition fees are calculated per year. The cost of education and the availability of scholarships can be checked on the official website.

It is necessary to pay attention to other costs: accommodation, transportation, study materials, food, and personal expenses.

Academic calendar
Continuousno breaks

HeCH campus

The university campus is located within Liege. The university students have access to the library. It is an integral part of learning. Students come here for educational literature or to do their homework. Student life at HeCH is filled with intercultural activities, as not only local students study here, but also students from abroad. The exchange of knowledge and experience, networking and new acquaintances — all this is an integral part of studenthood.


What to do after graduation

After graduation, you can stay in Belgium for 1 year. This time is enough to find a job and change your student visa to a work one. You can find other options for immigration in our article.

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Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
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