General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UB
Teachers 1,858
Students 18,717
Foreigners 11%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on grades and examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Colors Red and white
Campus type Suburban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft, Bremen
• European University Association (EUA)
World ranking368
Country ranking29
Academic Reputation317
Quality of teaching288
International Faculty326
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities365
Engineering and Technology354
Natural Science293
Social Sciences and Management382
Cost of living in Bremen, USD/month
Accommodation 179 346
Food 148 326
Transportation 53 161
Communications and utilities 92 132
Clothing 23 85
Sports and leisure 20 101
Accommodation in Bremen, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre181
Shared room in city centre350
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre311
1 bedroom apartment in city centre396
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking368
QS World University Rankings351
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking321
Alternative title
Russian Бременский университет
Spanish Universidad de Bremen
Chinese 不来梅大学
Arabic جامعة بريمن
French Unversité de Brême
German Universität Bremen
Japanese ブレーメン大学
Korean 브레멘대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Bremen

Location on map - University of Bremen

University of Bremen or Universität Bremen (UB) - public higher education institution in Germany.

University of Bremen - Description

With 290 professors and 19,000 students, the University of Bremen offers a large spectrum of subjects; 100 different study programs organized in 30 academic disciplines. The University of Bremen was founded in 1971. In the course of its relatively short history it has developed into the science center of North West Germany. When it was founded it broke new ground in many ways, earning the label “Bremen Model”. Some of these breakthroughs have now become standard features of modern universities. For instance: interdisciplinarity, research-based learning in projects, and social commitment. STRENGTH IN RESEARCH For many years now, the University of Bremen has been among the top league of German universities in the area of research. Since June 2012, the University of Bremen is entitled ‘University of Excellence’, given its success in the Excellence Initiative, a competition launched by the German government to promote top-level university research. Research conducted at the University of Bremen is interdisciplinary. In other words: Bremen research transcends the borders of traditional disciplines and is embedded within six research concentrations, also known as high-profile areas: Ocean and Climate Research, Materials Science, Information-Cognition-Communication, Social Sciences, Health Science, and Logistics. The University of Bremen numbers among the most successful...

Description of University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is a mid-sized university with 250 professorships and 18,000 students, offering a broad range of disciplines with a large spectrum of subjects; 100 different study programs organized in 30 academic disciplines and producing internationally competitive top-level research. Just forty years after it was founded, the University of Bremen has risen to the top tier of German universities, ranking especially high in the volume of third-party funding for cutting-edge research. The University of Bremen was founded in 1971. In the course of its relatively short history it has developed into the science center of North West Germany. For many years now, the University of Bremen has been among the top league of German universities in the area of research. The University performed extremely well in the first two rounds of the Excellence Initiative supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the federal states, being awarded recognition for the excellence of three of its institutions: Two graduate schools (Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences – Global Change in the Marine Realm; Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences) and a cluster of excellence (MARUM –The Ocean in the Earth System). Since November 2012 the University of Bremen has been awarded the coveted title “University of Excellence” in the third round of the Excellence Initiative. It is accompanied by the institutional Strategy “Ambitious and Agile”, which is a strategy for the development of the whole of the University. The nine measures it contains have been designed to enable the University to pursue its guiding principles and to strengthen the whole of the University. The underlying idea is to reinforce networking and strategic coordination between the high-profile areas and non-university research partners (strengthening the high-profile areas), to support new research ideas and creative groups in all subjects with suitable offers of funding (support for new ideas), to provide innovative young researchers with attractive career opportunities (promoting talent). The University’s Institutional Strategy has been successful in acquiring the funding needed to continue its work of profile building even more energetically, enabling it to become even more firmly established in the arena of top-notch international research and to strengthen the innovative capacity of the whole University. Ever since it was founded, the University of Bremen has purposefully pursued a policy of creating close links between its teaching and research activities. A good example is its approach to studying in projects (“Bremen Model“), which fosters elements of independent research-based learning oriented to societal issues. Today, this is underscored in a number of study elements, the strong orientation to interdisciplinary studies, and the University’s guiding principles. Various surveys, measures, and discussion processes illustrate and confirm that both teaching staff as well as students share a high level of willingness to participate in research-based learning: implementation is facilitated by this culture of internal consensus. Especially characteristic for its teaching profile is the University’s focus on research-based learning at an early stage of studies, the anchoring of a comprehensive program of General Studies in the curriculum, and the supportive integration of e-learning components. The young University of Bremen is always open to new developments. For example, within the context of support for young researchers, in 2001 it was the very first university in Germany to introduce a so-called competitive tenure track for "junior professors" (assistant professors), which became known as the “Bremen Perspective”. Research and finding solutions to pressing social issues has a long tradition at the University of Bremen. This encompasses both fundamental as well as applied research. The University meets its commitment to education and research in the interest of society by entering into close cooperation with public institutions and enterprise, as well as by offering a broad spectrum of services to the community. In order to facilitate cutting edge international research it relies on a home-made tradition of close internal networking across the faculties and with several excellent non-university institutions in the region. Moreover, it has always been essential to be open to innovative research ideas and to provide support for outstanding young researchers from the start. The university’s recent successes in the Excellence Initiative and the high rate of third-party funding it receives are both tangible evidence that it is on the right track. The university’s high flexibility, its concentration of resources, status-transcending flat hierarchies, and a pronounced propensity for cooperation will continue to serve the University in the achievement of its high ambitions. The University of Bremen has twelve faculties (Physics/Electrical Engineering, Biology/Chemistry, Mathematics/Computer Science, Production Engineering, Geosciences, Law, Business Studies/Economics, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Linguistic and Literary Studies, Human and Health Studies, Pedagogical and Educational Sciences). Yet, the university’s six high-profile areas cross faculty boundaries and are focused on interdisciplinary research: 1. Marine, Polar and Climate Research, 2. Social Change, Social Policy, and the State, 3. Materials Science and Production Engineering, 4. Computer, Cognition and Communication Sciences, 5. Logistics, 6. Epidemiology and Health Sciences. Through their outstanding research achievements these interdisciplinary high-profile areas shape how the university and its achievements are perceived. In addition, the university campus and the city-state of Bremen are home to ten very renowned non-university institutes being members of the Max Planck Society (MPG), the Helmholtz Association of National Research Centers (HGF), the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Science Association (WGL) and the Fraunhofer Society (FhG).This offers international academics, researchers, scientists and other university- related professionals opportunities for engaging in research cooperation beyond the confines of the university

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Applied Mathematics, Diploma (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Art Science / Art Education, BachelorS Degree (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Art-Media-Aesthetic Education, Bachelor
Bachelor Biology, Bachelor
Bachelor Business Administration, Bachelor
Bachelor Chemistry, Bachelor
Bachelor Comparative And European Law, Ba (Co-Op University Ol)
Bachelor Computer Science, Bachelor
Bachelor Cultural Studies, Bachelor
Bachelor Digital Media, Ba (In Cooperation With The Arts Bremen)
Bachelor Dutch Studies, Bachelor (University Koop Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Earth Science, Bachelor
Bachelor Economics, Bachelor
Bachelor Economics, BachelorS Degree (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Electrical Engineering / Information Technology, Bachelor
Bachelor Elementary Mathematics, Bachelor
Bachelor English-Speaking Cultures / Englisch , Bachelor
Bachelor French Romance Languages ​​/ French, Ba
Bachelor Gender Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor General Studies - Interdisciplinary See Tangible Educational / Social Studies,
Bachelor Geography, Bachelor
Bachelor German Law On Foreigners, Legum Magister
Bachelor German Studies / German, Ba
Bachelor Hispanic / Spanish, Ba
Bachelor History, Bachelor
Bachelor In Combination With The Magisterium Of Grund-/Sekundarschulen, Master Of Education
Bachelor Inclusive Education - Special Education Teacher
Bachelor Industrial Engineering, Bachelor
Bachelor Industrial Mathematics, Bachelor
Bachelor Integrated European Studies, Bachelor
Bachelor Interdisciplinary Subject Education / General Studies, Bachelor
Bachelor Italian Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Law, Ba
Bachelor Linguistics / Language Sciences, Bachelor
Bachelor Manufacturing Engineering - Mechanical & Process Engineering, Bachelor
Bachelor Material Culture: Textiles, Ba (Co-Op University Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Mathematics, Bachelor
Bachelor Music Education, Bachelor
Bachelor Musicology, Ba
Bachelor New For Winter Term! Communication And Media Studies, Bachelor
Bachelor New For Winter Term! Education And Educational Sciences, Bachelor
Bachelor New For Winter Term! Inclusive Education, Bachelor
Bachelor Nursing Science, Bachelor
Bachelor Philosophy, Bachelor
Bachelor Physics, Bachelor
Bachelor Political Science, Bachelor
Bachelor Professional Technical Studies (Gtw), Bachelor (Fb 1 + 4) (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Psychology, Bachelor
Bachelor Public Health / Health Sciences, Bachelor
Bachelor Religious Studies / Religious Education, Bachelor
Bachelor Russian / Slavic Studies, Bachelor (University Koop Ol) (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Sociology, Bachelor
Bachelor Specialised Education (Elementary, Primary And Secondary Education), Ba (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Sport Science / Sport And Exercise Culture, BachelorS Degree (Advanced Students Only)
Bachelor Sport Science, Bachelor
Bachelor Systems Engineering, Bachelor

Programs - Master

Master Arts And Cultural Education, Master
Master Biochemistry And Molecular Biology, Master
Master Business Administration, Master
Master Clinical Psychology, Master
Master Communication And Information Technology, Master
Master Comparative And European Law, Legum Magister (Koop University Ol)
Master Complex Decisions (Professional Public Decision Making), Master
Master Computational Materials Science, Master
Master Computer Science, Master
Master Digital Media, Masters (In Cooperation With The Arts Bremen)
Master Early Childhood Education, Master (This Course Starts But Not For Winter Term 2011/12, Please Find Out About The Range Of Courses 2012/13 To Date In The Next Year)
Master Earth Sciences, Master
Master Ecology, Master
Master Economic Psychology, Master
Master Education, Master
Master Environmental Physics, Master
Master European And International Law, Legum Magister
Master German Law On Foreigners, Legum Magister
Master Germanic, Mastercard
Master History, Master
Master In Combination With The Magisterium Of Grund-/Sekundarschulen, Master Of Education
Master Inclusive Education - Special Education Teacher
Master Industrial Engineering, Master
Master Information And Automation Engineering, Master
Master International Relations:Global Governance And Social Theory, Master (Koop Jacobs University)
Master International Studies In Aquatic Tropical Ecology, Master
Master Italian Studies, Bachelor (Advanced Students Only)
Master Language Sciences, Master
Master Leadership And Organisational Development, Master
Master Manufacturing Engineering, Master
Master Marine Biology, Master
Master Marine Geosciences, Master
Master Marine Microbiology, Master
Master Media Culture, Mastercard
Master Medical Biometry / Biostatistics, Master
Master Modern Global History, Master (Koop Jacobs University)
Master Neurosciences, Master
Master New For Winter Term! Applied Mathematics, Master
Master New For Winter Term! Chemistry, Master
Master New For Winter Term! Education And Educational Sciences, Bachelor
Master New For Winter Term! Mathematics, Master
Master Physics, Bachelor
Master Physics, Master
Master Political Science, Bachelor
Master Political Science, Master
Master Public Health / Nursing Science, Master
Master Scientific Material Mineralogy, Chemistry And Physics, Mastercard
Master Slavic Studies, Master (University Koop Ol)
Master Social Policy, Master
Master Sociology And Social Research, Master
Master Special Education Inclusive Education - Teacher Special Education, Master
Master Systems Engineering, Master
Master Teachers At Vocational Schools - Gtw, Master Of Education
Master Teaching At Primary And Secondary Schools (Comprehensive Schools) Focus Primary Schools, Master Of Education
Master Teaching At Primary And Secondary Schools (Comprehensive Schools), Secondary Emphasis, Master Of Education
Master Teaching At Secondary Schools / Community Colleges, Master Of Education
Master Transcultural Studies, Master
Master Transnational Literary Studies: Literature - Theatre - Film Master
Master Urban And Regional Development, Master
Master Vocational Education Nursing Science, Master
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