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University of Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona
Country Spain
City Barcelona
Bachelor (foreigners)$1,000/year.
Master (foreigners)$3,000/year.
Bachelor (citizens)$2,500/year.
Cost of living $589-1099/mon.
Acceptance Rate 80%
Official Website
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UB
Teachers 3,796
Students 47,570
Foreigners 9%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on grades and examinations
Gender limitations None
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Libertas perfundet omnia luce
• Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, España
• European University Association (EUA)
• Coimbra Group
• International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU)
• International Research Universities Network (IRUN)
• OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW)
World ranking155
Country ranking1
Academic Reputation78
Employer Reputation135
Citations per Faculty378
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities98
Engineering and Technology106
Life Sciences and Medicine87
Natural Science62
Social Sciences and Management131
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Barcelona, USD/month
Accommodation $196 $276
Food $133 $268
Transportation $36 $100
Communications and utilities $64 $77
Clothing $20 $75
Sports and leisure $21 $79
Accommodation in Barcelona, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$196
Shared room in city centre$345
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$477
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$617
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking155
QS World University Rankings168
ARWU Academic Ranking151
Webometrics Ranking145
Alternative title
Университет Барселоныru
Universidad de Barcelonaes
جامعة برشلونةar
Université de Barcelonefr
Universität Barcelonade
바르셀로나 대학ko
Universidade de Barcelonapt
Bartzelonako Unibertsitateaeu
Universitat de Barcelonaca
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The University of Barcelona (UB) was founded in 1450. The present central buiding was inaugurated in 1871. Today the university has four campuses, in different parts of the city. The UB is the oldest and largest university compared to the six universities in Barcelona and the ten universities in Catalonia. There are 76,000 students -- over half of Catalonia's total student population -- studying here. The UB has the second largest student population in Spain. UB students have access to an extensive range of services. Ten thousand bachelor?s degrees and 450 PhD's are awarded each year. The university has 4,152 faculty members and 1,828 other personnel. It manages around 2,073 million pesetas in research and technology related activities. The UB is divided into five divisions that are made up of related areas of teaching; twenty university schools; 97 departments; and 78 degree courses. Postgraduate and graduate school programs are also offered, as well as a large number of continuing education courses. Based on numbers of books, the UB library is the second largest in Spain after the National Library in Madrid. More than two-million books and about 36,000 journals are available in 17 sections in the schools, campuses and about...

Bachelor - University of Barcelona

Founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona (UB) comprises six campuses located within the inner city, and is therefore Barcelona's principal university. In its nineteen centres, the UB offers a total of 65 bachelor’s degrees, 146 university master’s degrees, 71 doctoral programs and over 1,000 postgraduate and lifelong learning courses. Over 90,000 students are studying in face-to-face and distance learning modes and every year more than 7,000 students are awarded bachelor’s degrees and more than 500 doctoral theses are submitted. The UB’s budget totals at 379,341 euros and it has 106 departments, 4,995 teaching and research staff members and 2,348 administrative and services staff members. In research, the UB works on the frontiers of such disciplines as biomedicine and biotechnology, but is also active in such fields as experimental sciences, social sciences, the humanities, and the fine arts. The income from research and technology transfer amounts to 108,680 euros and the number of scientific publications is 3,679. The UB also stands as the top Spanish university in the results of the chief international institutions that publish ranking lists on centres of higher education. Finally, the UB plays host to more than 8,700 international students of 94 different nationalities.

Description of University of Barcelona

Since it was founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona has become a benchmark institution for teaching, scientific research and knowledge creation in Spain and abroad. Its dynamic, critical and constructive qualities have always been placed at the service of the community and the country, where it strives to uphold the principles of freedom and equality and pursue its commitment to progress. In its eighteen centres, located within the inner city, the UB offers a wide range of subjects to more than sixty-four thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students of 120 different nationalities studying on its six campuses. In research, the UB works in innovative disciplines such as biomedicine and biotechnology but is also active in more traditional fields including experimental sciences, social sciences, health, the humanities and fine arts, and its researchers publish in the most prestigious international journals. The University of Barcelona is also actively involved in the work of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and has fully consolidated the actions of its two campuses of international excellence, the HUBc health sciences campus and the BKC knowledge campus, the latter in conjunction with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Alongside teaching and research, areas such as internationalization, innovation, social and environmental responsibility, good governance and gender equality complete the portfolio of activities and initiatives carried out by the UB

Program - University of Barcelona

Master - Doctorate

Bachelor Advertising and Public Relations
Bachelor Arabic and Hebrew Studies
Bachelor Archaeology
Bachelor Art History
Bachelor Audiovisual Communication
Bachelor Basic Medical Sciences
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor Business Administration and Management
Bachelor Catalan
Bachelor Chemical Engineering
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Cinema and Audiovisual Media
Bachelor Classics
Bachelor Communication and the Culture Industry
Bachelor Computer Engineering
Bachelor Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage
Bachelor Criminology
Bachelor Dentistry
Bachelor Design
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Economics - Statistics
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Law - Business Administration and Management
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Law - Political and Administrative Sciences
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Business Administration and Management
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Computer Engineering
Bachelor Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Physics
Bachelor Early Childhood Education
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Education
Bachelor Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications
Bachelor Engineering Geology
Bachelor English Studies
Bachelor Environmental Sciences
Bachelor Fine Art
Bachelor Food Science and Technology
Bachelor French Studies
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor History
Bachelor Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor Industrial Relations
Bachelor Information and Documentation
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Linguistics
Bachelor Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
Bachelor Materials Engineering
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Medicine
Bachelor Modern Language and Literature
Bachelor Nursing
Bachelor Nursing - Sant Joan De Déu
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Podiatry
Bachelor Political and Administrative Sciences
Bachelor Primary Education
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Public Management and Administration
Bachelor Romance Languages
Bachelor Social and Cultural Anthropology
Bachelor Social Education
Bachelor Social Work
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Spanish
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Tourism
Master Advertising and Public Relations
Master Arabic and Hebrew Studies
Master Archaeology
Master Art History
Master Audiovisual Communication
Master Basic Medical Sciences
Master Biochemistry
Master Biology
Master Biomedical Engineering
Master Biomedical Sciences
Master Biotechnology
Master Business Administration and Management
Master Catalan
Master Chemical Engineering
Master Chemistry
Master Cinema and Audiovisual Media
Master Classics
Master Communication and the Culture Industry
Master Computer Engineering
Master Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage
Master Criminology
Master Dentistry
Master Design
Master Dual Pathways: Economics - Statistics
Master Dual Pathways: Law - Business Administration and Management
Master Dual Pathways: Law - Political and Administrative Sciences
Master Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Business Administration and Management
Master Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Computer Engineering
Master Dual Pathways: Mathematics - Physics
Master Early Childhood Education
Master Economics
Master Education
Master Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications
Master Engineering Geology
Master English Studies
Master Environmental Sciences
Master Fine Art
Master Food Science and Technology
Master French Studies
Master Geography
Master Geology
Master History
Master Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Master Industrial Relations
Master Information and Documentation
Master Law
Master Linguistics
Master Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
Master Materials Engineering
Master Mathematics
Master Medicine
Master Modern Language and Literature
Master Nursing
Master Nursing - Sant Joan De Déu
Master Pharmacy
Master Philosophy
Master Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
Master Physics
Master Podiatry
Master Political and Administrative Sciences
Master Primary Education
Master Psychology
Master Public Management and Administration
Master Romance Languages
Master Social and Cultural Anthropology
Master Social Education
Master Social Work
Master Sociology
Master Spanish
Master Statistics
Master Tourism

Location on map - University of Barcelona

Location on map - University of Barcelona
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