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  • Higher School of Economics, Bachelor in International Relations
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree, Master in Euroculture: Society, Politics and Culture in the Global Context

Scientific and teaching activity

Higher School of Economics, assistant to the First Deputy Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and World Politics

Language confirmation


Travel and educational trips

Austria Belgium France Bulgaria Denmark Hungary Spain Italy

Getting to know the mentor

What is the hardest thing about being a mentor?

Being on the lookout at all times: diligently monitoring deadlines, reviewing all documents to ensure their quality and alignment with program criteria, accurately completing applications, and attentively considering all requirements. But this is the job of a mentor — to create a smooth pathway for applicants, alleviating unnecessary stress and providing them with a comfortable journey towards their goals.

What is the question most frequently asked by applicants?

"Can I realistically study abroad with my profile?" Based on my experience of working with students, I can say that many applicants have an interesting background, but do not know how to convey it to the admissions committee. The task of the mentor is to highlight their merits within the application.

Why did you choose to learn German?

It seems to me that the German language presents tremendous career and academic prospects, particularly for students hailing from post-Soviet nations.

Why did you decide to help students study abroad?

Having myself gone from being 17th place on the reserve list to being awarded five full-cost scholarships to study in Europe, I would like to inspire and guide talented youth. I want to serve as a living testament, demonstrating that studying abroad is an attainable goal for anyone willing to invest their efforts.

What did you do before joining UniPage?

I have spent three years providing personalized guidance to students wishing to study abroad through individual consultations on social media platforms. I currently work in Brussels, engaged in the dynamic field of communications. Even now, alongside my professional endeavors, I continue to help children from all over the world fulfill their dream of studying abroad.

Tell us about your internship/study/work experience abroad.

Since I graduated from one of the best universities in Russia, my academic background was suitable for many master's programs at European universities. That being said, my dedication and commitment to personal growth were pivotal in increasing my chances of getting into my dream university.

Do you have a favorite country or specialization that you enjoy working with?

Erasmus Mundus programs and scholarships hold a special place in my heart. Having personally been awarded three of these prestigious scholarships, I thoroughly understand the details involved in the application process.

How many countries have you visited, and what was your most memorable trip?

I have had the privilege of exploring over thirty countries, spanning across Europe and beyond. Among them, Denmark, Italy, and Hungary were my favorite.

How do you relax or spend your free time?

I love visiting other countries. Exploring new lands fuels my spirit of adventure and energizes me like nothing else. I also find solace in sharing my travel experiences through my blog.

List of educational institutions with successful enrollment

University of GottingenGermanyMasterEurocultureErasmus Mundus
University of KonstanzGermanyMasterSocial and Economic Data Science
University of GroningenThe NetherlandsMasterClinical Linguistics (EMCL+)Erasmus Mundus
Tor VergataItalyMasterTourism Strategy, Cultural Heritage And Made In Italy
Goethe University in FrankfurtGermanyMasterMoving Cultures – Trans- cultural Encounters
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-GeislingenGermanyMBAInternational Management
University of HamburgGermanyMaster (MSc)Intelligent Adaptive SystemsDAAD
Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI)GermanyBSc (Hons)Digital Marketing and Social Media (International Route)