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Denmark is a northern state located between the North and Baltic Seas. Here, a beautiful Western lifestyle is combined with a clean and safe environment.

In Denmark, higher education is focused on finding solutions for the real world: students use the knowledge they have acquired and turn it into innovative ideas. And the teachers of Danish universities are also researchers and often former or current practitioners of their specialization. This provides modern academic knowledge and a valuable practical perspective in teaching.

If you are interested in obtaining higher education in Denmark, our articles will help you understand what programs are available, how to apply, and what to expect from the educational process.

Danish education

  1. Education in Denmark

    Education in Denmark is recognized all over the world and is an excellent foundation for a future career, especially in fields such as natural and social sciences, engineering and IT. What are the (dis)advantages of studying in Denmark, how much does it cost and how to get accepted into a Danish university?

  2. Universities in Denmark

    Universities in Denmark meet world standards and offer more than 700 academic programs in English

  3. Admission process in Denmark

    To enroll at a Danish university, you need a high school diploma, language certificates in Danish or English, and a convincing motivation letter. Despite the fact that secondary education in Denmark lasts 12 years, some universities accept applicants who have finished the 11th grade. In this case, you need to showcase a transcript without C’s and an overall GPA of 4.5 out of 5.

    Admission process in Denmark

Best universities in Denmark