General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Private
Abbreviation HU
Teachers 4,184
Students 21,708
Foreigners 22%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on grades and examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Colors Crimson
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
• Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI)
• Association of American Universities (AAU)
• Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA). Sport affiliations and memberships: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
• The Ivy League
World ranking1
Country ranking1
Academic Reputation1
Employer Reputation3
Quality of teaching40
International Faculty45
International Students154
Citations per Faculty8
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities2
Engineering and Technology10
Life Sciences and Medicine1
Natural Science2
Social Sciences and Management1
Ranking in world by discipline
Computer Science4
Economics & Business1
Cost of living in Boston, USD/month
Accommodation $689 $1034
Food $293 $526
Transportation $60 $191
Communications and utilities $100 $113
Clothing $20 $75
Sports and leisure $30 $116
Accommodation in Boston, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$688
Shared room in city centre$1033
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$1259
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1836
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking1
QS World University Rankings2
ARWU Academic Ranking1
Webometrics Ranking1
Alternative title
Russian Гарвардский университет
Spanish Universidad de Harvard
Chinese 哈佛大学
Arabic جامعة هارفارد
French Université d'Harvard
German Universität Harvard
Japanese ハーバード大学
Korean 하버드대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Harvard
English Harvard University
Harvard University is one of the most famous and the oldest universities in the US, its alumni join political and scientific elite of the world. The university is located in a very academic town Cambridge, MA. Harvard is a member of the elite group of the US private colleges — «Ivy League» that is famous for being the most selective and having the highest education standards.

Harvard University history

Harvard University has a status of the oldest university in the United States, it was founded in 1636. The institution was named after John Harvard, an American philanthropist. An interesting fact is that already in 1643 a special foundation for research and development support was created - the first in the world. And if in XVII century it taught mainly theological science, in the middle of XVIII century the focus shifted towards regular science. In XIX century Harvard acquired a firm red colour when Harvard representatives were wearing dark red cloth for a regatta to look more distinctive. Since then dark red colour has been remaining as a symbol of Harvard. In the beginning of XX century Harvard college has changed its status and has become a university.

Harvard University achievements

Nowadays Harvard University is the most prestigious and reputable university in the world. It is widely recognized thanks to its Business School and is also famous for doing scientific research in various fields, which is funded by the Federal government.
  • In 2014 Harvard researchers proved the evidence of cosmic inflation describing the process of the Big Bang.
  • Harvard scientists created a vaccine preventing infarcts and also found fat-burning protein in cells.
  • There is a research on the elixir of youth invention and the first trials have been successful.
  • In 2014 Harvard scientists came up with a cheap device for diabetes and other diseases detection. It costs around $25, weighs 2 oz and will be used in the poorest regions of the Earth.
  • Harvard researchers in collaboration with MIT researchers have created a method of saving the sun energy in molecules, which might be used as a green energy for household purposes (cooking, boiling water, central heating).
  • Another group of Harvard and MIT researchers is engaged in the reprogramming of living cells with aim to create an efficient cell therapy which will allow tissues to regenerate faster after serious damages. It could bring a solution to the treatment of thyroid disease or diabetes.

Why to choose Harvard University?

  • The main campus of Harvard University is located on 85 acres of land. There are academic buildings, libraries, sports facilities and also dormitories for freshmen. The other student residences are located nearby, on the picturesque coast of the Charles river.
  • Students with good academic standing or other achievements live in a special houses named after the US or Harvard presidents or great scholars.
  • Harvard Business School as well as Harvard Stadium are situated in the Boston area called Allston on 145 acres of land.
  • Harvard has the largest endowment in the world. In 2013 it accounted for $32,3 billions. Moreover, Harvard alumni become billionaires more often comparing to other prestigious universities.
  • Harvard University Library is the greatest academic library in USA.
  • Harvard University possesses several museums with the most exclusive collections. The Harvard Art Museums include the Fogg Museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum, and Arthur M. Sackler Museum — each with a different history, collection, guiding philosophy, and identity.
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History consists of the Harvard University Herbaria, the Museum of Comparative Zoology and the Harvard Mineralogical Museum. You can find there also Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts built by Le Corbusier, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Semitic Museum.

Tuition fees in Harvard University

Average tuition fee accounts for $40,000 per year and could rise up to $60.000 with living expenses. However, you should take into account the huge amount of available scholarships and grants, as 70% of students receive a financial aid.
Tuition fee per year$0$43,292
Living expenses$3,500$5,115
Medical Insurance$2,366$2,366
Registration in the Harvard electronic system $50$50
Transport expenses$0$5,200
Total $14,416$64,523

Scholarships and grants in Harvard University

People are used to believe that only the elite could afford Harvard University education, however it is not true: ⅔ of students receive financial aid. The university takes into consideration financial situation of every student. Harvard University is ready to incur all expenses related to the education or cover them partly. For instance, the amount of financial aid is determined the following way: parents (or a student) should pay accordingly to their income, personal investments are also added to this sum (summer jobs expected income and part-time employment during the study) as well as grants from third parties. After estimating the total amount Scholarship Committee of Harvard University decides on nominating a student for a financial aid.
Average financial aid package for freshman scholarship holders, 2014-2015$ (%)
Parents expenses$12,150 (19%)
Student asset and summer work expectation$1,250 (2%)
Harvard, federal and outside scholarships$48,850 (76%)
Term-time work expectation$1,750 (3%)

Harvard University Faculties

Harvard University is considered the best educational and research center which excels in teaching both Humanities and Engineering. The University has 12 colleges and faculties, Faculty of Arts and Sciences is the largest. It includes Harvard college for Bachelors and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for Master’s students and Phd researchers.
The university also has School of Design, School of Education, Medical and Dental School, Law School and Harvard Business School where students may obtain MBA degree or Phd in Business. School of Public Health and The John F. Kennedy School of Government are especially distinguished in Harvard University.
The most popular programs in Harvard are Medicine, Economics, Business Administration, Law and Political Science.
Areas chosen by students%
Social Sciences23.7%
Bio Sciences22.3%
Physical Sciences7.4%
Computer Science4.5%
Not decided8.3%

Admission requirements in Harvard University

The admission process in Harvard University differs from standard requirements of other universities. Applicant should pay a registration fee $75 and provide the results of SAT or ACT. Moreover, 2 SAT subject tests are required. Applicant also should translate the high school certificate (if it’s not in English), provide transcript with marks and GPA for last semester. Two recommendation letters from former teachers are required.
Harvard University accepts students who reached 17 years old. The Admission Committee pays attention not only to good academic standing but also to leadership skills, community service experience and volunteering.
Admission requirements for Harvard:
  • Application form on the university website
  • Age: from 17
  • Personal achievement (winning places in school olympiads and sports, volunteering and community service)
  • High GPA
  • SAT results (2070-2350) or ACT (31-34)
  • 2 SAT Subject Tests
  • Application fee: 75$
  • School Report and high school transcript
  • Two recommendation letters from teachers
  • Mid-Year School Report
  • Final School Report
  • Bachelor’s diploma for Master’s degree application

Admission statistics in Harvard University

Rejected 81.2%
Accepted from the waiting lists30

Application deadlines at Harvard University

Application could be made in two ways:
  • Early action application
  • Regular Decision Application
Early action applications are accepted till 1st of November and students receive decisions in mid-December. Applicants sending their documents in the timeframe of Regular Decision Application should stick to the deadline of 1st of January, the university then replies until the end of March.

Tuition-free education in Harvard University

Harvard University being one of the most prestigious higher education institution in the world has the largest funding opportunities to support students with low income. The scheme of financial aid is simple: if a student is accepted but cannot cover all expenses, the University provides financial aid guarantee. To be funded it is enough to provide the university with documents proving family income lower than $65000 per year — in this case Harvard University takes over all expenses.

International exchange programs and internships in Harvard University

Harvard University has tight international relationships with prestigious universities from all over the world. There are many exchange and internship options with leading institutions in Europe and the US (including Stanford University, University of Cambridge, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Oxford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Summer internship in Harvard University is one of the most popular programs which gathers specialists in Media and Internet every year. It is hosted by Berkman Center for Internet & Society. This internship is designed for students and Phd researchers studying Computer Science and Media. Moreover, every college and institution in Harvard has it's own grants and internship programs.

Joint Degree programs in Harvard University

Harvard University offers special programs allowing to obtain two specialisations simultaneously studying both in Harvard and a partner institutions abroad or in-state. Berklee College of Music is one of these partner institutions. After finishing a 5-year program graduates are awarded with Bachelor of Arts in Harvard and Master degree in Berklee. The other partner of Harvard University is Cambridge University. The joint program is designed for students aiming to get a Phd in Law Studies in Harvard and Master’s in Law Studies in Cambridge. Students of Harvard Business School may receive MBA and Master in Public Policy in Harvard Kennedy School. Joint programs are also announced by Law, Medical and Dental Schools of Harvard.

Harvard Business School - The best MBA programs

Harvard Business School is an everlasting member of TOP-10 Business Schools in the world. The distinguishing feature of Harvard Business School is that it is more about practical experience and interaction among students. It could be challenging to get admitted to Harvard because the excellent academic performance is not the key factor. Admission Committee pays attention to personal achievements of an applicant, work experience in business, participation in charity and other activities and awards.
Business School offers several MBA programs (short-term and full-time), Phd in Business as well as the opportunity to get two degrees at the same time. In addition, you may receive there a specific training in the fields of marketing, leadership, finance and entrepreneurship. Tuition fee in Harvard Business School on MBA programs is around $60,000 per year.

Help in after-graduation employment in Harvard University

As any other prestigious university Harvard helps its students in choosing their career. Career Service works on campus creating various events for students and announcing them on their official webpage. Career Service specialists are involved in the selection of paid internships, they also organise trainings, courses and events where students can meet their prospective employers. As a rule Harvard graduates do not have any problems with finding a job. According to statistics, more than 60% of students founds their jobs during their study (mainly through internships).

Famous Harvard graduates

  • Eight presidents of the United States were graduates of Harvard University, including Barack Obama;
  • There are 150 Nobel laureates among Harvard graduates, professors and workers;
  • David Rockefeller — the US banker, presidential adviser and entrepreneur, a grandson of a billionaire John D. Rockefeller;
  • Mark Zuckerberg — an American Internet entrepreneur, programmer, founder and CEO of Facebook;
  • Bill Gates — an American businessman, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, also a founder and chairman of the charitable Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • Matt Damon — a famous American actor, film producer, and screenwriter, was born and grew up in Cambridge, MA. In 1998 won two prestigious awards — Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Screenplay (“Good Will Hunting”, 1997);
  • Natalie Portman — an American actress, producer, screenwriter and film director. In 2011 she won several elite film awards: BAFTA, Oscar, Golden Globe for the Leading Role in the “Black Swan” film.

Interesting facts about Harvard University

  • Annually Harvard University awards the most unusual and trivial achievements in scientific research. Lg Nobel Prize is designed to celebrate the unusual and is awarded to such research as “why drunk people consider themselves attractive” or “five-second rule” about contamination of food dropped on the floor.
  • Harvard territory was a film set for movies and tv shows many times. The Social Network, Spartan, Angels & Demons, Good Will Hunting were filmed there.
  • Harvard University is a scene for a literature also. The Sound and the Fury of William Faulkner describes the university facilities.
  • Near the Harvard Yard entrance there is a statue with the inscription stating “John Harvard. Founder. 1638”. Students usually call it “the Statue of Three Lies” because of inaccuracies stated on it. Firstly, it is widely believed that the history of Harvard starts on 1636, not 1638. Moreover, it is not Harvard portrayed but just an image of a common student. There is no evidence on how this internationally famous person looked like. Finally, John Harvard was just a philanthropist and not a founder.

Admission process in Harvard University

It is really challenging to get an acceptance letter from Harvard University, as only 2,000 of 30,000 withstand the competition. Besides, each application is reviewed by several members of the Admission Committee independently. However, it is possible to get through all these difficulties, the main thing here is to realistically assess the chances.
Harvard requirements for academic performance are consistently high, applicants should present a high school certificate or Bachelor’s diploma with excellent results, SAT or ACT scores should also be of the highest possible. English language level is another requirement in admission, applicants could provide TOEFL or pass the interview with one of the members of the Admission Committee. Remember that Harvard University reserves the right to ask for additional documents or exam certificates.
The key priority of Harvard University is to attract the most talented students which may spread the university fame worldwide. To assess a student potential only through the academic performance is impossible. That is why the Admission Committee asks for an essay on a particular issue or subject and a motivation letter which reveals student’s potential and his/her prospects.
Accurately filled forms are as well important, grammar and lexical mistakes here are not allowed. Every student makes an important decision if to collect all the documents independently or to entrust this process to the specialists. If you are not sure that you are able to go through all these steps on your own, we are happy to offer you our professional help.
  • We can collect all necessary documents, help with paperwork and legalization
  • We can increase your chances of getting financial aid
  • We can help you with a student visa paperwork and reduce the risk of visa refusal in case of formal mistakes
  • We can save your time which you might spend on exam preparation and moving to another country

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor African and African American Studies
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Applied Mathematics (including secondary field)
Bachelor Astrophysics
Bachelor Bioengineering
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Chemical and Physical Biology
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chemistry and Physics
Bachelor Classics
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computer Science (including secondary field)
Bachelor Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bachelor East Asian Studies
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Engineering Sciences
Bachelor Engineering Sciences (5 tracks, including ABET-accredited S.B.)
Bachelor English
Bachelor Environmental Science and Public Policy
Bachelor Folklore and Mythology
Bachelor Germanic Languages and Literatures
Bachelor Government
Bachelor History
Bachelor History and Literature
Bachelor History and Science
Bachelor History of Art and Architecture
Bachelor Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Bachelor Human Evolutionary Biology
Bachelor Linguistics
Bachelor Literature
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Molecular and Cellular Biology
Bachelor Music
Bachelor Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Bachelor Neurobiology
Bachelor Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Religion, Comparative Study of
Bachelor Romance Languages and Literatures
Bachelor Sanskrit and Indian Studies
Bachelor Slavic Languages and Literatures
Bachelor Social Studies
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Special Concentrations
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Visual and Environmental Studies
Bachelor Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Studies ofMasters Degree Programs
Bachelor Advanced Graduate Education
Bachelor Applied Math
Bachelor Applied Physics
Bachelor Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning
Bachelor Astronomy
Bachelor Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine
Bachelor Biological Sciences in Public Health
Bachelor Biology, Immunology
Bachelor Biology, Molecular and Cellular
Bachelor Biology, Neuroscience
Bachelor Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary
Bachelor Biology, Virology
Bachelor Biophysics
Bachelor Biostatistics
Bachelor Business Economics
Bachelor Celtic Languages and Literatures
Bachelor Chemical Biology
Bachelor Chemical Physics
Bachelor Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Bachelor Collaborative degrees through Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
Bachelor Comparative Literature
Bachelor East Asian Programs
Bachelor Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Bioengineering
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Health
Bachelor Epidemiology
Bachelor Executive Education
Bachelor Film and Visual Studies
Bachelor Forestry
Bachelor Genetics & Complex Diseases
Bachelor Global Health and Population
Bachelor Harvard Integrated Life Sciences
Bachelor Health Policy
Bachelor Health Policy and Management
Bachelor History of American Civilization
Bachelor History of Science
Bachelor Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Bachelor Inner Asian and Altaic Studies
Bachelor Joint & Concurrent Degrees
Bachelor Juris Doctor
Bachelor Master in Architecture
Bachelor Master in Design Studies
Bachelor Master in Landscape Architecture
Bachelor Master in Public Administration
Bachelor Master in Public Administration/International Development
Bachelor Master in Public Policy
Bachelor Master in Urban Planning
Bachelor Master of Architecture in Urban Design
Bachelor Master of Divinity
Bachelor Master of Education- Arts in Education
Bachelor Master of Education- Education Policy and Management
Bachelor Master of Education- Higher Education
Bachelor Master of Education- Human Development and Psychology
Bachelor Master of Education- International Education Policy
Bachelor Master of Education- Language and Literacy
Bachelor Master of Education- Learning and Teaching
Bachelor Master of Education- Mind, Brain, and Education
Bachelor Master of Education- Prevention Science and Practice/CAS in Counseling
Bachelor Master of Education- School Leadership
Bachelor Master of Education- Special Studies
Bachelor Master of Education- Teacher Education Program
Bachelor Master of Education- Technology, Innovation, and Education
Bachelor Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design
Bachelor Master of Laws
Bachelor Master of Theological Studies
Bachelor Master of Theology
Bachelor MBA Program
Bachelor Medical Sciences
Bachelor Mid-Career Master in Public Administration
Bachelor Middle Eastern Studies
Bachelor Nutrition
Bachelor Organizational Behavior
Bachelor Political Economy and Government
Bachelor Public Policy
Bachelor Regional Studies-Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia
Bachelor Religion
Bachelor Sanskrit and Indian or Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
Bachelor School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Bachelor Science, Technology and Management
Bachelor Social Policy
Bachelor Society, Human Development and Health
Bachelor Special Programs: Byzantine Studies, Medieval Studies
Bachelor Systems Biology
Bachelor The Classics
Bachelor The New Pathway M.D. ProgramDoctoral Programs
Bachelor Doctor of Design
Bachelor Doctor of Education
Bachelor Doctor of Education Leadership
Bachelor Doctor of Juridical Science
Bachelor Doctor of Philosophy
Bachelor Doctor of Theology
Bachelor Doctoral Programs
Bachelor PhD in Health Policy
Bachelor PhD in Political Economy & Government
Bachelor PhD in Public Policy
Bachelor PhD in Social Policy

Location on map - Harvard University

Location on map - Harvard University
Universities related to Harvard University

Universities in this city

22Massachusetts Institute of Technology58,240 $58,240 $
6831Boston University45,686 $51,000 $
27471Northeastern University39,000 $40,000 $
32685Boston College45,000 $25,000 $
629131University of Massachusetts Boston10,000 $10,000 $

Universities in this country

22Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBoston58,240 $58,240 $
33Stanford UniversitySanta Clara47,331 $44,184 $
54California Institute of TechnologyPasadena48,111 $48,111 $
75Princeton UniversityPrinceton41,820 $43,720 $
86University of ChicagoChicago48,253 $45,000 $

Admission process in Harvard University

We guide admission of applicants to this educational institution whilst managing the entire enrollment process.
Data Relevance. You can search and find lots of online information which is behind the times. This disorients applicants since outdated materials may result in failure to apply for international education. Enrollment failure may refer to such errors as wrongly completed application form, or a letter of reference. We are routinely involved in process of applicant enrollment at educational institutions all around the world and we hold the most recent information on all nuances of enrollment at particular universities.
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  • Professional consultation regarding education abroad;
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  • Preparation of the application documents;
  • Diploma and transcript translation;
  • Submitting the application and communication with institution representatives;
  • Assistance with the student visa application;
  • Avia-tickets and hotel room booking (if necessary).

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