Who can benefit from this service

If you intend to send your child for secondary education abroad, you likely have numerous questions. We will help you understand all the nuances and address your concerns. Complete guidance in admission to secondary schools is especially valuable if you:

  • Are uncertain about the right school for your child

  • Don’t familiar with the process of applying to a foreign high school

  • Seek to enhance your child's chances of acceptance

  • Desire to personally assess the school before making a decision

  • Plan for your child's future studies at a top university

  • Are worried about your child's safety while abroad

Benefits of working with us

  • Experience

    With a track record since 2013, we have assisted in over 4000 successful admissions to various secondary schools abroad.

  • Prestigious schools

    Our specialization lies in top boarding schools, ensuring a better future for your child with opportunities to study at prestigious universities. We'll guide the way to enrollment and higher education.

  • Personal mentor

    Our specialist will handle your application from start to finish — selecting schools, explaining requirements, ensuring deadlines are met, submitting documents, and negotiating with schools.

  • Control

    We establish a group chat with the child, parent, and mentor. This keeps you informed about any changes and actions throughout the process. You can have peace of mind that everything is progressing as planned.

  • Affiliate network

    Our expertise extends to admission supervision at private high schools abroad, which accept foreign students and offer a foundation for obtaining a student visa. Our specialists have personal knowledge and have verified the quality, convenience, and safety of many such schools.

Stages of secondary school admission

A closer look at the process of our work together
  1. Free consultation

    • Figure out your preferences, goals, and learning expectations
    • Determine the chances of admission
    • Suggest countries suitable to your preferences, academic performance, and budget
    • Tell you what is required for admission
  2. Conclusion of an agreement

    • Establish criteria for school selection
    • Confirm the terms of the agreement
  3. Program search

    • Identify schools based on your criteria
    • Help you select the most suitable options
    • Provide information on organizing tours to schools, including relevant contacts and addressing any questions
  4. Admission process

    • Create a personal strategy
    • Provide step-by-step instructions for each document: where to obtain it and how to prepare.
    • Determine your talents and disclose them in motivation letters
    • Negotiate with schools on your behalf
    • Fill out and send applications
    • Specify necessary entrance exams
    • Provide advice on interviews held by representatives
  5. Enrollment

    • Monitor feedback and follow up on communication from schools
    • Notify you when invitation letters arrive
    • If there are several offers, we will help you choose the best option
    • Provide guidance on initial steps upon arrival?
    • Share contact details of the school representative for further communication

What documents are included in the service

As part of the service, the mentor will assist you with your application, while the creative editor will edit:

  • Academic resume
  • Motivation letters
  • Recommendation letters (2)

Editing of any other documents required by the school is paid for separately.

Service cost

The total cost depends on the number of schools we will be working on.

  1. 1 program
  2. 2 programs
  3. 3 programs
  4. 4 programs
  5. The most effective5 programs230,000RUB
  6. +1 program

If you send an inquiry to UniPage less than 22 business days before the application deadline, the cost of the service increases by 50%.

Frequently asked questions

Why consider studying abroad?

Choosing to attend school abroad offers several advantages, particularly when it comes to preparing for admission to prestigious universities.

Overseas high schools prioritize the image and diversified development of their students. By graduating from these institutions, students already possess an established portfolio and an impressive list of extracurricular achievements and talents. This aspect greatly facilitates their journey towards prestigious universities.

For instance, completing A-level exams negates the need to worry about accumulating years and credits or confirming educational credentials. A-level results are widely recognized by most universities worldwide.

Studying at a high school abroad also eliminates the need for preparatory courses or addressing academic differences, as sometimes required when entering universities after only completing 11 grades. This smoother transition can save time and effort for students pursuing higher education aspirations.

Will my child be able to enroll?

Admission chances depend on GPA, language proficiency, academic and extracurricular achievements, as well as your budget.

Our mentors carefully assess your child's profile, considering their academic performance, accomplishments in sports, science, or creativity, as well as their preferences and inclinations. Based on this analysis, we select the most suitable programs from those they are eligible to apply for.

During the secondary school admission process, the final stage holds significant importance — the interview. This interaction allows both the child and the school representatives to get to know each other. A two-sided evaluation takes place: the admissions committee assesses the applicant's academic and psychological level, their alignment with the school's profile, while the applicant can ask questions and determine if the school aligns with their aspirations.

Therefore, it is advisable to submit applications to several schools simultaneously, ideally three or more. This approach enhances the chances of acceptance and provides your child with options to choose the school that best suits their preferences.

What is the minimum age for secondary school admission?

We work with children starting from 7 years old.

However, age requirements vary based on the specific school and its policies. Some schools, for instance, provide education from middle school (grades 5-9) onwards.

Which schools do you work with?

We supervise admission to various private secondary schools abroad. This includes prestigious private boarding schools, as well as colleges offering IB and A-levels programs. An essential criterion we verify before starting our work with any school is whether they admit foreign students.

For minors seeking to study at a secondary school abroad without their parents, it is possible if they attend a boarding school. Alternatively, foreigners can attend day schools, but they must reside with either their parents or relatives who are legal residents of the country.

Consequently, if you intend to send your child to study independently, we can only assist you in securing admission to a boarding school. However, if you plan to accompany your child, we will help you select a suitable day school and facilitate the enrollment process there.

Can parents travel with their child?

It is possible and, in some cases, necessary depending on the circumstances.

Parents can stay in the country as accompanying guardians by obtaining a tourist visa. However, tourist visas are typically not issued for the entire duration of the child's education abroad. Additionally, parents holding a tourist visa may not be allowed to work in the country during their stay.

Is a guardian needed? Where can I find a reliable one?

If a child studies and lives abroad without their parents, having a guardian is essential. Typically, the school itself appoints a reliable guardian from its database of verified individuals.

This is usually a caring family that remains in constant communication with the child, takes care of their well-being, and provides assistance in emergencies.

All the schools we work with maintain such a database of guardians. We will request this information from the school and liaise with their representatives on this matter. However, we can only work with guardians who are already on the school's approved list.

Search for guardians during admission to secondary schools is included within our "Visa guidance" service.

Which countries do you assist with admissions?

We cover admissions in over 60 countries.

For secondary education, children are commonly sent to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, and China. Eastern Europe has also gained popularity recently.

Learn more about the countries available for your child during a free consultation.

How long does it take to select schools?

The search itself can take several days. Then, we contact the schools to clarify the information, but they do not always promptly respond. Because of this, the whole process may take up to three weeks.

How will I stay in touch with the mentor?

Our employees can communicate with you through various channels to accommodate your preferences: in-person meetings, Telegram, WhatsApp, video calls, or e-mails. You can contact us at any time during our business hours.

We also create a group chat that includes the parent, child, and mentor. This approach ensures a more efficient and controlled process throughout the admission journey.

When should I start preparing for admission?

Ideally, the path to admission should begin a year or two before the start of studies. During this time, you can improve your academic performance and language proficiency, prepare for the entrance exam, develop a portfolio, and collect all necessary documents.

Many schools also offer study tours, allowing you to assess if the school is the right fit for you and your child. Keep in mind that these trips also require time.

Additionally, consider the specific requirements of the school. Some British institutions accept applications 2-4 years before the start of the program, implying that you should begin preparing at least 5 years in advance.

When does our cooperation end? Will you be in touch after my child leaves abroad?

Our cooperation ends after you receive a letter from the school confirming your child's acceptance.

If the school provides an invitation with certain conditions, such as submitting a certificate with final grades, we will continue to assist you until the matter is resolved, ensuring a smooth final enrollment process.

The application deadline is very close. Can you help me?

It depends on your situation, so we will begin by evaluating your case. If we determine that there is sufficient time to apply, then we can proceed with our work.

We guarantee prompt action and priority treatment. But due to the strict deadlines, you will also need to act promptly. Please note that when applying within less than 22 business days, the service cost increases by 50%.

Are scholarship applications included in the service?

Yes, we assist with scholarship applications. If the school offers discounts or scholarships, we will apply for them as part of the service.

However, scholarship opportunities for secondary education are extremely rare.

What is not included in the "Complete guidance" service?
  • Preparation of documents for a visa
  • Choosing and registering subjects at school
  • Registration for orientation days and other events
  • Registration for a medical examination
  • Opening a bank account abroad
  • Translation and recognition of educational documents
  • Search for a guardian and conclusion of an agreement with them

Evaluate your admission chances for free

Leave a request — we will answer all your questions, as well as:

  • define your goals and expectations from education;
  • address possible fears and doubts;
  • explain what is required for admission;
  • suggest suitable countries.

Try to fill in the questionnaire in as much detail as possible — this will help us find a specialist for you and prepare for the consultation.

Additional services

  • Visa support

    We provide guidance on visa requirements and assist you in collecting the necessary documents. Our team will schedule an appointment with the consulate and ensure that you receive your visa on time.

  • Supervisor Search (Master, PhD)

    When applying for a master's or PhD program, it is sometimes necessary to pre-select a supervisor. Our team will help you find the right professor and convince him to oversee your research.

  • Assistance in renting / buying property (real estate) abroad

    We will advise trusted real estate agents, help you contact them and competently arrange the work.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship by investment

    Our partner database contains only trusted agencies that will assist you along the entire immigration process.