An international internship is a good opportunity to go abroad for those who don’t have enough time and desire to go on to higher education, but are willing to spend their time in another country interestingly and with pleasure.
In spite of being not so popular at least in some countries, an international internship is an excellent way to learn about and experience the life and culture abroad. The key skill needed for this is the knowledge of any foreign language. To take part in majority of internships an applicant has to know English, but the knowledge of other popular foreign languages (Spanish, French, Chinese) only broadens possible options concerning different fields and available internships because English today is regarded as a must-have skill. All internships can be divided into 3 main categories: programmes for volunteers, for professionals and Au Pair programmes.

How to find an international internship?

ServiceCategoryServicesPayment for workDuration
AIESEC - Global CitizenProfessional
Requiring paymentYes2–18 months
International InternshipsProfessionalRequiring paymentNo< 1 year
Help ExchangeVolunteerFree of chargeNo< 1 year
WWOOFVolunteerFree of chargeNo+ 1 week
AupairAu pairFree of chargeYes1 month – 3 years

Facts about internships

Main languageEnglish
Min. language levelB2/IELTS 6.5
Popular languages in demand
Min. duration 1 week
Average duration3 months
Max. duration3 years