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In fact, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. But this does not prevent it from being unique and one of a kind. A city of skyscrapers and authentic cuisine, neon signs, and traditional markets.

Hong Kong's culture is imbued with Western influence, but very carefully preserves memories of its Asian past and respects its traditions.

Hong Kong is also famous for its education. Local universities are considered the best in Asia. In terms of the number of universities in the top 100 international rankings, small Hong Kong is not inferior to Japan and Korea.

Learn more about admission and education in Hong Kong with our series of articles on higher education in this country.

Hong Kong education

  1. Education in Hong Kong

    Did you know that Hong Kong provides many scholarship opportunities for foreigners? Universities, programs, admission requirements, tuition fees — all that you can find in the article.

  2. Universities in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong universities successfully combine the Western education system and Eastern culture and philosophy. We'll tell you what are the pros and cons of local universities, how to enter there and what it is like to study there.

  3. Language courses in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is reputed as the exceptional destination to study English language. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about language courses in Hong Kong: cost, teaching technique and how to choose a language school

Best universities in Hong Kong

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