Why Hong Kong University is my choice?

Since I studied at the school concentrating in English, I targeted to get a tertiary education at any university in Britain or America. I revealed strong academic progress and was also fairly good at Math. Since I was fifteen, I planned to promote my career in the field of Information Technologies. However, I could not meet expenses of study at tertiary education universities in my targeted countries for the reason of financial deficiency.

I visited websites of various international universities to find somewhat attractive for me. In particular, the education in Britain will be far cheaper for me to afford if I go by the other way, namely if I try to get enrolled to one of Hong Kong universities. As compared with that in China, Hong Kong tertiary education curriculums are in English language. This is to exclude Schools of Medicine though I did not consider them. That’s what is happening when the center of technological progress is slightly displaced towards Asia. So, the University of Hong Kong, or HKU as abbreviated, is reputed as one of the best universities in Asia. It is in the top 30 best world universities. International students need to have 5 to 7 thousand USD per year to afford studying there depending on the schooling.

University requirements

The first thing to do is to complete the application form and forward it to the HKU. That was the time when I fully realized what is the ancient red tape in China. The HKU administration spends 6 to 9 months to consider applications. The academic year in Hong Kong starts in September and thus, the applicants should send documents in December at least of the previous year.

The bachelor programme at the HKU requires TOEFL Test results (at least 80 credits) and a Leaving Certificate translated into English. The number of applicants for the HKU is significant and thus, the selection criteria are too stringent. Nevertheless, if you fail to get enrolled to the university based on education background but too willing to study there, you are welcome to a yearly Foundation Course. In a year you may re-apply. Moreover, foundation courses are of specific-purpose and applicants are introduced to disciplines requisite in their targeted field of study. Besides, English and Chinese language lessons are provided at prep-courses.
When I received a letter on acceptance from the HKU, I started with my student visa procedure. It took me a month and a half to get it. The student visa is issued for a year. This should be prolonged as soon as it is expired.

Scholarships for international students

I was advised by a friend of mine who was a HKU student by that time to apply for the scholarship programme upon acceptance to the bachelor programme. I have something to tell about study in Hong Kong. The first is that students are not eligible to work there. I would not advise to break laws in Hong Kong anyway where applicants should live and study for a long time. China is too strict to lawbreakers. The cheering news is that a student may get a scholarship as a HKU student. This is a challenging step for an international student and it is worth trying. Scholarship amounts are given to those who show strong academic performance as well as sports or musical accomplishments. It is too hard to get ahead of native Chinese students who are too industrious and headstrong. However, why not to show the same features? Anyhow, I came down to the point in regard to study: I arrived here to study but not to relax and I really spent most of my time to succeed.

So, it was hard to be hardworking all the time long but I deserved high credits due to my diligence. It was really worth doing so: though life in Hong Kong is not comparable with that in European countries, the students should pay amounts equivalent or higher than tuition sum for campus stay, food, books and many other aspects of student life. Although Hong Kong University is the governmental-based institution, the scholarship programmes are sourced by various private funds. The amount of financial aid is enough to fully cover accommodation and food expenditure. The only thing is the application for scholarship should be submitted every year to get a new sum.

Acclimatization for international students

The bachelor programme students at HKU are foreigners from Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Arabia who make the 5th part of all student cohorts. Recently more students from European countries are welcomed. Early on, I felt strange to get used to Chinese pronouncing of English words though later on I dropped into it, indeed. The harder was to adapt to the climate: it was too hot and humid in here. Air-conditioning units are everywhere and I felt a little bit odd when I appeared in the cold after being in the sizzler outdoor. Therefore, I always have my sweater or a linen jacket on me.
There is much to say about the library. This is a huge four-storeyed palace full of books. The Chinese students are too diligent that no one is surprised to see a Chinese student who nuzzles over book in the library to wake up and go on hitting books.

Study peculiarities at HKU

It is notable that discipline is placed high emphasis on. Regular lateness or non-attendance is strictly blamed. This is one of reasons to be dismissed. Every student is eligible for a single study leave during a whole study period.

I am a third-year student of the Bachelor programme majoring in Computer Technologies. My supervisor believes that my educational background is solid enough to apply for a Master’s degree. Getting used to life in Hong Kong, I think I will seek for employment in here upon graduation. The rapid development of industries in Hong Kong offers vast challenges for university graduates in here.