The bare fact that Hong Kong ranks the world’s top financial center might be the finding for most people. This is due to an abundance of headquarters owned by largest and globally recognized companies in the world. This is a high advantage to try to get education in Hong Kong for anyone including foreigners.

Higher education in Hong Kong

Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
871The University of Hong Kong18,633 USD18,633 USD
992The Chinese University of Hong Kong18,506 USD18,506 USD
1113The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology17,868 USD5,373 USD
1184City University of Hong Kong15,315 USD15,315 USD
2045The Hong Kong Polytechnic University15,315 USD15,315 USD
3856Hong Kong Baptist University15,315 USD15,315 USD
6407Lingnan University15,458 USD15,458 USD
10708The Open University of Hong Kong11,486 USD11,486 USD
15279United International College10,210 USD10,210 USD
10The Hong Kong University of Education15,315 USD15,315 USD

Strong points of education in Hong Kong

When it comes to assess the full picture why international students choose for education in Hong Kong, the following options provided in here are worth to be noted:
  1. Fair opportunity to get educated in the field of Finance and High Technologies with an option of study placement at highly reputed companies.
  2. An option to study science in English language which offers huge opportunities to seek for highly-paid job in this sphere. This is good to know that many companies prefer specialists who are in the know of the intimate Asian culture. This skill is highly appreciated since it gives the chance for a quick job offer upon the study.
  3. Hong Kong credentials are greatly estimated in the international market and young specialists can easily apply knowledge and skills acquired anywhere in the global arena. To the point, world-wide research centers rate high Hong Kong diploma holders, either.
Applicants who cannot boast in good command of English language to study in here at an ease are offered special prep courses in Hong Kong. English language learning may be effectively combined with Chinese language classes to be a great chance to get involved in industries applicable to Asian sector in future.
The academic staff employed by pre-university courses is introduced by highly qualified experts who come from the US, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia (for those who plan to learn English language) and China (for those who choose Chinese language). Each language class in Hong Kong is equipped more than perfectly offering all and any gadgets for students. Accordingly, such video- and audio materials come as the perfect and easy way to learn conversational phrases applicable in everyday life. On the top of it, the practical aspect of courses is worth mentioning since they welcome lots of international students from a variety tertiary education institutions from abroad to share experience. All materials used for study is in the language chosen by the applicant to study. This appears to be an excellent style to allow students sink in the language-specific environment facilitating quicker learning and easy orientation for beginners.

Depending on the language proficiency level and aspiration to learn the language for a considerable amount of time, the applicants are offered two programmes to target as follow:
  • short-term courses that last one to four weeks.
  • long-term courses that last two months to a year.
The course curriculum is fully customized to current exigencies and hence, each graduate will master the language to the extent that is demanded currently.

Enrollment particulars to Hong Kong Universities

This is reasonable that the education system adopted in Hong Kong is similar to that employed in Great Britain. Though, despite this fact the World University Rankings lists more Hong Kong universities as compared with those from European or American countries. Again, this proves that Hong Kong credentials are extremely required in the world.

Another strength of the education system in this country is that the teaching staff is highly oriented to comprehensive personal enhancement of students they supervise. In other words, each student is expected to follow high moral standards and show full respect to world cultures.

When it comes to programme degrees, the students get their diplomas upon graduation of their studies as follow:
  • Associate – the diploma evidences the proper qualification of the graduate to hold the office of the junior research fellow at various research and development institutions in the targeted area.
  • Bachelor – the graduate owns appropriate qualification in the area of specialization which allows proper employment and career promotion.
  • Master – this level programme is usually completed by applicants who target high posts and seek for more profound knowledge in the area selected.
  • Doctor – this level programme is sought-after by those who are greatly concerned in scientific activities.

Admission Procedure in Hong Kong Universities

The following is required to become a student of any Hong Kong universities:
  1. Applicants should find out information on selection criteria applicable at the university chosen. This is interesting but each university in Hong Kong is eligible to assess applicant’s qualification on its own, as well as to set up their enrollment period. As a rule, Leaving Certificate or any diploma available is demanded to start with enrollment procedure though academic progress transcript is required during study.
  2. TOEFL or IELTS Exams results and English language proficiency Certificate.
  3. In case if the applicant is successfully admitted, the latter should make arrangements with the university in the home country to become the warrantor. Otherwise, the applicant will not get a student visa.
To the point, the applicant is to be ready to complete two-year pre-university courses compulsory for all applicants.
The national universities might offer scholarships to international students that may cut living costs to some extent. Those who apply for Bachelor programmes can be eligible to get the following:
  • scholarship that fully covers all living expenses (accommodation and food) in the country to be still enough to pay study fees.
  • scholarship that covers only the study fee.
  • partial scholarship that 50% cuts the study fees.
Applicants for Master and Doctor programmes are subject to other types of grants which are beneficial enough to cover the tuition and living costs with everything that is required for the student in the foreign country. Thus, with the minimum living wage of 1,100 USD per month, Master and Doctor-level programme students are provided with 1,700 USD. Moreover, they can additionally work to earn more money for 8 hours per week at the university of destination. For each university is entitled to assess each particular student on its own, the decision on admission may be taken within 6 to 9 months period.

A Student Visa to Hong Kong

The applicant should submit the following papers to the Immigration Department of Hong Kong to start with the study in the country:
  • Form ID995A to be completed and signed only by the applicant.
  • Form ID995B to be completed and signed by the warrantor residing in the country of destination.
  • A copy of any identification paper, including passes and tickets.
  • Applicant’s photograph.
  • A copy of the letter of acceptance with the letter of reply that confirms final decision on enrollment to the university.
  • Evidences on academic performance. In case the applicant holds more diplomas, certificates and other awards, the better way is to submit all such credentials since Hong Kong government targets to have the future specialist employed in the country of study.
  • Bank statement that confirms the required amount of financial resources owned by the applicant. In case the applicant is awarded the scholarship, the paper to prove it should be also submitted. If the applicant is sponsored by the third party, the latter should submit documented papers of its own creditworthiness and reasons for funding. This requirement is set to avoid obligations of the student if future to the sponsor.
  • Documents that evidence on reservation, that is, any papers that confirm on accommodation agreements.
The process of application might take about six weeks for the Immigration Department and therefore, the applicant is better to start with the package of application papers in advance to have time for a student visa.
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Hong Kong - General information
RegionEastern Asia
CapitalHong Kong
LanguageChinese, English
CurrencyHong Kong Dollar
Foreigner students16.1%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world32
Ranking of universities in the world13
Academic Reputation 21
Employer Reputation 25
Quality of teaching 18
International Faculty 15
International Students 11
Citations per Faculty 18
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 2
Universities in top 200 4
Universities in top 500 6
Universities in top 1000 7
Universities in top 5000 11
Cost of living in Hong Kong
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 756 1,281
Food 247 401
Transportation 46 116
Communications and utilities 78 113
Clothing 27 101
Sports and leisure 43 117
Accommodation in Hong Kong USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre764
Shared room in city centre1,294
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre1,132
1 bedroom apartment in city centre1,732
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