General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Teachers 1,032
Students 15,297
Foreigners 39%
Religion None
Gender limitation No limits
Colors White and teal
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Be still and know
• Privy Council
• 1994 Group
• Universities UK
World ranking163
Country ranking24
Academic Reputation246
International Faculty3
International Students50
Citations per Faculty123
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities190
Life Sciences and Medicine378
Social Sciences and Management188
Ranking in world by discipline
Economics & Business151
Cost of living in Brighton, USD/month
Accommodation 428 530
Food 213 451
Transportation 67 169
Communications and utilities 77 109
Clothing 23 90
Sports and leisure 26 87
Accommodation in Brighton, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre432
Shared room in city centre536
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre731
1 bedroom apartment in city centre851
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking163
QS World University Rankings188
ARWU Academic Ranking151
Webometrics Ranking375
Alternative title
Russian Университет Сассекса
Spanish Universidad de Sussex
Chinese 苏赛克斯大学
Arabic جامعة ساسكس
French Université de Sussex
German University of Sussex
Japanese サセックス大学
Korean 서식스대학교
Portuguese Universidade de Sussex
cy Prifysgol Sussex

Location on map - University of Sussex

University of Sussex - public higher education institution in United Kingdom.

University of Sussex - Description

The University of Sussex is world-renowned for the quality of its teaching and research (in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise over 90% of its research was judged as either world-leading or of international importance). It pioneered interdisciplinary research and teaching and is closely associated with radical thought and liberalism. Sussex combines academic excellence with a unique location on the Southeast coast of the UK, on the edge of the exciting and cosmopolitan city of Brighton, and less than an hour by train to London. Sussex has around 13,000 students of which approximately 30% come from outside the UK and from around 130 different countries. Our distinguished alumni, former staff and associates span the world. Academic staff are often leaders in their fields of study and act as commentators, policy makers and influencers on relevant, real-world issues. Your study experience at Sussex will be directly informed by the cutting-edge research undertaken by faculty. We have counted three Nobel Prize winners, thirteen Fellows of the Royal Society, six Fellows of the British Academy and a winner of the prestigious Crafoord Prize amongst our staff.

Description of University of Sussex

University of Sussex is a leading UK research intensive university set in beautiful downland on the edge of Brighton, with over 13,000 students and 2,500 staff from 100 different countries. Founded in 1961, the University recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. International Sussex From its foundation, Sussex has had an international perspective to its academic activities and its outlook. The University attracts staff and students to its campus from over 120 different countries across the world. Nearly a third of staff come from outside the UK. Our research tackles major world issues, with leading areas of expertise such as climate change and development studies. The University has extensive links with many institutions worldwide, such as Peking University, National Taiwan University and the Harvard-Sussex programme. Innovative research and scholarship Sussex is a leading research university, as reflected in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Over 90 per cent of Sussex research activity was rated as world leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised, confirming the University among the leading 30 research universities in the UK, on a simple average across all scores. 18 subjects rank in the top 20 for research in the UK, across the arts, sciences and social sciences, with American studies ranked number 1 in the UK, Politics number 2, and Art history number 3. Teaching and learning The University of Sussex has over 13,000 students, of which over a third are postgraduates. Creative thinking, pedagogic diversity, intellectual challenge and interdisciplinarity have always been fundamental to a Sussex education. Our goal is to deliver teaching and learning programmes that are informed by current research, are attractive to students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and which deliver skills for life. Our staff Sussex has developed a reputation for innovation and inspiration, and attracts leading thinkers and researchers. We have over 2,100 staff, including around 540 teaching and research staff, and 270 research-only staff. We have counted three Nobel Prize winners, 13 Fellows of the Royal Society, six Fellows of the British Academy and a winner of the prestigious Crafoord Prize on our faculty. Campus life Sussex has one of the most beautiful campus locations in Britain. Situated in rolling parkland on the edge of Brighton, the campus combines award-winning architecture with green open spaces. The campus is surrounded by the South Downs National Park, but just a few minutes away from the lively city of Brighton and Hove. Designed by Sir Basil Spence, the buildings that make up the heart of the campus were given listed building status in 1993. Falmer House is one of only two educational buildings in the UK to be Grade I listed in recognition of its exceptional interest. Business and the community Sussex has a long tradition of engaging with business and the community, which continues today through activities such as the Sussex Innovation Centre, public lectures and service to the community. Our goal is to help businesses and organisations in the region develop higher staff skill levels through training, and to stimulate innovation through partnership with other institutions outside Sussex to benefit the wider society. The Sussex Innovation Centre provides support for the creation and growth of technology- and knowledge-based companies in Sussex. The Centre is now a thriving business environment for nearly 80 high-growth companies. Since its creation over 160 companies have been based at the Centre; their cumulative revenue is now over £250 million and the companies currently employ many hundreds of people in the local area

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Accounting and Finance
Bachelor American Studies
Bachelor American Studies and English
Bachelor American Studies and Film Studies
Bachelor American Studies and History
Bachelor American Studies and Politics
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Anthropology and French
Bachelor Anthropology and History
Bachelor Anthropology and International Development
Bachelor Anthropology and Italian
Bachelor Anthropology and Languages (French and Spanish)
Bachelor Anthropology and Spanish
Bachelor Art History
Bachelor Art History and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Art History and Film Studies
Bachelor Art History and French
Bachelor Art History and German
Bachelor Art History and Italian
Bachelor Art History and Spanish
Bachelor Astrophysics
Bachelor Automotive Engineering 
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Biomedical Science
Bachelor Biosciences 
Bachelor Business and Management Studies
Bachelor Business with Human Resource Management
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Computer Engineering 
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor Computing For Business and Management
Bachelor Computing Sciences 
Bachelor Development Studies (International Development)
Bachelor Drama Studies and English
Bachelor Drama Studies and Film Studies
Bachelor Drama Studies and French
Bachelor Drama Studies and German
Bachelor Drama Studies and Italian
Bachelor Drama Studies and Spanish
Bachelor Ecology and Conservation
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Economics and International Development
Bachelor Economics and International Relations
Bachelor Economics and Management Studies
Bachelor Economics and Politics
Bachelor Economics And Management Studies
Bachelor Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
Bachelor Electronic Engineering 
Bachelor Engineering Degrees 
Bachelor English
Bachelor English and Art History
Bachelor English and English Language Teaching
Bachelor English and Film Studies
Bachelor English and French
Bachelor English and History
Bachelor English and Italian
Bachelor English and Media Studies
Bachelor English and Spanish
Bachelor English Language
Bachelor English Language and English Language Teaching
Bachelor English Language and Languages (French and German)
Bachelor English Language and Languages (French and Italian)
Bachelor English Language and Languages (French and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language and Languages (German and Italian)
Bachelor English Language and Languages (German and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language and Languages (Italian and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language and Literature
Bachelor English Language with German
Bachelor English Language Teaching and French
Bachelor English Language Teaching and German
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Italian
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (French and German)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (French and Italian)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (French and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (German and Italian)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (German and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Languages (Italian and Spanish)
Bachelor English Language Teaching and Spanish
Bachelor Film Studies
Bachelor Film Studies and French
Bachelor Film Studies and German
Bachelor Film Studies and Italian
Bachelor Film Studies and Spanish
Bachelor Finance and Business
Bachelor French
Bachelor French and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor French and Cultural Studies
Bachelor French and German
Bachelor French and Italian
Bachelor French and Spanish
Bachelor Games and Multimedia Environments 
Bachelor Geography
Bachelor Geography and Anthropology
Bachelor Geography and French
Bachelor Geography and German
Bachelor Geography and International Development
Bachelor Geography and International Relations
Bachelor Geography and Italian
Bachelor Geography and Spanish
Bachelor German and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor German and Cultural Studies
Bachelor German and Italian
Bachelor German and Spanish
Bachelor History
Bachelor History and Film Studies
Bachelor History and Philosophy
Bachelor History and Politics
Bachelor History and Sociology
Bachelor History and Sociologyinternational Relations and Sociology
Bachelor History with French
Bachelor History with German
Bachelor History with Italian
Bachelor History with Spanish
Bachelor International Business
Bachelor International Development
Bachelor International Development with French
Bachelor International Development with Spanish
Bachelor International Relations
Bachelor International Relations and Anthropology
Bachelor International Relations and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor International Relations and Development
Bachelor International Relations and French
Bachelor International Relations and German
Bachelor International Relations and Italian
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (French and German)
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (French and Italian)
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (French and Spanish)
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (German and Italian)
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (German and Spanish)
Bachelor International Relations and Languages (Italian and Spanish)
Bachelor International Relations and Sociology
Bachelor International Relations and Spanish
Bachelor Italian and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Italian and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Italian and Spanish
Bachelor Languages (French and German) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (French and German) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Languages (French and Italian) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (French and Italian) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Languages (French and Spanish) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (French and Spanish) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Languages (German and Italian) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (German and Italian) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Languages (German and Spanish) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (German and Spanish) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Languages (Italian and Spanish) and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Languages (Italian and Spanish) and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Law and Business
Bachelor Law with American Studies 
Bachelor Law with Business
Bachelor Law with Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Law with French 
Bachelor Law with German
Bachelor Law with International Relations
Bachelor Law with Italian
Bachelor Law with Politics 
Bachelor Law with Spanish
Bachelor Law 
Bachelor Marketing and Management
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Mathematics with Computer Science
Bachelor Mathematics with Economics
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Media and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Media Practice
Bachelor Media Studies
Bachelor Media Studies and French
Bachelor Media Studies and German
Bachelor Media Studies and Italian
Bachelor Media Studies and Spanish
Bachelor Medical Neuroscience
Bachelor Medicine Bmbs
Bachelor Multimedia and Digital Systems
Bachelor Music
Bachelor Music Informatics
Bachelor Neuroscience
Bachelor Neuroscience with Cognitive Science
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Philosophy and Cognitive Science
Bachelor Philosophy and English
Bachelor Philosophy and French
Bachelor Philosophy and German
Bachelor Philosophy and Italian
Bachelor Philosophy and Music
Bachelor Philosophy and Sociology
Bachelor Philosophy and Spanish
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Physics and Astronomy Degrees
Bachelor Physics with Astrophysics
Bachelor Politics
Bachelor Politics and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Politics and French
Bachelor Politics and German
Bachelor Politics and International Relations
Bachelor Politics and Italian
Bachelor Politics and Philosophy
Bachelor Politics and Sociology
Bachelor Politics and Spanish
Bachelor Product Design
Bachelor Professional Musicianship 
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Psychology with American Studies
Bachelor Psychology with Cognitive Science
Bachelor Psychology with Neuroscience
Bachelor Psychology with Sociology
Bachelor Social Work
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Sociology and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Sociology and French
Bachelor Sociology and German
Bachelor Sociology and International Development
Bachelor Sociology and Italian
Bachelor Sociology and Media Studies
Bachelor Sociology and Spanish
Bachelor Spanish
Bachelor Spanish and Contemporary European Studies
Bachelor Spanish and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Theoretical Physics

Programs - Master

Master Advanced Computer Science
Master Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Master Aerospace Technology
Master American Literature: Critical Reading
Master American Studie
Master Anthropology
Master Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation
Master Applied Geomorphology
Master Applied Linguistics
Master Applied Social Psychology
Master Art History
Master Art History and Museum Curating
Master Art History and Museum Curating with Photography
Master Astronomy
Master Astronomy and Cosmology
Master Automotive Engineering
Master Biochemistry
Master Biology
Master Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Master Chemistry
Master Childhood and Youth Studies
Master Climate Change and Development
Master Climate Change and Policy
Master Cognitive Neuroscience
Master Colonial and Postcolonial Cultures
Master Computing with Digital Media
Master Computing, Artificial Intelligence and It
Master Conflict, Security and Development
Master Conservation of Books and Libraryterials
Master Conservation of Furniture and Related Objects
Master Conservation Of Ceramics and Relatedterials
Master Conservation Of  Metalwork
Master Conservation Studies
Master Contemporary European Studies
Master Contemporary History
Master Corporate and Financial Risknagement
Master Cosmology
Master Creative and Critical Writing
Master Creative Media Practice
Master Creative Writing
Master Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Master Critical Theory
Master Developmental Cell Biology
Master Development Economics
Master Development Studies
Master Digital Documentary
Master Digital Media
Master Early Modern Literature and Culture
Master Economics
Master Education and Teaching
Master Education Studies
Master Effective Practice In Integrated ChildrenS Services
Master Embedded Digital Systems
Master Engineering and Design
Master English Language Teaching
Master English Literature
Master English Studies
Master Environment, Development and Policy
Master Environmental Science
Master European Politics
Master Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems
Master Experimental Psychology
Master Film Studies
Master Financialthematics
Master Fine Arts 
Master Foundations of Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
Master Gender and Development
Master Gender and Media
Master Gender Studies
Master Geneticnipulation and Molecular Cell Biology
Master Geography
Master Geopolitics and Grand Strategy
Master Globalisation and Development
Master Globalisation, Ethnicity and Culture
Master Global Health
Master Global Political Economy
Master Governance and Development
Master Health Psychology
Master History
Master Human-Centred Computer Systems
Master Human Rights
Master Imaging In Biomedical Research
Master Information Technology with Business Andnagement
Master Intellectual History
Master Intelligent Systems
Master International Management
Master International Accounting and Corporate Governance
Master International Criminal Law
Master International Development 
Master International Economics
Master International Education and Development
Master International Finance
Master International Law 
Master International Relations
Master International Security
Master International Trade Law 
Master Internationl Marketing
Master Journalism and Documentary Practice
Master Journalism and Media Studies
Master Law
Master Law and International Security
Master Leadership Andnagement In Integrated ChildrenS Services
Master Linguistics
Master Literature and Culture 1700-1900
Master Literature and Philosophy
Master Literature, Film and Visual Culture
Master Management and Entrepreneurship
Master Management and Finance
Master Managing Innovation and Projects
Master Masters in Business Administration MBA
Master Mathematics
Master Mechanical Engineering
Master Media and Cultural Studies
Master Media and Film
Master Medicine and Health Studies 
Master Migration and Globalisation
Master Migration Studies
Master Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought
Master Modern Communication Technologies with Businessnagement
Master Modern Digital Communication Systems
Master Modern European History
Master Multimedia Journalism
Master Music
Master Music and Sonic Media
Master Neuroscience
Master Painting and Drawing
Master Participation, Power and Social Change
Master Particle Physics
Master Philosophy
Master Physics
Master Politics
Master Poverty and Development
Master Practice Education
Master Psychological Methods Mres
Master Psychology
Master Satellite Communications and Space Systems
Master Science and Technology Policy
Master Science, Society and Development
Master Science, Technology and Innovation
Master Scientific Computation
Master Sculpture
Master Sexual Dissidence In Literature and Culture
Master Social and Political Thought
Master Social Development
Master Social Research Methods
Master Social Work
Master Social Work and Social Care
Master Sociology
Master Tapestry and Textile Art
Master Technology and Innovationnagement
Master Visual Arts
Universities related to University of Sussex

Universities in this city

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Universities in this country

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41University of CambridgeCambridge23,934 USD23,934 USD
62University of OxfordOxford19,643 USD19,643 USD
93University College LondonLondon23,975 USD23,701 USD
154Imperial College of Science, Technology and MedicineLondon39,828 USD41,390 USD
265University of EdinburghEdinburgh23,418 USD18,099 USD

Admission process in University of Sussex

We guide admission of applicants to this educational institution whilst managing the entire enrollment process.
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