Ranking  12834      62
Country Portugal
City Lisbon
Cost of living $464-896 USD/Month.
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World ranking12834
Country ranking62
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking12834
Cost of living in Lisbon
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 196 323
Food 134 260
Transportation 31 87
Communications and utilities 57 69
Clothing 23 88
Sports and leisure 22 70
Accommodation in Lisbon USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre198
Shared room in city centre326
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre330
1 bedroom apartment in city centre507
Alternative title
old Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa
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Nursing School of Lisbon (ESEL) - public higher education institution in Portugal. The studies at Nursing School of Lisbon began in 2004. The main campus of the university is located in Lisbon - the capital of Portugal. Nursing School of Lisbon is, without a doubt, one of the most prestigious universities of Portugal sitting comfortably among the top 60 universities of the country.

Infrastructure of ESEL. The university has a functioning library. In addition it has a developed infrastructure for students who do sports.
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Universities in this city
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3322Universidade de Lisboa3,460 USD6,921 USD
4354New University of Lisbon2,307 USD2,307 USD
7105Catholic University of Portugal6,344 USD6,344 USD
10606Higher Institute of Business and Labour Sciences1,153 USD2,076 USD
16Open University
Universities in this country
Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
2931University of PortoPorto1,153 USD4,037 USD
3322Universidade de LisboaLisbon3,460 USD6,921 USD
3753University of CoimbraCoimbra8,074 USD8,074 USD
4354New University of LisbonLisbon2,307 USD2,307 USD
7105Catholic University of PortugalLisbon6,344 USD6,344 USD