Benefits of working with us

  • Preliminary assessment

    During a complimentary consultation, we will evaluate your scholarship prospects based on your academic performance, English proficiency, achievements, and leadership qualities.

  • Increased chances

    A mentor will guide you in completing application forms, gathering documents, while a skilled editor will emphasize your strengths in the motivation letter. This maximizes your chances of success.

  • Individual approach

    The mentor will provide a detailed description of the entire process, including which certificates to include in your resume. You will be able to track your progress and feel assured that everything is going according to plan.

  • Save time and effort

    Instead of laboriously searching for information and clarifying nuances, you can focus on preparing for exams and writing your study objective.

Minimum requirements for a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship

To participate in the scholarship competition, you need to meet the minimum requirements.

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  • High school diploma or bachelor's / specialist / master's degree
  • Enrolled as a student at a Russian university at the time of application
  • Excellent academic performance (high GPA)
  • Language proficiency at an upper-intermediate level (B2)
  • Minimum score of 56 out of 100 on entrance examinations for Hungarian universities

Application procedure

A closer look at the process of our work together
  1. Free consultation

    • Assessment of your academic and professional experience
    • Evaluation of your scholarship chances
    • Clarification of application requirements
  2. Agreement conclusion

    • Agreement on contract terms
    • Selection of two programs that align with your specialty, opportunities, and academic priorities
  3. Application submission

    • Development of a personal strategy
    • Step-by-step instructions for each document
    • Clarification of required exams and timing
    • Assessment of your strengths as an applicant, highlighting them in your resume and motivation letter
    • Communication and progress updates with the scholarship committee
    • Completion and submission of the application
  4. Receive a response

    • Notification from the scholarship committee regarding the acceptance of your documents

What documents are included in the service

  • Complete guidance for admission to 2 programs
  • Assistance in filling out Stipendium Hungaricum applications
  • Motivation letter
  • Support in preparing all necessary documents

You have the option to prepare additional documents yourself or pay for them separately.

Service cost

  1. Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship application128,000RUB

If you send an inquiry to UniPage less than 22 business days before the application deadline, the cost of the service increases by 50%.

Submit a service request

Before making payment, we will address all your inquiries, establish a work plan, and formalize the agreement.

Frequently asked questions

Are my scholarship chances guaranteed?

The Tempus Public Foundation makes the final scholarship decision. The program attracts exceptional candidates worldwide, making the competition intense. Therefore, no one can guarantee funding.

Nevertheless, a well-crafted application and a strong profile increase your chances of receiving a scholarship. UniPage mentors assist in highlighting your strengths and emphasizing the right aspects when preparing your documents. By seeking their guidance, your profile will appear significantly stronger compared to self-submission.

What does a successful application look like?

There is no universal recipe for a successful application. To qualify for a scholarship, you must have experience and qualifications above the minimum requirements.

A lot depends on the motivation letter. If it is poorly written, then even high exam scores will not save your application.

What does the scholarship cover?

For bachelor's and master's programs:

  • Tuition
  • 43,700 HUF per month for personal expenses
  • Accommodation in a dorm or a monthly allowance of 40,000 HUF for housing expenses
  • Medical services
When should I start preparing for the application?

Ideally, you should begin preparing a year and a half before the final term application or three years before the start of your studies. This time frame allows ample opportunity to prepare for exams, build a portfolio, and gather all the required documents.

The application deadline is very close. Can you help me?

It depends on your situation, so we will begin by evaluating your case. If we determine that there is sufficient time to apply, then we can proceed with our work. We guarantee prompt action and priority treatment. But due to the strict deadlines, you will also need to act promptly.

Please note that when applying within less than 22 business days, the service cost increases by 50%.

How will I stay in touch with the mentor and editor?

Our employees can communicate with you through various channels to accommodate your preferences: in-person meetings, Telegram, WhatsApp, video calls, or e-mails. You can contact us at any time during our business hours.

When does our cooperation end?

Our services are considered complete once you receive a notification from an official letter from the commission with a response. The subsequent stages, such as exams and interviews, are to be undertaken independently by you.

Do you have a service for finding accommodation abroad?

Yes. For this we have a separate service «Selection and reservation of dormitory rooms». It costs 198 USD.

Our specialists will help you secure a dorm room or other type of housing provided by the university.

Additional services

  • Visa support

    We provide guidance on visa requirements and assist you in collecting the necessary documents. Our team will schedule an appointment with the consulate and ensure that you receive your visa on time.

  • Supervisor Search (Master, PhD)

    When applying for a master's or PhD program, it is sometimes necessary to pre-select a supervisor. Our team will help you find the right professor and convince him to oversee your research.

  • Assistance in renting / buying property (real estate) abroad

    We will advise trusted real estate agents, help you contact them and competently arrange the work.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship by investment

    Our partner database contains only trusted agencies that will assist you along the entire immigration process.