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Iceland is a fantastic country located on an island in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is famous for its beautiful and wild nature, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, and geysers. Iceland's nature-inspired the creators of the series "Game of Thrones," and many places in the country became filming locations.

In terms of education, Iceland is the choice of true Vikings, who are unafraid of the rare language and harsh climate. The strongest fields in the country are ecology, energy, and even "Polar Law." Moreover, public universities in Iceland are free for everyone.

In our article in the series on higher education in Iceland, you will learn how to apply and study in this stunning country.

Icelandic education

  1. Education in Iceland

    The education system in Iceland: study programs, academic cycles, tuition cost, and future perspectives with an Icelandic degree.

    Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
  2. Universities in Iceland

    Everything about Icelandic Universities. List of universities in Iceland. Tuition costs, best programs, rankings, and reasons to choose Icelandic university.

    Reykjavík, Iceland
  3. Admission process in Iceland

    Instructions for admission to an Icelandic university. We tell you how to choose the right university, why you need preparatory courses, and what the requirements are for undergraduate and graduate programs.

  4. Icelandic courses in Iceland

    Everything you need to know about Icelandic courses in Iceland: tuition fees, types of programs, admission process and the most popular language schools.

Best universities in Iceland