As the largest and oldest city in Australia, Sydney is the port city, the capital of New South Wales. Sydney ranks the 6th among the best student cities of the world. It is not the only city in Australia, though, that is in the Top Ten Best cities for international students. So, Melbourne also makes a claim to be a cultural center of Australia. Yet, Sydney is acknowledged to be the largest megalopolis of the continent and the financial capital of the country.

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Tertiary education facilities in Sydney have repute for the achievements in various scientific sectors. There are five major universities in the city. Aside from, the city runs dozens of language schools and colleges to offer intensive English language learning for the shortest time for everyone.

Advantages of study in Sydney

Sydney has a good reason to claim to be the most comfortable city to study based on the following:

  • Accommodation and food expenses as well as tuition in Sydney are far cheaper than those in large European cities and US megalopolises in spite of highest infrastructure and matureness.
  • This is a place for a solid business; it is one of the global financial centers boasting with high life standards. The share of Sydney in national economics makes 25%. Sydney concentrates headquarters of 90 bank institutions and more than half of the largest national companies turning to the heart of career challenges.
  • The average income per capita in Australia is the highest one, that counts to US42 USD 599 per person with the rate of unemployment of 4.9% only.

Sydney is rated 11th among the best cities in the world as for the life quality being ahead of such student cities as Vancouver — 15, Paris — 18, Singapore — 16, Barcelona — 21, Madrid – 17

  • Sydney is known for its mild and warm climate; temperature in winter is rarely below 5 degrees
  • Low crime rate
  • There are more than 70 beaches and harbors in the city for the youth keen in surfing. The Bondi Beach, the well-known in there, is in 7 km away off the city center
  • Sydney is superior to other countries in total of parks: the City skyscrapers neighbor with the huge terrain of the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Most university campuses and student places also sit in green zones
  • Sydney Opera House, the building unbelievable in beauty, and the widely-known Sydney Harbour Bridge symbolize the city
  • The city holds various concerts and festivals each month
  • 4 out of 10 Sydney citizens are born outside Australia which commits to multinational environment in there

Sydney is a cosmopolite city; any foreigner is felt welcome in here. The motto of the city "We all smile the same language" proves the attitude.


  • Sydney hosts cinema troops to film some episodes of The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine, Finding Nemo, Return to Eden.
  • Sydney is the largest Australian city with the population of 4.5 mln people. Just to compare, a total of 335 thousand people reside in Canberra.
  • The famous Harbour Bridge is the arch bridge made of steel, the longest in the world with the length of 1149 m. it is nicknamed The Coathanger due to its shape. It offers an extreme pastime to climb its top.
  • The building of the Opera House, the symbol of Sydney, is shaped as the white sails. It often appears in movies like «Life After People», «Independence Day», «Mission: Impossible 2», «Finding Nemo».

One of interesting facts is that the Opera House stages at least 3000 performances a year, though the building was designed as the trolley depot.

  • Despite the fact that Sydney is believed to be an English-speaking city, Chinese and Arabian languages are also popular in here among people who reside and work there.
  • One of the largest fish markets is located in Sydney which yields to the Tokyo market only in size.
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Sydney attractions

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is the well-known tourist district in Sydney offering lots of cafes, restaurants, stores and other recreation services. This is the place to sight the whole city. Residents and visitors often spend their leisure time in there. The Powerhouse Museum and Seaquarium are also worth visiting.

Sydney Seaquarium

Sydney Seaquarium ranks the largest aqua parks in the world. It is the place attracting visitors and natives, either. It offers watching most sea animals of Australian coastal waters totaling in 10000 species of sea fauna.

Hyde Park

Spread in the eastern part of the Sydney City, the Hyde Park is amazing in its size. It takes 16 hectares of the terrain.

St. James’ Church, Supreme Court for the New South Wales, Hyde-Park Barracks, Downing Center, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Hospital, Australian Museum and other public buildings are all located around Hyde Park.

Several parks and 580 trees make a garden at the Hyde Park presenting lots of sorts of palms and delightful alleys of sugar dates.

Archibald Fountain is the zest of the park. It was designed by the French sculptor Francois Sicard. The Nagoya Gardens, the north part of the Hyde Park, features a giant chess set with chess pieces provoking amazement and delight in visitors.

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