In my previous article I described the admission procedure to the National University of Singapore and the university life pattern in there.

Here, I am about to tell about my life in the heart of Asia, in Singapore, though the city can be hardly named the place distinctive for Asian region. Singapore is like the international city of future. It has nothing to do with Asian cities with typical life and people and culture. This is another case. Singapore is something different in everything from e-pass system adopted in buildings and remotely piloted trains. I was especially surprised to see Gardens by the Bay. I believe this spectacular park has no equivalents in the world.

Though the city is well-crowded, the central streets may seem dead in weekday as if everyone vanished apart from tourists with cameras trying to make pictures of skyscrapers.

Safety in Singapore

For the entire period I lived in here, I proved in my opinion that Singapore is the safest country I ever visited. In my time-out period I used to stroll along streets and avenues. I visited even most deserted places alone and nothing happened to me. I was pleasingly staggered with the safety level in the country and the way the citizens are protected. The government employs watching cameras far and wide. People hardly want to violate laws in this legal country since they are seriously fined even for minor and negligible acts. So, it is prohibited to cross against the traffic lights, to eat and drink in public transport which is always voice-messaged in metro. Bubble-gums should not be spitted in the street though I did not find it there at all.

As a lawyer-to-be, I managed to find my feet in Singapore easier and more quickly than others since I was aware of the current legislation in details.

Expenses I made in the country

The prices are different in here. So, I spent reasonable amount for public transport and food. On average, it will take 18 USD or so to take a dinner at a restaurant. Nevertheless, cheaper alternatives are available there like food court facilities where the price for the standard-size dish is about 3 to 7 USD.

The public transport fee differs depending on the time of the day. So, in the early morning metro services are free.

Even in the hottest period I felt no discomfort travelling along streets since there are lots of greenery and well-groomed paths.

Singapore natives

Travelers are sometimes astounded with some distinctive set of mind of the Singaporeans. They are believed to be standoffish or too self-determining supposing travellers are also so self-supported and well-informed on the city and its peculiarities. And this is one of stimulating points for those who are not outgoing and ready-witted enough. The Singaporeans are willing to give a hand to anyone if they are asked politely and cheerfully. They help travellers in showing roads and giving other instructions in the city if asked properly.

As for me, I felt comfortably well when talking to other people and not only to students. Despite the multi-nationality of the city I really appreciated the atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

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Leisure time in Singapore

Those who are fond of night-life activities may enjoy lots of various clubs in Singapore. The city also offers museums of various trend and urban and rural excursions. So, I managed to organize my time and all resources offered by the country to prepare an appropriate scientific paper and get my Master’s degree while combining the study (loaded, sometimes stressful and too thought-provoking) with entertainment activities and vigorous drives along the country.

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